This year 13 software development companies in Ukraine made IAOP’s list of top-100 offshore IT contractors demonstrating their excellence in a set of criteria. Some of them were named rising stars. You never know where you will meet your star.

Every single individual or organization that plans long-term projects should focus on how to hire software developers overseas without risking project success. Let’s figure out how to avoid possible pitfalls and choose the best-match partner out of millions of providers.

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Five Top Reasons to Hire Ukrainian Software Developers in 2019-2020

The services provided by Ukrainian developers are highly valued around the world. Ukraine is a country offering perfect resources for outsourcing. The key benefits you can get here while cooperating with developers include lower rates, high professionalism, convenient location. Below are the top 5 reasons why it is worth considering Ukrainian developers for your next project.

Reason 1- Ukraine Has Enabling Environment for Providing Outsourcing Services 

According to IT Association, the size of IT services export made $3,6B and is expected to grow up to $8,4B in 2025. The contribution of the industry to the country’s GDP will increase accordingly from 3,34% to 4,65%. To get the expected outcomes the industry needs a stable taxation policy and no new regulatory obstacles.

IT companies Ukraine

Top-5 areas in which Ukrainian developers are masters are as follows:

  • Software Engineering
  • Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Apps Support
  • Architecture

However, software development companies offer also design, business process outsourcing, research and development, IT training and consulting, security management, content marketing, etc.

Tip: Identify what help you require most, what tasks you can delegate to others. Study that sphere thoroughly to know all aspects: rates, expertise levels, technologies, and stacks. It will help you find best-match candidates to accomplish your tasks.

Let’s imagine, George needs to outsource Android development to Ukraine. First off, he should define the specifications of the app. Once he’s done, he will be able to send estimations requests to several companies and compare the rates they will offer to him.

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Reason 2 – IT Outsourcing in Ukraine: Over 12K IT Companies 

The State Statistics of Ukraine informs that the number of IT companies running in the country was around 12K in 2016. It doesn’t mean, of course, that all provided software development services.  Approximately, the total quantity of such businesses is 2000. The others work in the relative fields of information and telecommunication sciences.

Ukrainian developers

DOU, a Ukrainian professional platform for IT specialists, has compared the figures they got as a part of their own job marketplace research in 2016-2017. According to the investigation, 99,940 programmers worked in the industry in 2016. That figure has grown to 126,990 in just a year.

Tip: If you search for a vendor take no chances to hire the first available individual or agency. Check out the history and experience of the company. Look through the accomplished cases.

The portfolio of a software company may look like the page with our cases.

Reason 3 – Ukraine Has Big Software Development Hubs in Different Cities

Top Ukraine IT outsourcing companies are situated in big cities. According to Mappedinua, the biggest tech hubs are in Kyiv (891), Kharkiv (138), Dnipro (126), Lviv (116), Odesa (74). The indicated numbers include not only IT companies, but also R&D centers, startups, and those who provide some relative to IT services. Take a closer look at the map.

Software development companies Ukraine

As you see, the better half of IT companies are located in the capital city. After all, Kyiv is very easy to reach from any country of the globe. As of 2017, its population is almost 3 mln. people making the city the largest one in Ukraine.

Tip: When it comes to long-lasting projects, the location of vendors matters. Probably, you will need to travel to another city or country. Pay attention to the workspace location of your partners when negotiating the conditions.

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Reason 4 – Ukrainian IT Companies Offer Reasonable Rates

According to the data presented on Clutch, which is an ideal platform to find reliable offshore software developers, top software companies in Ukraine are made of approximately 250 workers. Being international and having representatives all over the world, a few of them attained the number of 1000-9,999 employees (the total number of people who work for the company and reside in different countries of the globe). It will be observed that the rates of such vendors are higher than the prices offered by small and medium outsourcing companies in Ukraine.

Tip: Middle-sized IT providers offer lower rates as compared to global companies.

Reason 5 – Ukrainian Developers Are Highly Professional 

Thanks to the high level of STEM education and simplified taxes, Ukrainian developers demonstrate high export incomes. Ukrainian web developers are 100% export-oriented. The cause of that is buoyant demand for services among overseas customers. The USA, Germany, and the UK are top-3 states that hire Ukrainian programmer specialists.

Delegating your tasks to a contractor facilitates the fast and successful completion of the project. Here are a few explanations for why companies delegate development, integration, or migration to freelancers, offshore agencies, and search for developers overseas:

  • Expertise and employee scarcity
  • Need to cut costs
  • Wish to find long-lasting partnership
  • The need for domain experts
  • High in-house rates

As you see, the main reasons are the rates and expertise. Read on about Ukraine’s outsourcing rates to learn how you can cut costs creating your projects.

Tip: Compare rates of several companies providing similar services before getting started. Do the same with expertise in the required domain.

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Expert Opinion: Software Development Company in Ukraine Tells Their Story

Why are so many people outsourcing to Ukraine? What are they expecting to receive?

Most of the people look for specific domain expertise. We specialize in Java, Python, .Net and a lot of other stacks for creating big enterprise solutions. The other reason is lower rates as compared to American programmers rates, for instance.

Where do your foreign partners come from?

Our customers reside in different countries around the world. Some of them become repeat clients especially when we deal with a long-lasting project.

What difficulties can foreign companies meet in Ukraine?

No matter what country you outsource your projects, Ukraine, India, or elsewhere, you must know that some providers are cheating. That’s why some of the newbies to Ukraine software development are too careful when selecting a partner. What we recommend to external companies is to get acquainted with all team members before getting started. You may also organize a kind of workshop to see how your dedicated team understands the requirements and the entire idea of the product.

