E-Review System for Healthcare Research Papers

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    6 weeks it takes to get a funding decision

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    100% transparent decision-making

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    10+ tools for appropriate peer review


E-Review is the fastest system for applying health science research both for domestic and international users. It allows researchers getting funded grants for their research and improve the public healthcare research environment.


Lean Business Services is a government-owned company operating under the Ministry of Health and working as a key enabler of E-Health innovation in Saudi Arabia.

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To facilitate a favorable public healthcare (PHC) research environment, the government needed to improve science research systems. Obviously, health science research papers provide evidence-based guidelines and relevant prescribing practices. Thus, our client needed to improve the overall procedure of application for medical/scientific degree and funded research. Earlier, it took much time from initial submission to the final decision. The main challenge of our client was to reduce that time and make the procedure last no longer than 6 weeks.


We needed to handle the broadscale integration with governmental systems including the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Science systems. This was made to provide access to research facilities, test sites, and observational institutions. All the integration was realized using data concealment and encryption. One-time-passwords were sent via SMS. A flexible role model allowed data access on a “need to know” basis.


To create the fastest e-review system for both domestic and international users, we developed a certain number of features that allow quick proceeding with research papers and getting an appropriate review. The system provides a simple SLA procedure and easy status tracking. Under the system implemented, committees can vote for applicants and score them by a certain number of parameters.

The system is also integrated with plagiarism and proofreading tools to check papers’ compliance with the uniqueness and academic writing style. It notifies users of upcoming research opportunities and sends invitations to participate in particular research activities.

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Key features

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  • User Management

    The e-Review system allows easy user management capabilities like user identification, access to services provided by the system, and other important tools for application processing.

  • Funded & Non-funded Research

    Both domestic and international researchers are able to submit their scientific papers for review to get a funding decision based on peer review and application quality.

  • End-to-end Process

    From initial application till research conclusion, spplicants are able to track the status of their review, get feedback, and final decision on funding.

  • Transparent Voting & Scoring

    The system ensures equality through application anonymity – voters don’t know who they are voting for. They make their decisions based on paper quality and peer review criteria only.


  • 6 weeks it takes to get a funding decision

    It takes only 6 weeks from the initial submission of a research paper to get a funding decision from peers.

  • 100% transparent decision-making

    The committees make their decisions based on the papers’ quality and review criteria compliance only. The works are completely anonymous.

  • 10+ tools for appropriate peer review

    The system is equipped with over 10 useful tools like plagiarism check and proofreading tools to provide accuracy and objectivity during a review.

Our Tech Stack

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