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DICEUS Nordics visited clients in the Faroe Islands

Sharing some reflections on our recent adventure to the Faroe Islands. This trip was full of new experiences, communication with clients, and the breathtaking beauty of Faroese nature. Our CEO, Illia Pinchuk, and the DICEUS Nordics Team, Poul Ørum, and Oddur Friang Rasmussen, planned this journey to strengthen existing business relationships and start new ones.  
The team attended to our clients and discussed our services, including staff augmentation and internet security solutions like pen testing. We were happy to see and learn more about some innovative technologies being developed in the Faroe Islands, a testament to their growing digital landscape. Seeing the progress and potential in such a unique part of the world was truly inspiring. 
Special thanks to the GroAqua Team for their time and hospitality.  
The visit wouldn’t have been so bright without sightseeing. The Faroe Islands are a treasure trove of wild, untamed landscapes that left us in awe. The rugged cliffs, serene waterfalls, and verdant valleys were a beautiful backdrop to our trip.  
As we look towards the future, it holds exciting prospects for DICEUS in the Faroe Islands. We are ready to continue expanding our services and improving our contributions to this vibrant tech landscape.  
For those in the Faroe Islands who want to learn more about our services or arrange a meeting, our colleague Oddur, based in the Faroe Islands, is always available for a chat.  
Contact Oddur: +298 515 515 

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