Server optimization for the Japanese government

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Project overview

In the era of integrated digital and online capabilities that exist even on the governmental level, it is crucial to store valuable data in the most reliable, fail-proof, and protected manner. Thus, sturdy servers must be created, which act as the main storehouse for software infrastructures, data they hold and process, and other digital elements. When it comes to state-wide purposes, like our client’s request, the server system must be especially secure and smooth in operation.

Client information

We were working on the project, the end client of which is the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). MLIT is a state-level ministry of the Japanese government responsible for one-third of all the laws and orders in Japan related to national land, transportation, and social capital development. This includes disaster countermeasures, the security of the surrounding sea area, and general security. It is the largest Japanese ministry and has been actively employing modern digital technologies to facilitate and boost the efficiency of managing various government affairs.

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Business challenge

For a government-level establishment, it is crucial to use in practice only fail-proof hardware and middleware that works without the downtime and sudden errors. The system should also correspond to the latest security measures as the state-level data can be put at risk of unauthorized access. That’s why the top priority was to analyze the most powerful security measures that would fit the project specifics, implement and configure server software, and then run it through a set of stress-load tests and virus contamination simulations.

Technical challenges

In a nutshell, we had to configure the existing government servers, enrich them with the proper software infrastructure, enable software and online protection with the necessary antivirus and firewall solutions, and make sure everything serves its purpose and works properly with a series of stress-load and security tests. The project involved lots of analysis and brainstorming to achieve the most flawless server protection. We were looking to do a lot of DevOps and back everything up with some intensive testing.

Solution delivered

For the purpose of combining reliable data protection and simple, versatile software access, we turned to cloud solutions. We then added sturdy firewall integrations, connected the existing authentication functionality, and ran everything through multiple testing iterations. As a result, we managed to establish a government-grade server infrastructure that works in the cloud, reliably stores sensitive data, and performs without crashes even in peak load conditions.

server optimization for the japanese goverment solution
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Key features

server optimization for the japanese goverment key future
  • Cloud hosting

    The client can avoid many unnecessary expenses and issues related to maintaining fully proprietary server systems.

  • Resource tracking

    One can easily monitor assets’ state in the system, including the size of allotted network storage, load rates, and more.

  • Useful reporting

    System performance and status reports can be generated for insightful analysis and help in business decision-making.

  • Web interface

    The software interconnecting servers can be accessed via any device connected to the Internet, at any time.

Value to our client

  • Easy maintenance

    The downtime is practically excluded, cloud software updates are automated, and any other maintenance is simple.

  • Cost-efficiency

    Cloud usage costs are very transparent as you pay strictly for the space and functionality you use, no hidden costs involved.

  • Cloud automation

    Cloud computing implies internal trackers and meters that help get automated performance reports and measurements.

Our tech stack

  • aws-1 AWS

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