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Dedicated Development Team: Take Advantage of Win-Win Cooperation

by Mariia Kolisnyk

Do you know that the entire market size of outsourcing services was $88.9 billion last year? A dedicated team is one of the most popular remote hiring models because of the high demand for skilled tech professionals. Scroll down to see how you can benefit from hiring a remote team, the workflow and process management.

What Companies May Take Advantage of Remote Employees

How do you know if you need a dedicated team for your project? You can own a startup company or run a business for some time. You can be happy with a dedicated team in any case. Your business can be in insurance, finance, construction, healthcare or any other industry to benefit from such cooperation model.

A dedicated team is good for long-term projects when you need to build a few products at a time or there are a lot of tasks to complete. You may also need such a team if you don’t have a precise scope of the project and its requirements. You should be aware of possible changes in deadlines and project scope during the development process.

You can benefit from hiring a development team if you lack talents in your location. You will get a team of experienced and certified developers that will focus on building your project. In most of the cases, you will also have a project manager who will deal with inner workflow and communicate with you.

Advantages of Dedicated Team Model


  • You get value for money.
  • You don’t blow up the budget.
  • You pay only for working hours.

Project Management

  • A dedicated team is fully involved in development.
  • The project scope is aligned with your business strategy.
  • The agile approach means flexibility and extended functionality.
  • Refining domain knowledge.
  • Quick replacement of a team player in case of sick leaves or quits.
  • Detailed product documentation for fast onboarding a team.
  • Project managers can achieve an efficient workflow.


  • Regular interactions.
  • The extended working day on demand.
  • Collaboration via Trello, Basecamp, Atlassian JIRA, Slack, etc.
  • Structured and pre-planned workflows.
  • A relationship with no communication barriers.
  • Complete focus on one project at a time.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Team Model

Let’s consider the drawbacks of hiring a remote team:

  • Hard to predict the final estimate if you make changes in the project scope.
  • Possible time-consuming communication with new team members.
  • Not a good fit for all short-term projects.
  • Cultural differences.
  • Team motivation is harder to achieve.
  • Time zone difference may be a challenging issue.

How to manage the workflow of a dedicated team?

Hiring a dedicated team is a common practice for long-term projects with good transparency and control over the processes. The pricing model can meet your budget requirements if the project scope is clear and distinct.

The key to retaining your employees is a healthy corporate environment and friendly atmosphere. By identifying the motivation of your staff, you can make each team member feel secure and appreciated. The best strategy for talent acquisition involves easy communication, work-life balance, social benefits, self-development.

Dedicated team model | Diceus

Workflow Management

When you plan your cooperation with a remote dedicated team, you should discuss the instruments for tracking and managing the workflow. These are the tools for bugs reporting, scheduling tasks and solving questions as well. There should be precise guidelines for each person on how to use these tools.

All the communication should be tracked by the tools: emails, video calls, a summary of the meetings and so on. This workflow may seem a bit complicated for the first few days, but all the processes will become automated and you’ll get used to them. You will get a backlog with all the information about past events and cases at the end of the product release.

JIRA and Trello are great to perform these tasks. They have a user-friendly interface, so will not have any problems viewing the tasks and other issues. You don’t have to dive into the configuration ocean of these apps. You can ask a project manager to guide you through the key points.

Dedicated team project management | Diceus

Why you need a Project Manager

It’s almost impossible to manage the product development if the team is far away from your office. You should have regular meetings and talks with the team players to distribute roles, tasks and solve any problems if they ever come out. If a team has no project manager, people may have problems in making decisions, defining deadlines and proper organization of work.

It’s good to have a person that is located in the same office where the team is. In most of the cases, you will hire a dedicated team with an experienced project manager that was a developer in the past. This is a good variant as this person has a solid technical background together with the management skills.

How much to pay for a dedicated team?

Here are the sample hourly rates for different regions and qualification levels:

Job titleUnited StatesLatin AmericaEastern Europe
Business analyst$110-$205$45-$55$40-$63
Project manager$133-$233$55-$66$45-$70
Junior developer$105-$111$35-$44$25-$42
Middle developer$132-$140$30-$52$35-$56
Senior developer$176-$187$45-$55$45-$70
Lead developer$176-$187$50-$61$45-$70
Junior QA$77-$81$30-$39$25-$42
Middle QA$99-$105$35-$44$30-$49
Senior QA$143-$169$40-$50$40-$63
Graphic designer$79-$163$40-$50$35-$56

The total cost of the project depends on the number of hours spent on project development and the number of people involved in the process.

