DICEUS is changing the logo
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DICEUS is changing the logo

We’re thrilled to announce that DICEUS is changing its digital look. Recently we presented a new logo design inside the company. In this article, we’d like to introduce our new logo to the public highlighting all the details that stand behind the DICEUS rebranding process.  

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Simpler, leaner, more readable — isn’t it a trend followed by lots of world brands? The fashion industry, for instance, boomed recently with the widespread changes of their logos: Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Burberry, Celine, and many more — all simplified their digital looks to meet new market expectations.  

Not only are market demands affecting the brand identity of many worldwide names, but also a range of other reasons. One more reason why businesses consider simplifying their logos is that it’s much easier to produce customized T-shirts, notebooks, mugs, and lots of other things that are usually either main products manufactured by the company or a part of merchandise kits. Besides, new logos look traditionally better on mobile phones, social media, and other digital platforms — they are just more readable, which is making the brand more noticeable.  

The story

Since 2011, the DICEUS logo has been associated with the butterfly as one of the butterfly species is called Actinote Diceus. At the same time, the logo was also associated with a four-leaf clover. The color of each leaf meant something: green — life; blue — finances; violet — space; white — robotics. During ten years, our logo had been changed only once, and today, we required some renewal to bring new energy to the company’s brand identity and vision.  

New DICEUS logo vs old DICEUS logo

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New DICEUS logo vs old DICEUS logo

Any renewal process is a challenge. Our challenge was to create a fresh logo design eliminating the clover symbol, preserving the butterfly, and adding something that would be directly associated with software development. And we did it. Our product designer Volodymyr Horvat has created a totally different logo by uniting a beautiful butterfly with reversed angle brackets. Here is how it looks schematically. 

DICEUS is changing the logo

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The colors

DICEUS is changing the logo – Color Scheme

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As you see, the new logo has fewer but more vivid colors — green and dark blue. These colors are usually associated with renewal, life, nature, and energy, whereas dark blue is about trust, authority, and intelligence.


Green color meaning in DICEUS logo

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Green color meaning in DICEUS logo

Dark blue

DICEUS is changing the logo

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The new logo design is well suited with the DICEUS style guide that was also recently updated. Also, it will be further used to design and produce new marketing kits like a welcome kit for newcomers, some branded gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.  

The slogan

We also created a new company slogan that is aligned with the company’s mission to help our clients transform their businesses digitally, reach new goals, and grow.

new DICEUS slogan

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DICEUS is a custom software development company providing a wide range of engineering services, including cloud computing, data migration, web and mobile app development, and many more. Along with development, we offer staff augmentation services for technology companies and teams that seek quick scale-up, specific expertise, or additional resources.  

DICEUS expertise comprises artificial intelligence, big data, robotic process automation, blockchain, to name a few. For more than ten years, we serve our customers from various industries like banking, fintech, insurance, retail. Today, we offer free 30-minute IT consultations for anybody planning to start the project or who needs any assistance with the ongoing development. So, please proceed to apply if you want to talk to our experts.  

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