Only 30 years back Poland was practically obscure for its innovations in technology. Today, it is visited by lots of businessmen who wish to outsource their IT projects to overseas companies. Remote organizations rely on Polish engineers to develop brand-new products with high returns. If you haven’t known about Poland yet, we offer a compelling report on the Polish IT market.

Web development in Poland: Key facts

The software world in Poland changes quickly. So do also the factors that are decisive in competing for the most promising projects.

  1. Steady and solid economy

According to Ernst and Young, Poland was one of the most attractive countries for investments in 2012. The country has seen the greatest GDP development per capita in Europe In 1990-2015 – it grew by more than 7 times.

  1. Talented workforce

Programming engineers from Poland are among the world’s top engineers. As per HackerRank, they rank third in well-known programming contests. For example, the Polish Need For C group won the primary worldwide contest Hello World in Helsinki, Finland.

  1. A big number of IT graduates

Consistently, around 80,000 Polish college students graduate in IT and IT-related areas. Probably the most imperative scholarly places incorporate Krakow (AGH University) or Warsaw University of Technology.

  1. Culture and work ethics

The way Polish work and deal with their partners is the same as in the countries that tend to farm out their product development abroad, for example, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and France. It’s the reason why collaboration tends to be a breeze in software development outsourced to this country.

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Software development in Poland: Technology stack

The Polish IT market is searching for employees experienced in programming and apps development. The most common are Java/JEE, C#, .NET, c #, ASP.NET, C/C++, Python, JavaScript.

There is also a demand for developers familiar with Scala. The knowledge of agile programming methodology used in project management, especially Scrum, Extreme programming, Lean is becoming more and more popular.

Mobile apps development. The number of users of mobile apps is increasing and it raises the demand for this kind of professionals specialized in Android, iOS, Windows Phone development. Many programmers often switch to Android after developing desktop applications in Java.

Big Data. Global and local businesses, including ITO’s, want to exploit the potential that lies in the ability to analyze the data generated by various information systems.

5 top Polish outsourcing companies

As of July 2019, a list of top IT companies in Poland ( includes 621 firms. Below is a list of the most popular providers:

  1. Cleveroad has already proved to deliver high-quality products and IT solutions including all types of design, IoT and Big Data solutions, AR and VR products, all kinds of mobile/web development services, etc since 2014. The company focuses on the eCommerce industry.
  2. Polcode, an international IT company. It was founded in 2006. The company offers end-to-end solutions for various industries with the key focus is on eCommerce.
  3. Xfive is actually an Australian company but the main development hub is located in Krakow. Along with software development and design, it offers business process operation services and is considered to be one of the dynamically growing BPO companies in Krakow.
  4. Selleo specializes in Ruby on Rails, React, Elixir, EmberJS. Selleo offers mobile, web, and custom software development with a focus on business services, education, advertising & marketing.
  5. Cybercom Group is a large company employing over 1200 IT specialists in different countries of the world. It is among the top 50 companies in Poland. 200+ Cybercom members work in Poland. They are mainly QA engineers, developers, and business architects.
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Why are outsourcing companies in Poland so attractive?

Poland has become one of the most attractive outsourcing destinations around the globe. There is a bunch of reasons why Polish multinational companies are so successful.

The major argument for a great interest in establishing their centers in Poland is access to one of the youngest and best-educated societies in Europe. This country educates around 1,7 million students every year and almost half a million graduates start their careers each year.

The students gain a lot of successes in areas of information technology, a fact confirmed by their outstanding results at prestigious international competitions. The biggest IT academic centers are Warsaw (with 2100 graduates), Cracow (with 1900 graduates), and Wroclaw (1400 graduates).

Poland is the biggest country in the CEE Region with over 16 big cities where the outsourcing industry has been growing since 1995, but there are also old local operations centers that started their activities in 1965.

We’ve prepared a list of salaries in the Polish IT sector:

Other countries to hire software developers

Outsourcing allows businesses to farm out a lot of jobs from their countries overseas. Usually, it is caused by the efforts to cut the costs or get access to specific expertise. Two more attractive countries are India and  Ukraine. Check which is best for you here: “Outsourcing to India or Ukraine? Difference between top destinations”