What You Need to Know to Consider Developer Cost?

Illia Pinchuk

IT expert is a well-paid profession all across the world, nevertheless, programmers’ salaries might vary, depending on their skills, experience, and country. In this post, we provide average annual incomes of different software developers in the USA and Europe depending on experience, skills and particular tasks.

Salaries in IT sector highly depend on the programmer's experience — either entry-level, mid-career, or senior level. Tech skills, such as C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, .NET, PHP also influence the earned income very much. However, as location greatly predetermines the average salary range, we decided to list the countries with the highest developer costs.

Average cost of software development depending technology

The USA can boast of the highest developer costs that is about $90K per year. Canada comes second, offering programmers circa $70K per annum. UK, Israel and Australia pay their IT experts around $60K–$65K annually. Mexico,Ukraine and Belarus comes last on the list, offering its IT experts around $35K per year.

Here is a chart showing an average salary range that depends on the programmer’s experience:

Let's look at the countries that are the most progressive in the development of IT technologies.

Software Developer Salary in the UK

British software engineers usually earn $62,500 per year, judging from Techtarget.The-average-software-developer-salary-is-mostly-going-up/4/Does-developer-experience-matter. In the UK, the difference between the entry-level specialists and the most skilled IT experts is probably the biggest. In this country, a beginner might earn as low as $24K, and an experienced professional can reach a $72K of income.

Senior software engineer 62 500 52 500-72 500
Mobile developer 57 500 47 500 - 71 296
ASP.Net developer 47 500 42 500- 57 500
Sharepoint developer 47 500 42 500 - 63 796
.Net software engineer 47 500 42 500 -52 500
Graduate software developer 32 500 25 000 -33 750
Junior web developer 26 000 24 500 - 32 500

In Britain, .Net sofware developers get the highest salary which starts from $42K per year. ASP.Net developers tend to earn almost the same annual salary, which is approximately $42 K. Senior software developer is circa $62K in the UK.

Software Developer Salary in Germany

In Germany, programmers usually earn up to $50K per year with the national average of about $47K. As for entry-level specialists, they make only 6% less than their highly experienced counterparts.

Senior Software Engineer60 10057 100 - 70 000
Mobile Developer55 40051 000 - 62 400
ASP.Net developer46 70045 000 - 54 500
C++ developer47 50045 400 - 53 300
Java developer48 00045 400 - 52 000
JavaScript developer46 321 43 200 - 48 100

Computer engineer salary in Germany also depends on their knowledge of programming languages. For instance, C++ is the highest-paying language with the average salary of $53.3K per year. Java and .NET developers earn almost the same amount of money  — approximately $48,370 per annum. However, JavaScript technology allows programmers to earn less than other ones — $46,321 per year.

Software Developer Salary in the USA

American IT experts are considered to be the developer costs in the world. Their salaries vary greatly, but the lowest one is $60,956, while the highest salary can go up to $116,983. The average programmer’s salary in the U.S. is approximately $90,052 per year.

C++ developer116 400110 000 - 121 000
JavaScript developer110 300105 000 - 115 000
Java developer102 30097 000 - 107 000
.Net developers92 40087 000 - 97 000
C# developer92 20087 000 - 97 000
PHP developer86 000                                           81 000 - 91 000

Similar to other countries’ experience with tech, C++ engineers get the biggest annual salaries (up to $117K). JavaScript programming language allows IT specialists in the USA to earn a little less (circa $110K per year). The average software development rates is $102K per annum in America.

Average Salary of Software Engineers in Ukraine

As you can see, Ukrainian programmers charge significantly lower fees than their European counterparts. That’s why an increasing number of CEOs choose this country to develop their business. In fact, Ukraine comes 1st in Europe Colliers International and ranks 4th by the number of certified IT experts in the world. It produces 36,000 of tech professionals each year, and at the moment there are over 100,000 software engineers who usually work with West European and North American clients. No matter what size your business is, Ukrainian programmers will help you to bring it on a completely new level.

Average cost of software development depending on title, role, tasks

Engineers or developers with “Senior” in their title are 16% of the sample and earn in common +$9,147 more than their junior counterparts. Three other titles have positive coefficients: Principal/Lead (8% of the sample, +$11,936), Architect (7%, +$15,488), and Consultant (3%, +$11,867). Managers and students  don’t take part in the survey, so there were no coefficients associated with them (the median salary of respondents in upper management was $123K).

The most highest salary is observed among project management in engineering and planning large software projects. The lowest salary is among developers, who write a code for collaborative projects.

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