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Project overview

Modern times call for modern measures, and this is where government and public sector methods and solutions are quite outdated. The usual process of voting, for instance, can be improved and made ultimately more convenient, precise, and secure with the advanced technology of blockchain. We used exactly such an impossible to breach the system as a foundation for this voting software project.

Client information

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blockchain voting app project

Business challenge

The client’s field of operation is a highly responsible, strict area where flaws and errors are simply not allowed. In particular, voting is a state-level procedure that requires a complex approach so that the end software solution is failproof and utterly precise in performance. The main challenge was to keep up with these factors at the highest level of expertise and dedication.

Technical challenges

Based on a quite humble stack of nonetheless complex technologies, we had to deliver a highly-available voting solution that could be accessed by the public 24/7. For the highest level of security possible, we had to put a heavy focus on in-house deployment capabilities. That was an essential requirement for the client to keep everything under close control and don’t let any data seep into the open web, which is a possibility with cloud services.

Solution delivered

We implemented a web-based application for voting where the backend works based on Solidity smart contracts. Taking the full advantage of blockchain capacities, we managed to fully restrict any unauthorized editing of voting results and automate data upload to web resources with public access.

blockchain voting app solution

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Key features

blockchain voting app key
  • Convenient voting

    A complex backend supports quite a simple frontend of an app that can be accessed from any browser (PC or mobile) at any time.

  • Automated results

    Separate deputies’ voting results are automatically published, rendering any edits impossible and accelerating the whole process.

  • Secure storage

    All the voting results are stored in a public blockchain, which is easily accessible to users and has natural protection from unauthorized access.

Value to our client

  • Streamlined voting

    A totally accessible, challenge-free way to vote better motivates deputies and makes everybody’s life easier.

  • Reinforced security

    Blockchain as a foundation doesn’t allow any changes to voting results while making them as transparent as possible.

  • Automated processes

    Fewer people and less effort is now required to manage the votes’ registration routine due to automated stages of work.

Our tech stack

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