Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team

Outsourced Dedicated Development Teams

We offer to hire dedicated teams or to build your successful team with the selected candidates for startups, small and middle-sized businesses, and big companies. Strategic outsourcing facilitates fruitful utilization of time and labor. You will have enough time for concentrating on major things that influence your company.
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how we build best teams how we build best teams

  • Dedicated Team Strategy

    Our analysts investigate customer business to craft an effective strategy for project development. According to the requirements and specifications, our specialists select the candidates with relevant experience, technology skills, and expertise.

  • Onboarding Procedure

    Our HR managers and recruiters hold interviews with the candidates approved by the customer. We provide new members with all the necessary knowledge to be successfully integrated into the project.

  • Team Scalability

    When projects grow, it’s crucial to extend teams on time to ensure that all the tasks are done properly, with due diligence. We have all the capabilities to provide customers with extended development team members.

  • Support Services

    We offer support services to manage dedicated teams (from payroll to co-governance and consulting). We provides a continuous improvement strategy, best practices monitoring, SLA-based support, and KPI optimization as well.

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Dedicated Team - Why It Makes Sense Dedicated Team - Why It Makes Sense

  • Onshore/Offshore Teams icon

    Onshore/Offshore Teams

    Our delivery department is located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine allowing for at least several hours of time overlap. When our customers require closer collaboration, our dedicated team are able to operate onshore.

  • Knowledge and Experience icon

    Knowledge and Experience

    The company's dedicated teams are highly experienced in different industries and dev approaches. We know pitfalls and nuances that businesses face during the software selection and creation.

  • Team Scalability icon

    Team Scalability

    Depending on the needs, current and planned, we modify dedicated teams. We can hire new developers and/or find extra resources to cover new requirements. Be sure that all members have the appropriate skills and can complete the new tasks.

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    High Loyalty

    We connect people with the idea of building robust software. Combined with personal development strategies, career planning, and professional management, it creates an inspiring environment for our dedicated teams.


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  • InsuBiz Insurance Solution

    A single database that helps manage customers and business records as well as track all the insured and self-insured assets. It is aimed to organize and streamline all the processes related to risks, claims, and insurance in one system.

  • Teambase HR

    A complete human resources management system with lots of features and user-friendly interface that can improve the entire workflow in any organization. We have created a sophisticated HRMS that combines a set of tools and processes to ensure the effective management of data and human resources.

  • FSA - Benefits Management Solution

    A perfect system for both executives and workers to manage and monitor flexible spendings. We created the unique enterprise product which can completely automate FSA-related collaboration and engage people to use benefits deliberately.

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Hire Ukrainian Dedicated Software Developers Hire Ukrainian Dedicated Software Developers

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