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Fadata announces strategic partnership with DICEUS

Fadata and DICEUS are announcing that the companies have entered a strategic partnership. This decision will allow Fadata to ensure the smooth implementation of INSIS, Fadata’s insurance process platform. DICEUS will be able to expand business contacts and contribute to the insurance sector by being one of the trusted implementation services providers of Fadata.  

This agreement has been elaborated from the long-lasting collaboration between Fadata and DICEUS. With a deep understanding of the Fadata solution’s logic and architecture, the DICEUS team is well-suited to implement and sell Fadata’s product to insurance companies of all sizes.  

Anders Holm, Chief Commercial Officer, Fadata, says:  

“The demand for digital transformation in the insurance industry is growing. Therefore, we are glad to partner up with a professional company like DICEUS and enhance our long-standing partnership with them. Fadata helps insurers become more flexible and provide a better customer experience, and the DICEUS team will help insurance companies implement our solution seamlessly and stress-free.”   

Insurtech companies like Fadata drive digital innovation by providing business-transforming solutions with excellent customer experience. Insurers of today require high-quality insurtech software to automate processes, reduce redundant operations and manual work, and provide a better customer experience. At the same time, they need reliable technology vendors capable of implementing digital products quickly without compromising quality.  

Illia Pinchuk, DICEUS Chief Executive Officer, says: 

“Insurance businesses are facing a strong need to implement new technologies due to many challenges in meeting customer demands, increasing operational efficiency, and developing various digital channels for customer engagement. Our team is committed to improving insurance technologies in general and the INSIS product in particular. We are excited to partner with Fadata to deliver high-quality service to the insurance world.” 

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About Fadata 

Fadata Group is a leading provider of software solutions for insurance companies worldwide. It helps insurers stay competitive in the digital economy by implementing the processes needed to connect faster and more effectively with their customers and distribution partners. Recognized as a market-leading solution provider by analysts at Gartner and Celent, Fadata has clients in over 30 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. 

Fadata Group is headquartered in Munich and has an extensive international distribution and implementation partner network. Fadata is backed by Private Equity Riverside and Lovell Minnick. 

For more information, please visit www.fadata.eu  


DICEUS is a custom software development company and IT staffing provider since 2011, headquartered in Lithuania. The key services DICEUS provides are custom web and mobile app development, cloud computing services, data warehouse development, data migration, etc. The company’s expertise includes big data, AI/ML, BI, RPA, IoT, and blockchain, to name a few. DICEUS has accomplished over 130 technology projects for companies functioning in various industries, including the insurance sector. For the latter, the team develops omnichannel digital solutions like mobile apps, web portals, and chatbots. Also, DICEUS provides integration services together with middle-layer solutions, core system modernization, and data warehouse development services for insurance companies. 

For more information, please visit www.diceus.com

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