What innovations and trends does IT outsourcing world anticipate in 2018? Each year brings lots of new things that enhance IT services and products. 2017 has been successful and productive. Let’s see what we got and what is yet to come next year as IT outsourcing trends 2018.

Custom Software Development

Outsourcing companies have become more agile and customized their business processes effectively. They are currently offering dedicated teams to their customers giving them the rights to total staff management. Those who want to outsource their projects to other countries tend to hire designating teams having all necessary technical resources and ready to complete specific technical tasks set before them. This pattern of cooperation is applicable for long-term projects. The challenges of the next year include developing working models for startups and short-term projects as their outcomes are typically unexpected being often modified and changed.

IT outsourcing trends 2018

Software as a Service Becomes Trendy

Cloud-based technologies like IoT are becoming trendy that’s why outsourcing companies are focused on adjusting their technologies and processes to meet the requirements of the market. SaaS models are also becoming mainstream while more and more outsourcing companies are transitioning to cloud technologies. Cloud allows IT companies to carry out the upcoming projects that require storing big volumes of data.

Secure Development

Data security will stay top-of-mind and undated. While everything becomes digital vendors have to be highly qualified to design and develop projects for governments and politicians. This calls for improved security and safety of data entry, processing, and exchange.

Social Responsibility

Developing outsourcing trends

Social responsibility is one of the upcoming 2018 trends in IT world. It’s all about the strong idea that each IT entity or freelancer has to accept the importance of its social responsibilities and not be focused only on high profits. For example, there are a lot of IoT startups concerning environmental issues like high levels of wastewater or gas emission. Smart houses and cities are becoming popular within outsourcing providers.

IT Outsourcing Trends 2018 Offer New Destinations

Outsourcing software development trends

American and European countries started outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe that recently became one of the top destinations. Ukraine, for example, can make a boast of its professional and experienced developers that can design programs with clean code at reasonable prices. Below are the main reasons why outsourcing to Ukraine attracts so many vendors:

  • High level of education and technical base
  • Affordable prices and good quality
  • Extensive infrastructure
  • Flexible work schedule

Blockchain, Augmented Reality, IoT Developers

2018 will bring a lot of developing outsourcing trends while innovative systems are currently launched all over the globe.


Blockchain technology has made it possible to send bitcoins and altcoins from one person to another anonymously within the decentralized environment. Cryptocurrency mainstream adoption is the reason for such a high demand for blockchain developers. Bitcoin is somehow considered to be future of money and payments. International payments in cryptos are free of fees. You don’t need to contact your bank provider for transactions to be verified.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality projects have been successfully introduced and launched by the big players like Apple (ARKit), Google (ARCore), Facebook (camera effects), etc. For example, ARkit’s framework is designed for creating unparalleled AR apps for Apple devices. A new world of virtual reality that interacts easily with the real world adds functionality. The emerging trends will require more specialists including cohesive teams of developers from top outsourcing companies.

New outsourcing software development trends will provide a great number of workplaces for expertised programmers, project managers, marketing and other IT specialists.

According to IT outsourcing statistics, around 64% of respondents outsourced software apps development. Second goes software apps maintenance – 51%, data centers outsourcing equals 40%. The data shows that delegating development tasks is becoming cost-effective and efficient.

BPO Trends 2018

Business processes outsourcing will bring the following new demands in the upcoming year:

#1 – Brand-New Technologies

All types of businesses face the new tendencies in working processes, the main being RBA (robotic process automation). The trend will remain dominant during the next year and it means that outsourcing providers will work hard with an eye toward automating their work.

#2 – Social Media

Engaging customers in real time has become more effective than using call centers for promoting goods and services. Social media provides the best tools to interact with people online and conduct marketing research based on Big Data technologies. That’s why lots of companies use Facebook as the main marketing instrument.

#3 – Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will help businesses standardize their cooperation and improve data storing experience.

What Should Outsourcing Providers Do to Meet the Requirements of Modern IT Market?

software outsourcing trends

To meet the fast-growing requirements of innovative software outsourcing trends every company has to keep up with the times not to waste the chance of becoming a leading provider in your country. What CEOs, PMs, and HRs should do to offer the services that will fit the current demands? Here is a brief guideline that will help you stay tuned:

  1. Appropriate money for education such as workshops, seminars, training, etc.
  2. Buy professional books and magazines for your employees.
  3. Allocate some time for self-study and face-to-face meetings to know what your workers need and wish to study.
  4. Follow the news of the last technological innovations and trends.
  5. Hire a business analyst to know how you can enhance your business and services.
  6. Hold some professional meetups to maintain business and professional contacts.
  7. Set goals for 2018.
  8. Hire developers experienced not only in basic coding, but also in additional programming competencies.
  9. Promote your outsourcing business with fair marketing means.
  10. Never cheat your vendors.

To sum it up, 2018 is the right year to improve your skills set and business processes to become a much-needed entity. If you are searching for the company that is in step with the time you are at the right place. Hire our dedicated team of developers to address your strategy to execution this year!