About the project

New mobile App for PI customers. We are developing a new banking mobile application for Android / iOS / Huawei. Our main aim is to create excellent user experiences to make our app interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly by using the most common technologies and approaches.


  • 5+ years of experience in Java (ver.8+ required; ideally, the most recent version)
  • Deep understanding of microservices architectural principles
  • Deep practical experience with Spring Boot (MVC, REST, Data, Security, messaging)
  • Redis inside microservice layer
  • Understanding of CI/CD practices and types of quality gates
  • Hands-on experience with unit/integration/API testing for microservices
  • Practical experience for various environments with K8s cluster: Docker (+ registry); Prometheus, Grafana; EFK stack: ElasticSearch, FluentD, Kibana; Jaeger; Redis as a microservices’ sidecar; Helm; Node exporter; Kafka exporter; Postgresql exporter; Docker image for openjdk; Calico; Ingress Nginx Controller for Kubernetes); PostgreSQL with Patroni (HA); Kafka cluster (manager) — CI/CD server (Jenkins, Gitlab, Nexus, SonarQube); Infrastructure provisioning (TerraForm, Terragrunt); Components Orchestration (Ansible); OS (Redhat, Centos); Security (Hashicorp Vault)
  • Other FWs (Swagger, SpringBoot, etc.)
  • Hands-on experience with Kafka and Kafka Streams
  • Knowledge of different communication protocols (REST, gRPC, events, messaging)
  • Hands-on experience with Docker containerization for different environments
  • Hands-on experience with CDC, transactional & high loaded financial\payment systems & payments processing
  • Practical experience with ORD (object-oriented design) & ORM (object relational mapping), TDD
  • Be familiar with ’The Twelve-Factor App’ principles with perfect usage of Agile Practices, Jira •
  • Taking full responsibility for the results of own work

Nice to have

  • API design and documentation skills
  • Traefik / Ngnix practical knowledge and experience
  • Practical experience with backend for frontend (especially mobile app) with topics such as API versioning and monitoring
  • Experience with JWT tokens and user sessions
  • Ability to describe and document architectural/design decisions
  • Practical experience with NoSQL databases
  • Oracle SQL
  • Flagr


Senior Java Engineer who can communicate and collaborate with the teammates on the Bank’s side to achieve success. Ideally, we’re looking forward to a technology professional and enthusiast who desires to work with banking technologies through adapters/facades development, enjoys expanding the knowledge, and shares it with others. We need an individual who is good at problem-solving, is an active team player, has good time-management skills, able to perform tasks under pressure of time looking for new challenges.

We offer

  • Remote work or comfortable office (Kyiv, blvd. Vatslava Havela, 4)
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Equipment for work
  • Paid vacation (18 business days) and Statutory Holidays
  • Paid sick leaves (10 business days)
  • Non-paid days-off (10 business days)
  • Professional growth and developement opportunities
  • Free English lessons