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React developer salary: Everything that you should know about it

The survey showed that 62,5% of programmers prefer Javascript. React is Javascript library that has gained a huge popularity among IT professionals: approximately 10 million downloads per month. It is used by the global famous companies involving Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, Paypal, Tesla Motors, Walmart, etc.

Benefits of React JS development

Let’s consider advantages of React that makes it so attractive for the developers and organizations all over the world as well. First of all, it adds simplicity to the React programming and usage. There are a lot of tutorials, documentation, training resources and developers who know already Javascript may easily switch to React.

Moreover, it’s a focused solution that works as open-source UI library. It brings valuable help for building a needed minimum viable product to your target audience.

The second reason why people love React is reusable components. Each component has its own control and logic and may be used for various purposes. So, web developers may create once and use almost everywhere that makes their life easier.

The third reason is virtual DOM that allows the smart algorithm identifying the changes required in real DOM. It ensures the minimum update time, greater performance and better user experience.

Usually, it takes a lot of efforts to identify how your app structure will influence the performance. Even with quick client platforms and JavaScript engines, it’s overwhelming and time-consuming activity. Moreover, because the DOM is tree-structured, each change at the top level may bring huge ripples to the UI.

The fourth benefit is needed tools to find and eliminate bugs, provide good design, etc. For example, React Styleguidist brings great reloaded dev server and style guide that is available online for each team member. Styleguidist requires less original configuration since it parses the source files (applying react-docgen) and creates documentation based on Flow annotations and PropTypes. Styleguidist applies Markdown for some components definition and by default finds for and parses the or files in the component’s folder.

Key features

React Cosmos explores your project for components and helps you to render them under any mix of context, state and props. It helps to easier add new features to the components. Cosmos cooperates with various file structures and may be adopted. You don’t need config and sometimes a personalized config is automatically created on the first run.

Cosmos 4.0. has such amazing features:  greater monorepo dev experience, automatic fixture detection, web pack 4 support, revamped apollo implementation and flow API for fixtures.

Storybook is interactive UI component for the test and development. It helps to view the states of every component. Storybook is a Component Explorer that helps to focus on working on one single component in isolation. Well-known companies such as Slack and Coursera actively use Storybook to create significant user interfaces.

Besides, with this tool, you may write stories. A developer reports the inputs the component needs to see. The explorer will show the component in that state that helps you receive the component as you demand without any manipulation.

When you have your story done, then you may browse to the story within the storybook UI to identify whether the component extended with needed props.

Though, you need to create components that extend independently of their environment. The component awaits specific information from the React context. When a developer writes the stories for a specific component, you may add a decorator that wraps the component in additional code.

Bit helps to share components among various projects and apps directly from any repository. This tool is well-suited for developing multiple apps fast and easy.

This is an open-source website that is aimed to manage various components and cooperate on the development process. Components are automatically accessible to install with NPM/Yarn, or to be used with Bit itself. It allows the team to simultaneously create the components from various spots, and simply upgrade (and merge) changes. Also, you may use visual rendering and test results to make components more open, and documents parsed from the source code itself.

Let’s sum up. React allows programmers to work with a more friendly virtual browser that acts as a mediator between the real browser and the developer.

React helps programmers to present their User Interfaces in terms of a final state. When transactions happen to that state, the system automatically updates everything.

What React programming means for the customers

Some people name this popularity of ReactJS “Reactive revolution”. Coming back to the time, when the WWW sounded too mysterious and PHP ruled the back-end, and the static HTML pages were the most exciting breakthrough. The web wasn’t as interactive as it is nowadays.

So, we achieved finally dynamic front-ends and wonderful user experiences. But new features brought a new complexity to the table. Isomorphic ReactJS help developers to apply SSR to create modern apps. The main its feature – the Virtual DOM helps to upgrade the whole view each time a user made a change to the user interface.

Facebook’s team of programmers have created React in order to overcome one problem: creating complex apps with data that will be changed in future. React helps you show how your app needs to look at any specific point, and may automatically control all UI updates when you’re emphasizing data changes. React.js is flexible and agile and will upgrade only the changed parts that saves time and resources. It fits the projects with a huge amount of data.

React.js makes creating UI easier than you think. You may simply handle chat messages or add photos in a view by reusing code. All-purpose rendering brings your apps high speed as well. React.js provides you server side with great SEO. Besides, React works with desktop, Android, iOS or mobile.

