Dedicated Development Team


Diceus offers dedicated development teams to any kinds of start-ups and mid-large scale businesses for a wide area of industry verticals. With Diceus you won’t spend your time for recruitment, you will get straight to the work that is really important - developing and launching the software.


Outsourcing services

With a talent pool consisting of over 120 professional we are ready to provide such services:

Software product development
Mobile application development
Mobile application development
Re-engineering, migration & maintenance
Training & Consulting
Software QA & Testing
Technical support
Modernization of existing software

Our key benefits

Diceus dedicated development team is to work exclusively with your project in just like an in-house team, but receiving all benefits from outsourcing model

High knowledge experience
We combine proven methodologies, business domain knowledge and technology expertise of 120+ skilled software professionals to deliver high quality solutions.
Team scalability
With Diceus, you can start in the shortest possible time according to your needs. We are able to scale our team in line with the project needs and engage specific experts, depending on your requirements and objectives.
Dedicated working environment
We have the capacity to organize a separated project infrastructure and a dedicated working environment for a dedicated team working for a particular project.
Comprehensive technical support
We take responsibility to keep you from risks in development to ensure most efficient team operation and cost-effective delivery.

Our engagement models

We consistently assure the following attributes of every delivered solution:

Dedicated team
If your project is long-term and includes further mobilization of additional resources, functionality and usage of new technologies, this engagement model suits you best and will deliver the best result.
Time & Material
If you don’t know amount of time and resources resources the project will consume, T&M is your choice. You will pay exceptionally for the time we spend and the result you get. The model allows to split the development process in parts and keep an ear to the ground of the development.
Fixed price
If the requirements, goals, specifications, workflow and terms of the project are strictly defined, Fixed Price engagement model is what you need. We will estimate your project and provide the work schedule and the price. This engagement model is prefered for small or pilot project.

Latest Cases

A complete solution that provides HR professionals and insurance specialists essential tools for the efficient and organized administration of their employee benefits programs.

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