According to the researches , the Norwegian government spent 3 billion kroner on ICT services last year. Moreover, the IT market in Norway keeps growing that is very valuable for their commerce.

The highest paid programmers in Norway are Java experts who get $67K per year on average. The lowest-paying developers are JavaScript professionals.

In Sweden,  in the first quarter of 2018, IT created a revenue of 4279 million euros. Besides, Stockholm is number two globally in unicorns after Silicon Valley and number three for networked readiness.

Let’s dive deeper to explore IT software market of these countries. You will get to know Swiss and famous Norwegian companies, their products and developers’ salaries.

best companies in norway

Top IT companies in Norway and Sweden

Nowadays, we see the technological advancement of the Nordic region: Digital Evolution Index has given the first places to Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Their companies are actively investing in tech advancements and web/app development.

Sweden is one of the most trusting and transparent countries in the world. Forbes ranked Sweden as number four for easiness for running a company. Many people wonder why it is so good for business. These are the main reasons:

  • Sweden has the best reputation
  • good language education
  • it ranks third in the Global AgeWatch Index 2015 according to the quality of life for older people
  • competitiveness
  • gender equality
  • the absence of corruption
  • innovations.

Besides, Swedish can travel without boundaries. Henley & Partners’s ranking showed that this is a country with a powerful passport that allows reaching many countries without applying for a visa.

So, it is not surprising that the IT market is developed as well. Swedish tech startups are widespread. Experts say that the main reason for their appearance is interest in gaming and coding.

A Google-funded report noticed that there are 22,000 tech companies in Stockholm, and 18% of the citizens have technology-related roles.

Norway has high living standards, with a GDP of $89,741 that is twice bigger than in many advanced countries. Its economy usually has been focused around the sea, gas, and oil. Nowadays, many Norwegian companies switch their attention to the technology with the young background that is open to the innovations. Moreover, top IT companies in Norway have good investment for the further growth.

top it companies in norway

Tech companies Oslo Norway

  • Gaming innovation group brings cloud-based solutions and innovative games. It offers business-to-consumer casino, poker services, and sports betting. Moreover, the company delivers online performance marketing services.

Gaming Innovation Group Inc. has launched marketing compliance technology. This monitoring service is made in order to cover operators’ needs to emphasize control over brand protection and third-party advertising. It helps to create responsible gaming by delivering better visibility.

This technology has such features for the protection: security from the misleading advertising and not brand-safe resources. Additionally, operators may scan for anything they want.

  • Nabobil is a marketplace app that connects people who need a car and who look for the rental services. The nice thing about such cooperation is that you are insured and you can quickly find a car in your neighbourhood. Also, it has an automatic tool calculation and gathers thousands of users.

This is a very useful tech company because Oslo is working on decreasing the number of the cars. Nabobil uses the INVERS CloudBoxx to control central door locking and open the doors for the users without the keys. It helps to simplify the process and cut the cost of services.

  • Kahoot offers educational games that allow collaborating and share their results with the peers. Now, it is used in 180 countries for the formative assessment, to check students’ understanding of the subject, etc. It involves 50 million active users all over the world.

Also, this technology helps to manage online tests and discussions and can work as a classroom response system. The main goal is to improve the learning and may serve both students and educators.

  • BySpire helps to refine Norwegian agriculture by producing local vegetables and reduce imports.

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IT companies in Sweden

  • IBX is a SaaS purchasing technology. The model of its software for procurement and sourcing speeds up deployment and helps to build client-centric technologies. The advantages of this on-demand delivery model involve lower ownership and upfront expenses.
  • Spotify is a well-known multi-billion dollar company that offers their users to explore, share and handle 35 million songs for free. It involves 180 million users that can create a personal music playlist and reach global video and podcasts.

The main goal was to serve the musicians while engaging their audience. Advanced playlists with sophisticated algorithms help artists to build a career. By 2016, up to 8,500 artists saw the majority of their listening come from it. Nowadays, it involves more than 100 million listeners and 40 million paid subscribers.

The main reason why it is so popular is great data collection that helps to launch new products according to the user preferences. The company has got over $3 billion in revenue last year.

Nowadays, it switches attention to Rise that helps fans to know more about the celebrities and their lives.

  • SamLogic develops software for Windows, tools for the developers and non-programmers. It has 6 employees and approximately revenue of 69K.
  • MySQL AB offers a relational database management system and MySQL Cluster. It supports the latest hardware and has such features:
  1. refined recovery
  2. improved data loading
  3. better SQL support
  4. greater communication
  5. parallelism for quicker and smarter operations.
  • ReadSoft offers a unified website for automating request-driven processes in SAP and document, involving order-to-cash, purchase-to-pay, and record-to-report. The platform is made to replace manual slow work and improve the productivity, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy of SAP-related business operations. It may be adopted to manage the company’s specific demands and has a logic for leading request-driven and document-driven operations.

Their approach to IT outsourcing

60% of Norwegian companies prefer nearshore, while in Sweden, onshore is more popular. In Norway, the first reason for outsourcing is the lack of needed IT skills, Swiss companies switch to outsourcing in order to decrease the costs.

In Norway, the main three outsourcing challenges are a cultural difference, unsatisfied level of communication, and overhead expenses. In Sweden, CEOs emphasize the same reasons and add poor project management and quality of delivery.

Best companies in Norway and Sweden: Salaries

According to Payscale, an average salary of IT developers from the tech companies Oslo Norway is $74,100 per year. It can be $38,000 as well and everything depends on the level of the programmer and whether this company is a startup or one of the best companies in Norway.

Sweden doesn’t have high salaries as you might expect. Moreover, there is no big difference between the salaries of IT professionals and employees from other industries. For example, the average salary in Stockholm is $2500 per month while software engineers can earn $3834-5586.

tech companies oslo norway and sweden

Where famous Norwegian companies find new ideas?

#1 JavaBin is a large community of Java users that was created 25 years ago. They have meetings in 6 Norwegian cities in order to boost innovations and help startups to grow.

#2 WomenHack strengthens women involved in tech through meetups, reviews, and other initiatives. The community prepares diversity talks and other useful events.

#3 February 28th, Technoport is a conference that is aimed to promote innovations for the technological advances.

#4 May 14th-16th, Katapult Future Fest pays attention to the mix of the most popular technologies, new forms of collaboration and impact investing.

So, as we see, the list of software companies in Norway is impressive the same as IT companies in Sweden. These countries have a good background to run a business, ability, and willingness to invest in new technologies.

However, many companies prefer to hire dedicated software development teams in order to cut the costs and fulfill the lack of IT professionals. Except that fact that they have not very high salaries in IT, outsourcing companies may help to bring the development to the next level and share their expertise.