According to BuiltWith, 12,790 live websites are applying this language. 22% of industry and business websites are made on it, 6.35% of developers use it for telecom and internet websites and more than 5% for shopping. Besides, there are 84,798 unique domains for this framework.

Django is being used in different high-loaded websites like NASA and Pinterest. It has also been applied by thousands of startups and medium websites for its sufficient functionality “from the box”, convenience, relevant documentation, and large and diverse community of developers. There are a ton of academic use cases in both Science and Math that this framework has thrived in. It brings a lot of support. Python is also used on almost each Linux computer that makes it the suitable language for use on servers.

Django is a high-level Python framework that boosts rapid development and pragmatic, clean design. It is made by the experienced developers with an ability to simplify web development, so programmers write the app much easier. Moreover, it is open source and free.

Django is a full-stack framework that maintains Python version up to 3.4. It delivers templates and generates an admin panel to develop the website without changing the code. So, programmers don’t need a third-party framework to create a powerful website (except CSS frameworks).

Pros and cons

This framework follows a Model-Template-View architecture to structure views and logic. One of its benefits is applying Object Relational Mapper (ORM) to place the objects with database tables. As Django maintains popular database engines (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.), it simplifies migration between them. Besides, developers don’t need to adapt or rewrite the code – Django will map objects itself. And juniors that want to experiment with this framework don’t require to have a specific web server.

This framework has a direct approach to programming. The main purpose is making everything obvious to the developer. This is a huge benefit for the juniors who learn code and cope with debugging problems.

There are many Django-specific groups such as San Francisco Django, Django District, and Django Boston, so new programmers may receive help when they struggle.

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Django help to build web apps and provides users with traditional MVC frameworks like controllers, models, views, and database migrations. It has many libraries that developers may apply to add features.

Its disadvantages:

  • Django pays too much attention to the compatibility that decreases its development speed, and it’s difficult to implement new complex features into the system.
  • This is a monolithic framework and makes programmers work within given patterns.
  • Developers always receive the entire relatively big structure even they create a simple landing page.
  • Real-time games and asynchronous processes for chats are quite difficult.

Django books and tutorials

Good practices and detailed tutorials are accessible in books and on the web. Django keeps adding new functionality such as database migrations for user convenience. To stay updated and deal with existing features, there are a lot of cheap and free resources out there for developers.

  • Test-Driven Development pays attention to web development applying JavaScript and Django. This author teaches how to provide test-driven development. There is also an explanation of asynchronous responses, NoSQL, and WebSockets. You can buy the book in hard copy via O’Reilly or read online for free.
  • Tango with Django is a vast set of free introductions in order to deal with the initial framework learning curve.
  • The Django Girls Tutorial is a wonderful tutorial that doesn’t require any background to build the first web app.
  • Django OverIQ is a project-based tutorial for juniors that covers the needed features such as the Django Templates and Django ORM.
  • 2 Scoops of Django is a suitable book not only for the beginners but for the seniors as well to successfully create Django websites.
  • This tutorial teaches how to create a web app that can send text messages and make phone calls for automated surveys. The code is a really good example of an entire Django project and is also an accessible open source on GitHub.
  • Effective Django is one more free introduction for the users.
  • The Django subreddit is a place where developers can ask questions and find the newest resources for learning.
  • Django Advice guide is a detailed guide for those people who want to start coding.
  • Lightweight Django teaches how to break Django into smaller elements.
  • The Guide to Django Deployment shows the architecture of the resulting setup and involves Chef scripts to automate the integration.
  • This step-by-step guide for Django explains how to send data via AJAX with JQuery.
  • Django-awesome is one more list of the resources and libraries.
  • This Django tutorial teaches how to create a project from scratch applying Bower, Twitter Bootstrap, the Github API and Requests.
  • The Django project layout is useful for the programmers new to Django to understand how to organize the directories and files.
  • This Python Social Auth will explain how to implement social media sign-in buttons.
  • The Building Multi-Tenant Applications with Django and Django Admin Cookbook are two free open source books that will explain the admin interface and building projects while separating user data.
  • How to Create Custom Django Management Commands teaches how to broaden the default commands list with customized commands. The tutorial also involves examples.
  • Luke Plant has described his approach to class-based views (CBVs), with provocative ideas.
  • How to set up Django with PostgreSQL and one more are two detailed tutorials that explain each move in the deployment process.
  • This blog post on Django teaches about time zones and web applications.
  • Build websites with Python and Django fits juniors to start developing web apps.
  • Build powerful web APIs helps senior developers to improve their skills and to work with Django REST Framework and architecture. The book involves well-structured and clear examples. It also covers more deep topics like permissions and token-based identification.
  • Django Stripe Tutorial explains how to add Stripe fast to take payments on a Python/Django website.