Top 10 IT Companies in Ukraine: General Overview

We made a general list of software companies in Ukraine. Check it out!

1. Ciklum 

Cicklum is one of the biggest Ukrainian outsourcing companies that engages around 340,000 people. It is an international company with offices all over the globe. It offers Big Data, IoT solutions and a wide range of QA, app and product development services.

Ciklum has experience in building software products for finance, gaming, gambling, healthcare, retail/digital commerce, and other industries. They offer three engagement models for cooperating. So, you can create a project from scratch, grow your own team, or get end-to-end services which include not only development but also project management. 

2. Eleks 

Eleks is focused on training and engineering services for big organizations. It has offices in Ukraine as well as in Eastern Europe, Japan, and the USA. Specialize in custom product development and web design.

Eleks develops projects for such industries as healthcare, agriculture, fintech, logistics, media, and entertainment, etc. Its developers have expertise in innovative technologies like the IoT, AI, blockchain, and data science. Here, you can get the three categories of IT services: advisory, engineering, and optimization.

3. Diceus 

Diceus is one of the Ukrainian IT companies and a technology partner for SMEs and large companies all over the globe. Unlike outsourcing providers, it offers a pay-per-results engagement model instead of hourly costs for software development. Specializes in business analysis and is focused on ERP and CRM development. Featured on Clutch, GoodFirms, Top Agency, and IT Firms.

Diceus has long experience in developing software solutions for insurance, banking, healthcare, HR, automotive and over 5 more industries. Its expertise includes business intelligence, data science, big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. Main focus: multi-modular systems for the banking and insurance sectors. 

4. Perfectial Lviv 

Perfectial Lviv provides IT services for advertising, financial, marketing, real estate industries mainly. It specializes in web development and cloud computing.

The company has experience in developing AI-based products, blockchain solutions, and IoT. Perfectial offers IT services for financial companies, advertising and marketing sector, telecommunications, data and analytics, real estate, and many other industries.  

5. AltexSoft 

AltexSoft is a tech knowledge provider located in Kharkiv. They are working mostly with mid-market clients and are conversant in e-commerce solutions.

The company offers a wide range of services: UI/UX consulting, engineering, data science, and technology consulting. Their industry focus lies in finance, healthcare, e-commerce, retail, media and entertainment, marketing, travel, transportation, etc. 

6. Svitla Systems Ukraine 

Svitla is one of the American companies in Ukraine with offices in the largest cities. It builds platforms for healthcare, finance, and businesses.

The company has expertise in the following solutions: cloud, web, mobile, e-commerce, big data, machine learning, IoT. They also provide quality assurance services, SEO, and DevOps services for their customers. Industry focus: business licensing, education, healthcare, HR, digital marketing, etc. 

7. PLVision 

PLVision offers IT managing offshore teams service in a certain number of domains including the Internet of Things and Computer Networking. It is located in the Western part of Ukraine, Lviv.

PLVision offers custom development of IoT solutions, SDN and NFV, and embedded systems. They offer several engagement models to cooperate: project-based model, offshore development center, or other product development services which can be provided according to the fixed price model, dedicated team model, or result-based model. 

8. eTeam 

eTeam is an e-commerce development provider with a focus on retail and financial spheres. The company started in San Francisco with building payment platforms and then moved to Kyiv. It can be named a rising talent because the company’s portfolio isn’t so big as the other companies from the list have. 

This team offers web development, AWS consulting, and retail technologies. Among the recent projects accomplished by the company, there are Roost, Vanilla Direct Pay, Sapience, Taskware, etc. 

9. Skelia 

Skelia offers good opportunities for startups to outsource software testing and development in Ukraine. The company provides management as well. Skelia developers have expertise in building projects for e-commerce, and digital media. Core technologies include Java, .NET, React, Angular, Android.  

10. Infopulse 

Infopulse is a consulting provider located in Kyiv. It offers business process services as most of the others do. Among the focus industries the company has experience in, there are the following: automotive, telecommunication, banking/finance. Also, Infopulse has expertise in cloud computing, big data, predictive analytics that have become one of the most trending technologies today. 

Top-3 Tips to Hire a Trusted Software Development Company Ukraine Without Risking a Project’s Success

To select an IT software outsourcing provider in Ukraine, adhere to the prompts below. We tried to gather all practical tips and shared experiences to teach you how to hire a trusted freelancer or outsourcing provider.

  1. Vast Experience is number one in a list of must-have features of a successful organization. Check out the portfolio and speak to technical specialists to see how expert they are.
  2. Face-to-Face Meetings give a perfect opportunity to get to know your outsourced team better. Meet people to better understand their skills and competencies.
  3. Project Management and QA are other important things to pay attention to. Learn what PM methodologies your vendors use. Ask what kinds of tests are used to verify quality.

App Developers Ukraine: In Case You Need Mobile Development

We’ve talked so much about Ukraine IT companies. Apparently, it’s high time to start searching for the best contractor. Let’s also talk a bit about iOS and Android apps development in Ukraine.

Ukraine can impress you with vast experience in building applications for native and cross-platform aims. With the rapid growth of mobile devices users, the world is in high demand to present its goods and services on the go.

Ukrainian developers design the clearest UI/UX solutions. Besides, due to solid grounding, they can offer you quick time to market.

As you can see, Ukraine is a perfect spot to search for the software development company which will meet your needs and requirements. Due to a great variety of Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies on the market, those are able to compete enhancing their experience and services. That leads to a higher quality of final products and increased customer satisfaction. Feel free to contact us in case you still have any questions about the specifics of collaboration with Ukrainian developers.