React brings a lot to the party. Programmers may easily achieve code stability and to work directly with the components. Developers can take advantage of the data-binding technique ensure that changes in child structures won’t influence the parents.

React successfully takes advantage of HTML and JavaScript combining them greatly adopting the principle that maintains all the time. For example, it may solve problems such as scope isolation and global namespace.

Overview of React developer hourly rate

React developer hourly rate

Growing need in the front-end developers will be bigger than an existing pool of the experts by 2020. Experts predict that there will be a gap of 1.4 million job roles in the USA. So, their salaries will definitely grow.

Robert Half’s 2017 growth report evaluates that front-end programmers salaries will increase by 6.2 percent. According to Computerworld’s IT Salary Survey, annual IT compensation increased 3% last year.

Nowadays, React is one of the well-paid programming languages according to its high popularity and high demand. As we see from the infographic above, the average rate per hour starts from 41$ to $160. React developer salary San Francisco may be higher because Silicon Valley keeps the highest salary rates. Tech giants hunt the best IT professionals, and the most talented specialists are relocated here. San Francisco is full of IT startups and venture investors as well that makes this place a technical hub of global innovations. Additionally, React developer salary NYC may be the same because of expensiveness of living there. It will be hard to find web developers with the salary lower than 65K, even for the junior position. Senior React developer salary will be higher, of course, and demands at least 5 years of working experience.

React developer salary San Srancisco

Starting from the $65K to $113K, the salaries seem as very attractive for the developers and expensive for the customers. Keep in mind that this is just statistics and various companies may set lower salaries or even higher depend on the goals and company’s opportunities. Some companies, for example, Google hire React developers with lower salaries but offer them many attractive bonuses for the employees. It can be even paid the full-time nanny for the developer’s kids.

If taking into account React developer salary Atlanta, in general, programmers there earn 61K when calculating the taxes. Such salaries are lower than in Silicon Valley, but still many companies prefer to outsource IT services to cut the costs.

React developer salary Atlanta

React Native salary will be almost the same because this is hot IT trend now as well. Let us remind you the main difference between React and React Native: the second one is aimed to develop native cross-platform apps. It is mainly used for the Apple products. In some cases, Reacts Native salary may be higher because this is still new framework and there is a scarcity of such professionals with related experience.

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The war for IT talents is growing, and despite competitive salaries, recruiters stuck to fulfill job positions. What is more, they struggle to keep existing workers engaged and spend great efforts for talent acquisition. Financial bonuses and huge salaries are always welcome but programmers’ expectations grow all the time. So, what you can offer them? Boost their creativity, give them a lot of freedom and help them to realize their dreams. For some business owners it may sound as crazy ideas but sometimes crazy ideas are the best. For example, researches showed that many programmers dream about their own bakery or private kindergarten. You may help them with that. For example, most MBA graduates in France get investments for their business projects that bring both students and universities great results.

Keep in mind that the age of developers has dropped 10 years and it is widely reported that the average age in IT sector is going down. So, prepare a strategy to engage millennials and generation Y. Make your job offers attractive to them.  For instance, young professionals don’t care about social guarantees, apartments and stability. They want to have a bright life that is full of interesting activities, new emotions and useful time spending. Nowadays, the hiring process is candidate-led that motivates companies to match candidates’ expectations.

How to speed up React JS development

Webpack v4.6.0. helps to automate the programming process. Also, it’s important to eliminate slow component mounts, unwanted render cycles and deep component trees.

To streamline the software development, React 15.4.0 brought a performance timeline feature that helps users to see when components get updated, mounted, and unmounted. It helps to visualize component life cycles. It works only in IE, Chrome, Edge.

Besides, React allows noticing the output. Each colored bar introduces work time of each component. When a component is rendering or mounting, the system prevents other code from the run.

The text in brackets such as [update] shows which part of the lifecycle is going now. The timeline divides each step to notice small timings on methods like [ctor] [componentDidMount] and [render].

Bars that are stacked introduce component trees. It helps to decrease the number of wrapper components because each of them tags a performance and memory penalty.

Many web developers all over the world fall in love with React because of its great features involving virtual DOM that helps to recognize the changes required in real DOM. It provides the minimum update time, greater performance and better user experience. Moreover, React is easy to learn and use that makes it more attractive.

Well-known companies hire React developers in order to create complex apps and deal with huge amount of data. Besides, there are a lot of React tools out there to ensure needed user experience and efficient performance.

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