Ukrainian developers are well-known for their impressive technical skills and a great desire to enhance their professional qualities. For instance, they showed excellent results at Bench Games Leaderboard in 2013, having won the 2nd place at the international competition which aimed to identify the level of software developers’ knowledge. Today Ukraine belongs to the world’s top outsourcing countries and is actually considered the 2nd best software development area across the globe.

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Ukraine is becoming a No 1 country, as numerous International businesses often choose it for outsourcing.  What factors contribute to this?

1. Stabilization of the financial situation

Economic situation in Ukraine begins to stabilize and is improving every year, which creates a favorable business climate and makes this country open for offshore centers. Previously, this process was not transparent process, as customers were afraid of the war. In Ukraine, there are key development cities: Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv and Odessa. Smaller cities, such as Rivne and Zaporizhzhya can also boast about great IT experts.

2. Obtaining a visa-free regime

Ukrainians do not need to apply for a visa to travel to most EU countries for tourism, family visits and business reasons. New rules for issuing visas were approved on March 1st, 2017, which simplified crossing of the borders and contributed to European integration and globalization. 

People have become more open, as they travel more. It will be much easier to cooperate with any companies and send the developers abroad. This has a very positive effect on the entire business structure of outsourcing in Ukraine and the process of business communication.

It is actually a perfect destination for outsourcing software development and/or opening an office. This location is also a great choice, because of its low average salaries and a deep pool of highly experienced and talented outsourcing developers.

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What is Ukrainian IT Outsourcing Like?

A lot of companies consider other options while looking for skilled IT outsourcers, such as India, Philippines, and Vietnam. Although there are good experts, an increasing number of businessmen select affordable and reliable Ukrainian outsourcing developers. In spite of political and economic odds, they continue providing quality and cost-efficient IT outsourcing services. Ukraine ranked 4th by the number of certified experts and comes 1st in Europe Colliers International. Moreover, according to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, 36,000 of tech professionals graduate from Ukrainian universities and other higher education institutions each year.

  1. There Are Over 200,000 IT Experts in Ukraine

The Outsourcing Journal claims that the number of IT professionals in Ukraine exceeds 200,000 people who work mainly with West European and North American clients. There are 50,000 software developers among these experts. This number is expected to double by 2020, so there will be around 200000 software developers in Ukraine very soon.

  1. Ukraine Ranks Fourth by the Number of Tech Specialists in the World

This country ranks 4th globally by the number of tech professionals after Russia, India, and the United States. 80% of IT outsourcing services are exported by the Ukrainians to America. The value of software outsourcing export in 2015 was $2.5 billion in total. As for IT-related Ukrainian freelancers, 120000 of them earned over $60 million in 2014.

  1. Ukraine Hosts One of the Most Skilled IT Experts Globally

Eastern Europe is famous for its IT experts. Nearly 35% of developers are situated in Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Romania. Almost a quarter (24%) are based in Poland.

developer population of Europe

Ukraine comes first in the number of C++ engineers and Unity3D game developers. Moreover, this country has the 2nd place in the world by the number of Magento, JavaScript, and Scala developers.

Ukraine takes the 3rd rank by the number of Node.js, ASP.NET, Python, Symfony, Ruby, and PHP developers. At Diceus, the employees are full-stack developers, and the most popular languages among them are .NET – 50%, Python – 30%, and Java – 20%.

4. Ukraine Belongs to the TOP 20 Offshore Locations in EMEA

This country is one of the TOP 20 offshore outsourcing destinations, according to Gartner’s list. The latter contains 72 countries in total which are being considered as offshore locations. Ukraine is also a leading source of IT experts for the European countries, as it is home to the largest number of IT professionals in Europe. Ukrainian programmers  make wonderful development teams, that’s why they are also attractive for businesses from other parts of the world.

 5.  80% of Ukrainian Outsourcing Developers Speak English

As much as 80% of IT experts possess an intermediate or higher level of English proficiency. They are able to speak English on a very high level, as the knowledge of the English language is a must for any programmer in this country. Most of Diceus employees possess Upper-Intermediate English level, and 20% have Advanced level of English.  

developer's English knowledge

6. Ukraine Has Over 1,000 IT Companies

There is more than a thousand IT companies in Ukraine and the majority of them choose agile development approach. They offer a plethora of services, such as software development, web and mobile development and design, quality assurance and testing, team building, R&D services, and IT consulting. Such services meet various needs of large corporations, as well as mid-sized and small businesses.