Django developer salary

Salary issues are very hot today, especially in IT world. Junior professionals and people who want to gain a specific technical knowledge are curious about Django developer hourly rate and entire Django developer salary, for example. The customers want to know how much to pay their staff and factors that they should take into account.

The first factor is the programmer’s experience and skills. The second one is geography. For instance, US developers will earn much more than a programmer in Eastern Europe because of the expensiveness of life in the USA.

This is a map that shows how much do Django developers make in the USA. You can explore various salaries by states for your advantage.

django developer salary

If talking about Django developer salary India, their salaries are much lower. But keep in mind their specific mentality that they can’t say “no” to the clients and will promise everything that they can and can’t do. It brings anxiety for the customers that work with them the first time. Delay and lack of fast response can make your work as unpleasant cooperation.

Django developer salary in Bangalore can seem attractive for those people who want to save money but you need to follow certain rules while collaborating with them. First of all, discover their use cases to identify whether they can perform a specific order. Explore their website whether they have IT staff to fulfill your business needs. After that, it’s important to identify their readiness to meet your deadlines because they can postpone even urgent projects and promise all the time to do it tomorrow.

django developer salary india

One more important issue is language. Make sure that you clearly understand each other and their professionals have enough level to talk with your and perform your requirements. If taking into account testimonials on the website, they don’t play a huge role because often they’re created not by the customers.

By following all these rules, you can protect your project from failing and make use of their developers. Some companies look for a long period of time for the IT partner in India but then they cooperate for a long period of time. Sometimes, organizations order simple landing pages, templates and basic IT functionality in India, other IT services in the USA and some apps in Eastern Europe.

Ukraine is a leading IT country in Eastern Europe with a huge pool of IT talents with an ability to satisfy any business needs. Django developer salary Ukraine is very attractive for customers all over the world. Ukrainian programmers have proved their professionalism with innovative solutions and a diverse workforce. Customers may order any IT service or product in Ukraine with quality guarantees.

django developer salary ukraine

Despite the fact that Ukrainian developers are not English native speakers, they can easily understand customers from different countries and have good speaking and writing skills. Moreover, they are willing to take complex and challenging tasks.

They have mentality very similar to the Western European and American, so you can easily find a common language. Bear in mind that their services are very popular now, so feel free to add additional bonuses to motivate the specific company to work with you.

Many Ukrainian IT companies are open for the customers, and you can come to explore everything by themselves. You will the process inside the company and give feedback to improve the operation to fit your expectations.

Django developer average salary is very similar to the salary of programmers who work with other programming languages. And usually customers pay per month for the services, but it can be Django developer hourly rate as well for the very short or small projects.

In such outsourcing cooperation, everything depends on you. You can ask as many questions as you want. And the more you are prepared with knowledge, the better cooperation will be.

So, let’s sum up. Django is a popular framework that is used by many famous companies. At the same time, startups may use it as well and it easy to learn. There are many free or low-cost tutorial and books to help juniors gain needed knowledge.

This framework has many advantages involving a direct approach for programming that makes everything obvious for the programmer. It brings templates and creates an admin panel to make the website without changing the code. So, developers don’t need a third-party framework to develop a powerful website.