Successful cases delivered by Diceus dedicated teams

We believe that a dedicated team model can help any company reach its business goals. We’ll show you a few cases that we have developed recently.


This is a comprehensive solution for the HR department. It automates administrative tasks and simplifies work with the benefit programs. This product was developed for Teambase that is a multi-disciplinary software services company.

Product features

  1. Automated processes for insurance brokers.
  2. It’s a web-based solution.
  3. Can be integrated with other software.
  4. Supports multiple languages and currencies.
  5. Corporate HR admin panel.
  6. Advanced analytics and reports.
  7. Self-service for each user.
  8. Up-to-date information about medical providers.

Dedicated team

12 specialists: a project manager, .NET developers, and Q&A specialists.

BenefitNet - Delivered by Diceus dedicated team


It’s an automated solution for insurance-related systems. This product is lightweight, it removes the need to deal with insurance agents as intermediaries.

Product features

  1. Comprehensive  incident and claims management.
  2. Document and policy management.
  3. Workflow management system.
  4. CRM system.
  5. Risk-evaluation system.

Dedicated team

10 specialists: 2 project managers, 3 front-end developers, 3 back-end developers, 2 QAs.

InsuBiz - Delivered by Diceus dedicated team

Challenges of Dedicated Project Team and How to Eliminate Them

Most of the challenges appear through the lack of valuable experience and everything is easy to fix with a deep knowledge of how to build needed cooperation.

Let’s consider all drawbacks of hiring offshoring software development company that may occur through your first experience.

  • Vague product development costs that make financial planning pretty hard.
  • Possible time-consuming communication with new team members.
  • Some companies believe that this cooperation isn’t a good fit for short-term projects.
  • Cultural differences.
  • Team motivation is harder to achieve.
  • Time zones may be a challenging issue for your cooperation.

When you need a dedicated team | Diceus

The dedicated team approach in IT industry is more common practice for long-term projects with needed transparency and control over the processes. Their pricing model can meet your needs if the desired project is hard to analyze and predict future changes.

An outsourcing software development company has many advantages but it isn’t a panacea for all challenges and goals. To choose the appropriate solution, study information about pricing models, what remote team offers you and whether it matches your expectations.

Now, let’s switch our attention to the ways how to deal with possible troubles and make use of your global partnership.

First of all, it's good to implement analytics tools to track return on investment. It will help you to ensure that you spent your money wisely and this cooperation is well worth the expenses.

Then, compare your virtual management with the leadership of global tech leaders. Such analysis will help you to spot a room for refinement. There are a lot of articles out there and possible business tours, seminars, conferences for knowledge sharing.

Thirdly, invest time and efforts in growth opportunities. For instance, implement big data strategies becoming a source of growth for many businesses, now is a good time to incorporate it into your strategy. Moreover, it’s possible to partner with outsourcing dedicated project team with significant experience in cooperating with the global famous companies.

When you don't need a dedicated team | Diceus

One more way to establish a needed level of cooperation is boosting knowledge flows. Two-way communication between in-house team and software development company will bring you success and fulfill employee gaps. You can pay attention to how you can develop your remote team and gain new expertise from them as well.

It’s important to stay informed about the strengths and drawbacks of your teams. Such observation will bring you a vision about possible resources of new knowledge among your team members. Many companies believe that building the right communication funnel is the number one issue.

Knowledge transfer helps to refresh your business strategy and recognize each team member as a leader and influencer. Emphasize the advantages of sharing, and make sure that all team members have all resources for it. Many companies see great results from insights gained from the cross-staffing. Online forums may be a great platform for such a meeting. According to the Ovum report, up to 85% of respondents said using new tech tools for collaboration helps to achieve mutual understanding and refine the customer experience.

