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GoodFirms interview with Illia Pinchuk, DICEUS CEO: Sincerity builds trust and confidence in clients

DICEUS offers impeccable customized software solutions and other IT services worldwide. The company has a tremendous reputation for delivering projects on time and bringing excellent results on a global scale. Their development team’s persistent determination helps clients to achieve their goals successfully. This article by GoodFirms provides insight into the successful journey of DICEUS, shared by its CEO, Illia Pinchuk.

DICEUS is a renowned IT company that offers custom software development, web development, big data and BI, blockchain development, IoT development, mobile app development, web designing (UI/UX), etc.  

The company was founded in 2011, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria, and other offices in the USA, Denmark, Poland, and Lithuania. They possess a dedicated team for end-to-end development services, including cloud computing, data migration, and DWH development.  

DICEUS’s highly experienced engineers have completed more than 130 projects successfully. The team focuses on improving its skills and expertise due to the global demand for digital transformation.  

The company’s mission is to provide unique and effective services that differentiate it from its competitors. They are committed to helping their clients by turning ideas into reality and creating unmatched success. Thus, DICEUS has achieved a prominent position in the list of top software development companies in Poland by GoodFirms. 

The GoodFirms team interviewed Illia Pinchuk, CEO of DICEUS, to learn more about the company and its values. 

The sky’s the limit 

Illia Pinchuk began by telling the story behind the DICEUS foundation. He founded the company to provide top-notch software solutions for businesses across the globe. Many businesses required an ultimate digital transformation for maximum growth, and their dedicated development team handled various eCommerce projects, which allowed them to become a wholly developed company.  

Moreover, he said the company had expanded its business by offering services to different verticals in different parts of the world, including Ukraine, Denmark, Lithuania, the USA, and the UAE. They have achieved rapid growth in the IT sector with considerable client trust and confidence through an ambitious approach. They believe in business values that benefit the whole of humankind. 

DICEUS is ISO certified

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DICEUS is ISO certified

Teamwork makes the dream work

Illia Pinchuk mentioned that the company works according to an IT outsourcing model that provides clients with dedicated teams of highly skilled professionals who comprehend their business requirements and achieve desirable outcomes. They have expertise in developing customized software solutions and completing product development projects within the timeline asked by their clients. 


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Worth its weight in gold 

Illia Pinchuk spoke about their competitive abilities in the market; DICEUS delivers outstanding products with outstaffing and outsourcing services with solid values, including the following: 

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Why do developers need a Project Manager? 

He added that the company offers dedicated Project Managers. Hiring IT staff or a dedicated team with a PM gives a variety of added values to customers. PMs are responsible for onboarding new team members, communicating project goals to the team, speeding the process when a quick scale-up is needed, etc.  DICEUS experts highly recommend having a PM for smooth operations and stress-free project execution. 

Here’s what customers say about DICEUS

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CTO at says:

“In the beginning, I only asked for their assistance with design. I liked what they made so I asked them to assist with the development as well. Now, they’re doing the back and frontend for the application and the platform, the admin system. For the backend, they used .NET and an Azure product. For the frontend, we’re going to use Xamarin. They’re doing a cross-platform for Android and iOS. The project is almost done. We’re doing the minimum viable product right now.”
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Co-founder at Build-A-Brand says:

“Simply put, these guys are fantastic. They are truly a part of my company and I couldn’t be happier with our partnership. We started with a small project and have grown into 8 full-time employees (Dev, Design, Testing, PM) over the last 2 years. I have challenged them with business concepts and they have delivered and when I ask the impossible, they research and find out how to do it. We work together daily, using an Agile approach, and have created what i think is a world-class software package. There are no shortages of new ideas, so we will continue to bring new business ideas to life for years to come.”

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DICEUS customers

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DICEUS customers

Industry coverage

DICEUS CEO shared that their offer is unique to many industries, including insurance, banking, fintech, healthcare, retail, and logistics. For example, for the insurance sector, DICEUS experts develop digital channels like custom mobile apps, web portals, and chatbots, focusing on user experience as UX is one of the most critical factors to consider for developing successful digital products.  

DICEUS’ core services

The company’s core services are as follows: 

IT services quote

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IT services quote

Reliable, flexible, and affordable payment structures

Pinchuk reveals their pricing models, including Dedicated Team and Time & Material. These models suit the project’s flexible scopes and iterative processes.  

He added that the minimum budget is $10,000 for an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) in the outsourcing project. They provide a rate card that allows clients to see how much the cost of a developer is for an hour. With the card, customers identify the seniority level with the developers’ relevant skills, expertise, and experience. 

When asked about DICEUS’ 2021 price budget, Pinchuk said those projects were large and in scope; it is hard to disclose the price range. 

Lastly, Pinchuk beams on the company’s coming ten years’ plans; their focus will remain the same, delivering top-notch software solutions and providing impeccable values to their customers worldwide. 

Project budget

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Project budget

The detailed interview is available on GoodFirms.

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