Mobile Application Development


Diceus and our mobile applications developers are ready to provide a full cycle mobile development to improve your business. Utilizing the latest mobile technologies, Diceus dedicated teams provide full cycle development of fast and stable solutions with an amazing UI for great user experience


Mobile application development services

With a talent pool consisting of over 120 professional we are ready to provide such mobile application development services:

Mobile technology consulting
Cross-platform development
Mobile apps testing
Single platform native development for or iOS
Single platform native development for Android
24\7 maintenance and support

Our key benefits

We keep a result-driven interactive approach and guarantees better customer service in terms of quality and cost.

Custom design according to your requirements
We take a highly transparent approach to the design processes, starting with a thorough examination of use cases and customer’s aesthetic preferences and incorporating testing activities early in the UI prototyping stage.
Friendly UI and great UX
Diceus has elaborated on core principles of UI/ UX design and implementation that enable us to perfectly combine solution usability and functionality with quality of implementation.
Fast development and release
We develop solutions in tight time frame for you without loss of quality observing all requirements
Improved time-to-market
Mature project management ensures increased time-to-market and enhanced quality of solutions observing the most optimal allocation of resources and proven delivery methodologies incorporating continuous integration, deployment and delivery.
Stability and quality of the delivered product
We will support the product developed for you 24/7. Diceus mobile developers are answerable for their work and ready to prove it.

Our implementation principles

We consistently assure the following attributes of every delivered solution:

Accurate implementation
We always work with detailed requirements specifications presented by our customers, efficiently translating their into high-quality technology solutions.
Agile Approach
We deliver requirements according to main agile principles, supporting incremental implementation, supporting incremental delivery of potentially portions of functionality.
Accessibility and ease-of-use
We continuously develop our solutions based on our customers needs. Safety, accessibility and ease of use of our services are the key issues.
Technical risk reduction
We always ensure technical risk control using methods and solutions designed to quickly identify existing or potential threats of a project or infrastructure implementation.

Latest Cases

A complete solution that provides HR professionals and insurance specialists essential tools for the efficient and organized administration of their employee benefits programs.

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