Experts advise implementing meritocratic team management approaches to improve resource allocation. Another approach is innovative disruptions, as Mark Zuckerberg says, move fast and break things. It means to change the way you used to handle things and try new approaches, experiment and test innovative ideas. Disruption is the reality of the IT industry nowadays, and high-tech decision-makers search for new advantages.

Besides, it’s important to stay client-oriented company and build software with customers’ needs in mind. Pay attention to required quality control so your global teams may produce products or services that meet expectations.

Set clear goals and boost motivation are very important in the IT area with the highest turnover among various industries. A young generation of IT specialists wants to grow at work, acquire new skills and unpack significant opportunities.

The key to retaining your employees is a healthy corporate environment and friendly atmosphere. By identifying the motivation of your staff, you can make each team member feel secure and appreciated. The best strategy for talent acquisition involves easy communication, work-life balance, social benefits, self-development.

For example, CarMax worked on the employee program in hard times with bonuses and extra perks, development plan, and feedback. It helped the company to refine sales up to 120% in the next few years.

Researches showed that outsourcing may work as a great retention strategy as well. All the legal responsibility covers outsourcing service provider which gives you flexibility in developing teams according to your expectations.


In order to eliminate possible setbacks of outsourcing, you need to carefully evaluate the scope of the project and create a list of professionals that are required. Separate the roles that may be filled in-house, and which ones will demand outside expertise. These vacancies should involve detailed descriptions to clear things up. Craft it involving the required number of hours for each role.


When you start cooperating with a specific IT provider, set a task to present employees who will best address your needs. Moreover, feel free to interview them as well to find not only a skilled tech specialist but a cultural fit also.

Then, create a preliminary contract to specify the expectations for the roles and needed outcomes. Include salaries and other software development cost, based on the discussed issues. Also, involve the desired scope of the project and provisions for scaling.

Finishing the contract is the final formal step in the workflow to build a dedicated team. But the informal processes require further monitoring and support. That’s why you need to ensure that every employee, in-house or remote, is engaged.

Adopt a Product-Oriented Organizational Structure

The way your company is structured affects how you handle and run projects. If you wonder about product team structure advantages disadvantages, organize IT resources around products to achieve the best results. Your end-to-end teams need to pay attention to reaching business results.

In an agile-at-scale environment, products aren’t just commercial offerings. They can be a mix of offerings or services or an IT system shared by multiple product teams. So it’s important for the company and tech leaders to identify the units of delivery. And once your end products have been recognized, the company needs to define an agile team that will work on the software development and maintenance.

In product-oriented organizational structure, planning is the first stage. It includes a strategic vision, and the next stage organizing shows how the organization will allocate resources to reach the goals. Leading requires activities to stimulate employees, and control is needed to ensure that you move towards achieving business goals.

The team structure is a valuable category of management functions. The project-oriented structure is a good fit for cross-functional cooperation. Employees report directly to a team lead or project manager. The dedicated teams bring additional advantages to completing urgent and complex tasks. 

Besides, this structure helps to ensure a high degree of productivity. All goals are aligned with the entire business strategy, and decision-making becomes more efficient. And the greatest gain of the project-oriented structure is the cross-functional engagement of each employee. It leads to higher creativity, integrated work activities, and needed problem-solving.

The obvious benefit of a project structure is more control over the dedicated teams and a strong sense of identity. This structure is well-suited to build a strong team culture, especially from employees all over the world.

All resources are dedicated to the project, so it’s simpler to schedule it. You’ll see when your employees are available.

So, running a business nowadays is a quite challenging task that requires some new ways to improve quality and reduce costs. The global practice is outsourcing that helps to broaden your pool of talents and capture the best tech specialists. Such cooperation brings many advantages to your organization involving time-saving, highly scalable and flexible resourcing, diverse work environment, etc.

Some organizations face challenges to make use of remote team but it’s only because they don’t know how to manage the process. Talent acquisition strategy, a product-oriented structure, and relevant pre-planning help to avoid possible fails.

How to start cooperation with a Diceus dedicated team?

It’s as simple as ABC - just fill in the online form. We’ll get back to you right away to discuss the future application and your business goals. We don’t have strict rules about the requirements, scope or any other information related to the project. We’ll pick up the most-suiting developers, take care of the workflow and results.


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