There’s a common struggle between custom software vs commercial software. When we start thinking this way, it’s good to ask ourselves why businesses need software products and how they can benefit from using them. Long years ago, we had people responsible for administrative tasks, for managing and controlling various processes inside one company. There were mistakes and long hours of human work.

The first software solutions aimed at raising the efficiency of the businesses by eliminating human work. We had production lines for different industries that didn’t require human interaction. Then we got some apps for administrative tasks in the offices and communication between the branches. The demand for efficient ways to solve everyday business needs leads to creating new approaches to software development.

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Commercial components vs custom software

People tend to choose solutions that have gained a solid reputation and that they are simply used to. We have commercial applications that have been available for many years and a new trend of custom software development. We can find tons of arguments that will stand for each side but what can really bring more benefit to you. Let’s try to check it out.

What advantages does commercial off-the-shelf software provide over custom software?

What is a commercial app? It’s a piece of software that costs some money and you get it right off the shelf. You will have the opportunity to get updates and contact the support team in case of any troubles. You may pay for the software once or you may get a subscription for many years.

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Here are the key benefits of commercial software:

It saves time. You can start using it from the moment of the purchase. Of course, there’s a need to spend some time to train the staff or understand how everything is working. You don’t have to spend months waiting until a custom app is ready. If a commercial application is popular, you may find new team players that are aware of using it.

It has a big number of users. You can see how useful or useless the software is. You can read the reviews or get some information from others about strong and weak sides. As there is a big number of active users, the developers have already received tons of recommendations or requests on how to improve it.

The good reputation of the developer. There are solutions that have been existing in the market for many years. So the creators of these things have gained some reputation. If you cannot check if active users are happy with the products of the company, you can trust a positive reputation and image of the company in the global market.

There’s a demo/trial version. In most cases, you will have a chance to test a new software product and see how good it is for you and for your team. You will have a smooth transition from a free version to a paid one.  Or you can quickly start using another app if you are not happy with what you are using at the moment.

It may save costs. If you have a limited budget, you may choose the solution that will offer you the right pack of services or modules and a good price. You will not pay any extra expenses besides the cost of the app that will be clear enough. If you have custom software development, you may face the need to pay more than expected.

Benefits of custom software | Diceus

Advantages of custom software

Custom software solutions are not limited to anything. You get just what you need for your business now together with the possibility to scale the products in the future. You don’t have to pay for each new user in an ERP system or a new module that you want to start using. You get a cloud-based or a traditional app. You get a friendly user interface and the features that will help you reach your business goals.

It suits business needs. You can get a pack of tools for solving everyday tasks, planning and managing production, generating reports, or forecasting revenue. You will add as many users as you need, use the services or functions that you want. You will also have software that will be easy to use and update in the future.

It may save costs. It’s a common misbelief that custom apps cost a fortune. If you choose the right vendor, you will get the best value for money. Every cent that you send will give you back something useful for you and your company. And of course, the price can be really cheap if you hire an outsourcing team – hourly rates for the work of developers differ depending on location.

Here are the key benefits of custom insurance software.

You choose a reliable vendor. A reliable vendor will use the top-notch technology stack that will create a lightweight and easy-to-use application for your company. You will get all the tasks completed before the deadline and the product that will not have bugs or drawbacks.

It’s scalable and flexible. These are two key features that are essential for any business that is going to grow in the future. If you use a CRM having 20 people in your team and you plan to expand it to 100 people, you will have the tools that will let you do this with no pain. Flexibility is what makes the use of the apps as easy as a pie. For example, you can access the reporting module from a mobile phone at a meeting with a new partner.

It’s secure. Data should be secured from third parties. There’s no sense in using the software where anyone can find information about your clients and use for their profit. You will get limited access to the software and the ability to manage the users and what they can do with the platform.

Successful samples of custom software | DICEUS

Successful samples of using custom software

We can say a lot about how good it is to use custom software and how you can benefit from it. It’s much better to take a look at real samples of custom software solutions.

Process street

This is a platform for automating the processes in the company. You get a set of tools for managing the workflow of the teams and other everyday actions and processes. There’s an effective process management system that allows you to supervise the collaboration between different teams, set the processes, grant accesses, and do it with ease.


Insubiz is a solution for an insurance company that aims at making the management of different insurance systems simple. This custom software solution was built for improving, optimizing and simplifying processes in the company. There’s the possibility to decrease the expenses as well as eliminate the number of unnecessary tasks in cooperation with insurance agents. Users have the chance to control their records, manage workflows, view data and transfer it, build new groups and hierarchies.


This is an automated tool for invoicing and payments processing. You can create payables accounts, the status of the payment is updated automatically. It can also deal with the W8/W9 tax forms, send, receive and approve invoices and payment methods. You can sue it for local and global payments.

eXo platform

It’s a dashboard that lets startups get in touch with clients and partners. You have a variety of tools like calendars, how-tos, documents and use them in a workspace. You can create your own community and use social networks for making collaboration more efficient. There’s a good content management component that makes it easy to update web pages.

Successful samples of commercial software | Diceus

Successful samples of using commercial software

What can you take off the shelf and what can you get from it? Here are some of the most popular commercial software products.

Microsoft Office 365

A lot of companies use such apps as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. They are now available not only on the Windows operating system but also on macOS, Android, and iOS. You can craft new content in different ways and share it with your teams or clients. You can use this pack of tools also for emailing, video conferences and other ways for interaction inside the company (between employees) or outside it (with your clients).

Google Apps

Google Drive and a big number of available services offer tools for creating and managing content. You get a completely cloud-based product that comprises business email tools, calendars, video conferencing tools, and other web-based applications. You can access the Drive from any device and any location – there’s no need to update the software anyhow or even buy special hardware for work.

Amazon web services

It’s a powerful e-commerce platform that lets you create an online store. You get over 70 available services that you can use for managing sales, crafting the database, networking and other things required for your business. You get a completely cloud-based solution that is also available from any device.


This is a simple and lightweight software solution for communication. You get a real-time service with instant messaging and search. You can create private and group chats. You can use it for sharing various documents, spreadsheets, PDFs with references or without them. You can save all the messages and files, manage notifications and other features.

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Custom software – a basement for business success

What can give you real benefits in a matter of revenue increase? We consider choosing a custom software solution to be highly cost-efficient. You get only a specific set of tools, features, and functions that will completely solve the needs of your business. You will be able to scale the platform and it will grow together with your company.

We could create a few commercial platforms and sell them to different companies in various niches. But DICEUS team works on crafting custom products as they are more efficient and goal-oriented. We analyze the needs and the goals of the company and always offer individual projects in each case. If your company needs software solutions, you can let us know about them and we’ll discuss them.