COVID-19 monitoring tool for Saudi Arabia

  • covid 19 monitorng tool for saudi arabia data classifications

    Data classifications
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    Benefit structuring
  • covid 19 monitoring tool for saudi arabia model structuring

    PPPs model structuring

Project overview

The global spread of COVID-19 is a crucial thing to track and monitor on the governmental level. And only up-to-date web solutions can help governments register the contagion. That’s why different countries and regions have been implementing localized systems where the data on the virus spread and new COVID-19 cases are accumulated in real time. And that’s what we contributed to with the monitoring system we created for Saudi Arabia’s state-wide online data hub backed up by the government.

Client information

Our client is an online repository of updated data and information concerning various industries, fields, and niches in Saudi Arabia. Recently, the portal has been focusing heavily on the COVID-19 updates and insights as this is the most important and relevant thing to monitor and highlight in a big country. Allowing third-party contributions such as ours, the portal extends and becomes better at helping local businesses and governmental instances (with valuable analyses) and keeps simple folk updated on the global situation.

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covid 19 monitoring tool for saudi arabia project overview

Business challenge

To work on the government-backed project based in Saudi Arabia, we needed to get proper royal permissions and outline an extensive existing system’s specifics within a reasonable timeframe. In a nutshell, we were looking for a way to make pandemic-related datasets dynamic, accessible, and usable in various ways by all interested users. The ultimate goal was to make the information more flexible, integrative, and valuable to our Saudi Arabian partners.

Technical challenges

We were ultimately looking at creating a web software solution that is a simple dashboard on the outside and a complex online data system at its core. That web app was to be an open data dashboard focused on COVID-19 cases tracking in Saudi Arabia. The dashboard was decided to be equipped with CMS capabilities for interacting with organization-based datasets, visualizing data, API opportunities, and even identity management.

Solution delivered

The web application we built is an easy-to-use yet powerful monitoring system focused on monitoring and summarizing COVID-19 spread in Saudi Arabia in real time by categories (including confirmed cases, active and recovered patients, and lethal cases by regions and timeframes). The data is dynamically compiled into datasets that can be used by organizations or users for further analysis, integration, and management. The system should be an efficient contribution to the existing portal.

covid 19 monitrng tool for saudi arabia solution

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Key features

covid 19 monitoring tool for saudi arabia key future
  • Data management CMS

    A functional component that enables searching and annotating uploaded data as well as uploading data as a whole.

  • Landing zone backend

    A full-blown backend solution powered by an API that ingests data passed on from the CMS and Data Ingestion API.

  • Processing zone

    A backend component that processes unstructured data from the landing zone, which makes further Data Lake updates simpler.

  • Stream processing backend

    A component based on the API that ingests the incoming event stream and workflow to process in real time.

Value to our client

  • Data classifications

    Based on a set of ranking criteria, we assist the open data segmentation into coherent classifications and segments.

  • Benefit structuring

    Teamed up with the Royal Commission for Riyadh City, we offer data mining powers that help optimize business specifics.

  • PPPs models structuring

    Efficient PPP model structuring helps get in-depth open data benefits and enables all-around better business model structuring.

Our tech stack

  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • React React
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