2021 began and got us thinking about the upcoming trends in information technologies. DICEUS, a Java software outsourcing company Ukraine, has scrutinized programming trends for the next 12 months. In this article, we would like to share the findings with you.

10 reasons to cooperate with Java software outsourcing company Ukraine

Java’s peak of popularity is far in the past. Java has already been used for 24 years. Advanced programmers are queer for the latest technologies like Objective-C, Node.js, Dart, Go, etc. However, if you will glimpse at any job search results you will see that there are more job offers for Java developers rather than for iOS ones, for example.

First off, find out 10 solid reasons why Java dominates globally.

Reason 1 – Java and corporations

Java has been criticized by large corporations from the very start of its life cycle. It wasn’t a success in building desktop applications. However, despite the braking, Java apps run quite well on Windows platform.

Steve Jobs has never loved Java. Mac ignored all applications developed on Java, except Adobe. Probably, Steve was right because smartphones with iOS platforms work more smoothly than Android phones.

Regardless of all difficulties, Java grew by leaps and bounds to become suitable for creating desktop apps.  

Reason 2 – JVM: Powerful traffic opportunities

Java virtual machine can easily manage hundreds of traffic. Many websites with high traffic use this ability. Java developer writes code on his laptop and then deploys an app on a powerful server.

The modern competitor of Java is Ruby. It has a clearer syntax similar to the live English language. Nevertheless, when Ruby developers need high efficiency they go back to JRuby that runs over the JVM.

JVM was built and optimized for type-safe code with static context. Before long programmers have understood that JVM can run not only Java written code. If a compiler creates a correct Java bytecode, no matter what language it was written in.

Reason 3 – Custom Java development: First language

Java is a basic to study for Advanced Placement Computer Science exams designed for middle school students. Usually, Java becomes the first syntax that students learn. Those who continue studying computer science at colleges compare new languages with Java. It’s one of the reasons why hire offshore developers for the tasks related to Java programming language a lot easier.

Java has a lot of learning advantages. Most programmers find specifying data types boring and useless activity. However, it is a perfect way for beginners to understand how a computer is arranged. Current languages don’t use squiggly brackets but they can help beginners to understand the code inside a block.

Reason 4 – Cross-platform interoperability

Java wasn’t the first to build the cross-platform applications but it has become one of the dominating languages for those purposes. Surely, it doesn’t mean that Java is suitable for building apps to various platforms. Companies working on Java technology create code on their computers and then deploy it on the intended platform, a server or a phone.

A great variety of frameworks adds value to this programming language and affords developers an opportunity to choose what they like most:

Java Software Outsourcing company Ukraine

Reason 5 – Microchips embedded Java software

Java has never been popular for software development but it succeeded greatly in the mobile apps market. Android is completely built in Java. According to a comparative study carried out by AndroidPub, Android devices are sold better that iOS designed. Here is a worldwide distribution chart as of 2017:

Android Vs. iOS - Java Development Company

Reason 6 – Blu-Ray

Java was initially designed for TV receivers. Blu-Ray standard is built around Java. Those who want to add some new content to Blu-Ray will need to use a Java compiler. With the help of Java, one can add additional functions and interactivity.

Reason 7 – Squiggle Brackets Work

Every block of Java code must be put in squiggly brackets. Simplifying changes in syntax don’t lead to simplifying the whole coding process. Squiggle brackets can help when your nesting level is too complicated. If your code looks like a modern English it doesn’t mean that it could be understood as easily as a common English sentence.

Reason 8 – Groovy

If Java developers need clearer and simpler language they can turn to Groovy. It is an accurate Java hack that allows calling Java libraries out of Groovy code.

Reason 9 – NoSQL

Once databases kept bulk information until NoSQL has been introduced. Developers have figured out that they could create their own databases and adapt the code to their requirements. The majority of NoSQL was written in Java, for example,  Lucene, Cassandra, HBase, ElasticSearch.

Reason 10 – Open Source

Sun company was always a leader in open source community but it hasn’t decided to make Java completely open. It hasn’t kept developers from writing a great number of libraries and projects under open licenses. Apache, for example, keeps providing a lot of Java projects.

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Java development company

Now Java release time has been shortened to six months instead of three years as it was earlier. Thus, this is the reason why developers have to monitor carefully every change done throughout a whole year. The Java community managers will have an opportunity to decide whether to follow those modifications or not.  

The use of Java 8 continues dominating over Java 9 due its clear code and performance. Up to now Java 9 needs a lot of tools for programmers to migrate in full to the latest version.

Java 8 Vs. Java 9 - Offshore Java Development

The community is waiting for 2 new releases known as Java 10 and 11. They will be unambiguously smaller than the previous versions due to a shorter release time. New releases will introduce additional features concerning reference implementation and library writing. So, a comprehensive list of modifications will be available with a release date approaching.

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