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Illia Pinchuk


Illia founded Diceus back in 2010. He is the heart of the Diceus leadership team, he empowers the business to design, develop, and deliver enterprise solutions.

Illia is a talented software architect and entrepreneur, speaker, and writer. He has extensive experience in software development and implementation.

Professional interests: Custom Software Development, Business Strategy, Management, Startups, Scrum.


Dmytro Kazymir


In Diceus, Dmytro focuses on building and leading teams, mitigating cultural differences, and empowering client-vendor interactions.

Dmytro has over 10 years of senior leadership experience in the entire software development lifecycle, development methodologies, and enterprise strategies.

Professional interests: Agile, IT Strategy, Business Relations, Risk Mitigation, SDLC.


Yuri Karpenko

CTO / VP of Engineering

Yuri leads the whole delivery team and helps Diceus grow, making the company an industry leader in software development and consulting.

Yuri has over 25 years of experience in project and program management. He worked in technology, finance, and managerial departments of large companies, managed the delivery organization of 3,500 engineers. Yuri worked for Deutsche Bank, UBS, Rabobank, ING, Royal Bank of Scotland, Quantum.

Professional interests: Software Engineering, Cloud Solutions, IT Strategy, IT Operations, Risk Management, UX, Project and Product Management, keen to find the right way to solve complex business problems.


Mikhail Zavylov

HR Director

Mikhail leads the HR function and all HR activities in Diceus to make it among the best employers in the industry.

Mikhail is a proficient HR expert with the combined industry experience of over 23 years. He managed HR teams up to 100 employees, as well as companies up to 7,000 people. Mikhail worked for Procter & Gamble, Metro Cash & Carry, Microsoft, GlobalLogic.

Professional interests: Talent Management and Development, Leadership, HR Consulting, FMCG, Retail.


Dmytro Rovinskyi

Head of Sales

Dmytro leads the sales department in Diceus. He handles client-vendor interactions, client satisfaction, communication with partners.

Dmytro has over 16 years of experience in international IT companies. For the last 9 years, he managed the banking area, participated in more than 70 projects related to software implementation for banks in CIS and Eastern Europe.

Professional interests: CRM, BPM, Automatization of Banking Processes, E-learning, ICR/OCR.


Igor Riabchenko

Strategic Sales Manager

Igor handles strategic sales in Diceus for banks and financial institutions.

With over 25 years of management experience, Igor worked as key account sales, business development, and C-level manager in Cisco, Huawei, and SAS.

Professional interests: ICT Visionary in Financial Institutions, GTM Strategy Development, Account-based Marketing, Sales, Partner Development, Coaching.

our advisors

poul orum

Poul Ørum

Advisor in Denmark

Poul helps Diceus to reach new clients in Denmark and maintain mutually beneficial relationships.
Poul is an external advisor for many Danish companies and their partners. He is also a highly experienced professional with more than 40 years in business. He worked as a director, CEO, mentor, and consultant for different teams, including DTU Science Park.
Professional interests: FinTech, Insurance, Law, Agile.

david abbott

David Abbott

Advisor in the United Kingdom

Following his own positive experience with Diceus, David helps us to form partnerships with other UK businesses.
David is a seasoned executive, his former roles include head of product management and commercial director, and he is now CEO of our client He designs and implements enterprise-grade business strategies and leads teams in product management, sales, operations, and P&L achievement.
Professional interests: Product Management, Business Analysis, B2B, Market Segmentation.

ahmed elrayes

Ahmed Elrayes

Advisor in the United Arab Emirates

Ahmed via his Management Consultants firm partners with Diceus in UAE, where he collaborates with government and non-government organizations by enhancing their strategic approach and identifying business opportunities.
Ahmed has developed his 14+ years of experience in UAE, GCC, and North Africa, starting at Zayed University as an application developer and moving to Assistant Director of Consultancy and Technology services. Ahmed’s entrepreneurship passion drove him to open the first successful consultancy firm in Libya. He worked with MENTOR for leading Islamic banks in UAE and UAE Space Agency.
Professional Interests: Digital Transformation, AI for Business, Blockchain, emerging technologies that support business growth and strategy.


Tokio Kuwamura

Advisor in Japan

Tokio closely works with Diceus and helps with new business opportunities in Japan. He represents one of our clients, as well as the local IT group JASIPA.
Tokio works as a system engineer and IT consultant for more than 20 years. He handles system engineering of financial core systems such as life insurance and non-life insurance, IT system multi-industry consulting for small and medium enterprises. He supports business development and marketing of foreign-affiliated companies in Japan, assists with offshore IT system development for domestic companies, handles proposal sales for the government projects.
Professional Interests: Insurance, Business Development, Marketing, Project Building, Operation, Offshore Development, BPO.

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