Starting in 2019, DICEUS is actively working with partners from Saudi Arabia. This cooperation resulted in two conferences and several joint projects. We are among a few foreign development companies that have the trust of entrepreneurs and governmental representatives from the KSA.  

Initially, DICEUS visited the Saudi Emerging Technologies Forum in November 2019. But the next event that took place in February 2020 was more groundbreaking. On the MEFTECH conference in Riyadh, we were the only Ukrainian company.  During the conference, we had more than twenty productive meetings with representatives of leading businesses, including the Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority (SAMA), MasterCard, PwC, and Riyad Bank.  

This progress was made possible thanks to beneficial partnerships with local brands and professionals. Precisely, Faraj Alhouty, our partner and regional director in Saudi Arabia, works a lot to connect the KSA businesses with DICEUS developers and analysts. Hence, we can deliver our expertise to help local companies in digital transformation.  

Diceus CEO Saudi Arabia
Illia Pinchuk and Faraj Alhouty at the Saudi Emerging Technologies Forum

Among the brightest results, we can name two projects completed for Lean Business Services – a governmental branch focused on healthcare innovations: 

  • Medical Research System that optimizes e-review and funding of research projects in the field of public healthcare.  
  • Medical Errors Check Platform that allows patients to submit complaints that will be reviewed quickly and thoroughly via one system. 

DICEUS CEO, Illia Pinchuk, emphasizes the importance of cooperation with the Kingdom. He notes: 

“Overall, we accumulated extremely rich experience both at the national level in Ukraine and at the business level in DICEUS. We know a lot about emerging technologies, banking, and insurance. Hence, our mission is to share this expertise, international standards, and own SDLC knowledge with Saudi Arabia”.

We’re looking forward to working with our regional customers and peers, help the whole country to succeed in its digital evolution. Further, DICEUS will contribute to the Saudi Vision 2030 via the rich experience in healthcare, banking, and custom software development overall.  

About Saudi Vision 2030 

Saudi Vision 2030 is the national strategic program focused on reducing dependence on oil and enabling comprehensive digital evolution. Recently, the SAMA issued additional licensing guidelines for digital-only banks in the Kingdom. Our partners also work to develop innovative solutions for the healthcare industry, for instance, computer vision tools for the entire country. 


MEFTECH is one of the longest-running conferences in the region. It centers around FinTech initiatives and digital banking. In 2020, speakers discussed nation-grade cashless solutions, P2P lending, customer satisfaction and self-service, instant payments, AI, POS, digital wallets, and more. KYC and onboarding services were top topics, as well.  

DICEUS team at the MEFTECH conference

About Lean Business Services 

Lean Business Services is a local tech branch of the Ministry of Health. The company also relies on the Saudi Vision 2030 goals. It provides services and products aimed at improving the health sector. Especially, the team develops digital health solutions, enables data analysis, creates online electronic portals for patients and clinics.  


DICEUS develops custom software and provides tech consulting to different industries since 2011. We focus on insurance, banking, healthcare, aerospace, data science. In Saudi Arabia, we closely cooperate with financial and governmental teams. Thanks to our extensive experience in Europe and the USA, we help the KSA to adopt the market best practices.   

Media contact:  
Iryna Chubur, Chief Marketing Officer