7. Ukraine Holds Major Tech Events

Large IT conferences in Ukraine attract more than 7,000 attendees, as the best international speakers are invited there. The most popular events include  iForum, Agile Eastern Europe Conference, IT Arena, PyCon Ukraine, and DEV_Challenge. They give Ukrainian developers a great opportunity to meet their counterparts and exchange their experience, sharing the best practices of IT industry with each other. Smaller conferences are held on a more local level all the time, too.

 8. Ukraine Has Over 100 R&D Centers

This country hosts over 100 multinational R&D centers for global tech giants, as well as telecom, e-commerce, gaming, and software corporations. Such companies as Apple, Siemens, Ericsson, Microsoft, Ebay, Skype have chosen Ukraine, as well as Boeing, Oracle, Magento, IBM, Aricent, Deutsche Bank, Wargaming, and other giants. They entered the local market via, joint R&Ds, M&As, or outstaffing companies.

9. Ukrainian Local Time Is Convenient for Europeans and Americans

Ukraine is just 1 hour ahead of almost all European countries and 7 hours ahead of America (EST). It makes this country a very convenient location for nearshoring, as it ensures a seamless communication and smooth workflow between the  teams. North American companies also consider Ukraine a better option than India, because time difference between Ukraine and the East Coast is only 7 hours. It is also a more convenient choice than other low-cost outsourcing destinations, such as Vietnam and the Philippines.

time zones

10. Ukrainian Software Development Provides the Best Price/Quality Ratio

Ukraine not only has an enormous tech talent pool, but it also offers awesome outsourcing rates. They are much lower if compared to the European countries, such as the Czech Republic, Poland, as well as to Belarus. Ukrainian developers charge around $25–40 per hour, and their average salary varies between $2,500 and $4,000 per month, which does not include taxes. Those are not the lowest rates among other IT outsourcing destinations, however, they are much lower than in Western Europe and North America. There have been also reforms in licensing that made leading business in Ukraine much easier.

Developers always provide feedback, they like to have discussions with the customer, they are likely to offer their ideas, get involved in the project as much as possible. It is an integral part of their life, as well as their team, so they tend to often meet with the customer and actively cooperate. In our company, the employees feel that they belong to the project, as though it is their own business. They get involved in it and like offering their own ideas.

11. Ukrainians Have Western Mindset

Ukraine is closer to the Western mindset, as it also shares a low-context culture. This means that Software Development Companies in Ukraine rely on facts and figures more often than on personal relationships. In the Eastern world, honor and reputation are considered more important, which may sometimes create misunderstanding between the outsourcers and their Western employers. Moreover, Ukrainian developers are more than just performers – they often get personally involved in the projects and are able to meet challenges.  For instance, project managers at Diceus study the peculiarities of the client’s business in detail, engaging technical experts to choose the most suitable ways of accomplishing the project, taking into consideration both time and budget.
Ukrainian specialists at prefer to specialize in certain niches, which allows them to develop products that meet specific needs of the customers and are highly competitive in their niche.

We have a lot of business-oriented software engineers who are experts in their industry, for instance, in automotive, insurance. This allows us to hire a developer who understands the business and can quickly start working and producing results without much learning. Many companies build their business in such a way that even though they are engaged in IT and various technologies, technology is not the main priority, but business expertise is. There are developers who have been working in this sphere for 10-12 years, so they can quickly join the project and start working. We have experts in insurance, HR, automotive.

Why You Should Choose Ukrainian Software Development

Ukrainian IT outsourcing has been repeatedly selected by leading businesses, which brought the following results:

  • Ukraine is No 1 outsourcing destination in Eastern Europe (source: Outsourcing Journal)
  • Ukraine is No 1 in CEE by outsourcing volume (source: CEEOA)
  • The country belongs to the top 20 offshore locations in EMEA (source: Gartner)
  • Ukraine belongs to the top 50 countries by the volume of outsourcing activities (source: A.T. Kearney).

As you can see, Ukraine is ideal for  IT outsourcing, so an increasing number of forward-looking CEOs choose this country to develop their business. No matter if you run a large corporation or a small company, Ukrainian programmers will help you to bring it on a totally new level.