Cheating is all about using dishonest ways of gaining some reward or success. It occurs in our relationships, everyday life, and work. Software development is no different. Unfortunately, due to a fast-growing competence in the IT world, a lot of cheats happen among outsourcing companies and freelancers. Every customer who’s going to outsource their projects overseas needs to know the most frequent ways they must be deceived by the hired employees. Here are 10 ways that demonstrate how software developers can prey upon the credulous and a few tips on how to find companies who want to outsource.

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1. Deliberate overestimation

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When you delegate development tasks to external companies, be sure you see clearly ahead the estimated time and costs to compare them to those offered by a developer. Overestimation is one of the most popular shuckings and jiving. Manipulating your expectations for high-quality code, developers will tell you that they need much more time than they actually need. You will for sure agree to pay for some extra hours because you want your app or software run effectively and correctly while developers are planning to spend this extended service time on procrastinating.

2. Workers substitution

Be sure you know the differences among junior, middle, and senior developers. The number of qualifications and expertise make a developer junior or senior.

Junior couldn’t do without the eternal assistance of more qualified programmers. They can struggle with the essentials of a certain programming language. Middles are much more experienced and can tackle problems again using new pitches. Seniors are able not only to code perfectly but also to design effective solutions.

And here is the thing: when you outsource a Senior make sure that this very Senior continues working on developing your software. Sometimes to cut costs outsourcing companies can “trade up” a Senior for Junior. This kind of cheat affects the quality and productivity.

3. Technologies


The objective of every project manager or sales representative is to sell the services of an outsourcing company at a profit. You can be told that you need definitely these expensive frameworks or technologies even if your project will actually be designed using the other ones. In fact, you will pay higher costs for the outdated or well-known technologies claimed to be emerging.

4. Effort and money spent

Some developers like to double or triple the time they spend on coding. They will sound off about a lot of time and efforts they spent on solving various issues. But they are really not so busy with your software, they are just playing off. Learn to distinguish when you are told the bare truth, and when people are just trying to pull the wool over your eyes. If you can’t estimate the time required to produce a web product, hire a professional who could do this instead of you.

5. Handwaving

Cheating in IT projects

Beginners in IT industry are not able to pick up the best solution at once by themselves. They are unfamiliar with technologies that fit their projects that’s why so many developers are hoaxing newbies in IT. They might keep silent about the potential difficulties and bugs. What you can do is to consult experts to know what problems you can face and what solutions to choose for solving them.

6. A pile of offers

Double-check to be sure you really need so many services as you are offered to order. You must be completely sure that you need bug fixing or custom design for your app right now to order the services. Bear in mind that outsourcing companies will offer you as many services as they are able to provide in order to earn extra money.

7. Quality assurance testing

Testing and bug fixing is guarantee of your project running correctly. QA services are not very expensive and are usually included in estimates. But they add to the total price you will pay for the development. Not to be deceived about QA you must be 100% sure about the testers’ competencies as well as about their existence. Hold a meeting or use a pre screen interview to get more information about a person who’s doing testing.

8. Expertise

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To get more customers most outsourcing companies make a boast of their success. To measure one’s success and experience look for fair feedback from the clients on credible websites. Portfolio and ranking can come in handy when you need to imagine the level of a company’s qualification.

9. Support

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When you discuss a project with a contractor, he will definitely tell you that you are free to ask your questions or send any requests at any time. 24/7 support is offered everywhere. But when it comes down to it, you will rarely get some assistance with your issues. Outsourcing companies will find excuses for unanswered calls or messages.

10. Double play

Have you ever noticed that your developers play a double game? Consider this for a moment: your employees are offered to work on more beneficial terms than they do. You can lose your specialist while he is considering the higher rates. Probably you will be offered another one or just won’t be told that your team member has been replaced by another person. If you have reasonable grounds for suspecting that something is under wrap, ask point-blank your contractor about this problem.

5 tips to avoid cheating

As you see there are a lot of ways you may be deceived by outsourcing companies. It’s very important to trust software development to a proven company. But what if you are a beginner? Adhere to the following guidelines while choosing developers:

  1. Read reviews and feedbacks about the company before placing your order.
  2. Get acquainted with all team members in person or via video calls.
  3. Follow your employees on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to know more details about their working experience and core technical skills. Following on Social Media will help you also get in touch fast with them or even interact on private topics. It helps to strike up a friendship with your workers.
  4. Monitor the operating progress regularly and manage your employees time with special time tracking apps if needed.
  5. Hire an independent auditor to estimate time and efforts required for the software development as well as to evaluate the quality of the completed tasks.

More tips are listed in our recent post “Top 10 Tips to Check if Outsourcing Company Is Cheating”.

Use these helpful tips and tricks to succeed in outsourcing your technical assignments to other countries around the globe. In case you are having any doubts about your project or need to get recommendations from experienced developers we are here to help you at any time.