The United States of America is one of the biggest countries not only in terms of area or population but also in a number of tech experts. Nearly all the top software companies in USA are also worldwide leaders. Microsoft, Google, IBM, HP, Adobe, and other product teams are based in the US but deliver software to hundreds of countries and millions of clients. Moreover, leading custom development teams are also located in America so it’s easy to find the best partner for almost any project regardless of its scope or difficulty.

Generally, the US tech market is the largest on our planet. It stands for 31% of the global industry size or about $1.6 trillion, as for 2019. Cyberstates system developed by CompTIA mentions 11.8 million net employment, 1.5 million developers, and approximately 2x higher median wage in the tech sector compared to the national average parameter. These numbers are pretty impressive, aren’t they? Note that the market is constantly growing so we can expect for even more important role of IT services in the national economy.

Top software companies in USA and world

As you’re intrigued a bit (we hope so), it’s time to start our guide. It focuses on leading American software solutions companies, especially, custom developers who create applications from scratch. Plus, we will look at local and global industry trends, types of vendors, various rankings, and reviews. This will be useful, we’re sure. Let’s go!

Before we proceed to exact names, let’s stop and think about the USA software development approach globally. A country with such a famous location as Silicon Valley can’t stay aside from innovations. American developers are among the first who introduce new trends, ideas, and results. That’s why we want to talk about the actual state of the American IT market – this info will help you to understand how the described companies work.

The first thing to remember about the local IT industry is related to SMBs. Only 0.3% of American companies had more than 500 employees in 2015! Now, the situation is rather similar so you should know that global corporations are very famous but equally rare if we talk about all market players.

The IT market is highly dependent on customers. Both individuals (for B2C) and companies (for B2B) rule the industry because they decide whether to purchase a product/service or no. This takes us to the world of perfect personalization as various companies try to create flexible software, which will suit different client groups.

Considering the high share of SMBs and more effort required to create unique offerings, American brands move towards outsourced partnerships. Both small and big teams delegate secondary tasks to other companies trying to focus on core processes. This trend blurs lines between the USA and other countries where skilled outsourcers work.

Finally, there are a few tech trends that are typical of the world but also popular in the USA. They relate to innovations, mostly:

  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Augmented reality.
  • Blockchain.
  • Cloud hosting.
  • Internet of Things.
  • Software as a Services.

Keeping these ideas in mind, let’s continue our research focused on the best software teams.

Software development companies in USA by employees

Types of software development companies in USA

It’s impossible to understand why one or another company is the market leader without realizing the differences between two major development approaches. They’re typical for any country. Basically, there are top software companies in the USA that deliver ready-made products with low customization options. Their market rivals are custom development teams. They focus on tailored software provided for each customer exclusively.

Of course, the IT sector features more complicated classifications based on the size of businesses, languages used, preferred clients, etc. But the overview of these differences is a topic for a separate article, Here, we only want to show two major strategies.

Product developers and distributors

These brands are well-known all over the globe. For sure, you heard about Apple, Google, or Microsoft at least once. These companies often have one specific product or ecosystem of products such as iOS or Windows. Salesmen distribute these products by selling the same or highly similar copies to different clients. Long story short, you can get iPhone and your friend can iPhone with the same specifications, and millions of buyers also will own this iPhone model.

By ordering ready-made software, you will get it quickly and for a relatively low cost. However, note that the described companies often charge extra fees for various services, including upgrading or support. Moreover, it’s quite difficult to find a perfectly suitable application for a good price because developers try to meet the needs of completely different partners.

You can find the list of software development companies in the USA on the NASDAQ platform where brands are sorted by their market capitalization. Apple, Microsoft, and Google (Alphabet) are leaders now with Facebook and Intel also in the top five.

Custom software solutions companies

Unlike distributors, custom teams don’t have a single recognizable product. They create different applications for different customers so you can find the full portfolio of projects on the websites of these brands. Custom developers require more time to deliver your order and may charge high upfront fees but they always create systems which suit your demands perfectly. Constant discussion of your requirements, regular feedback, and Agile efficient development are among the main principles of these teams.

Think that bespoke apps are for you? Then dive into the custom software development processes.

The list of software development companies in USA: TOP 10

Developers of custom products are less famous than product teams in the USA. That’s why we want to unveil some bright names in this industry so you will be able to cooperate with the best companies. For this guide, we have used data from Clutch, GoodFirms, and The Manifest. The lists are sorted by these systems’ rankings of top software companies involved in the custom development industry.

Additionally, you can look at leading development teams by state. G2 Crowd Learning Hub gathered a lot of information about corporations registered in different US areas to create the all-in-one map. Experts collected thousands of reviews to define the final score of each company and reveal state leaders. A few regions are missing as local brands don’t have enough reviews.

List of software development companies in USA by state

Now, let’s look at 10 of the best software development companies. Unlike online aggregators, we have sorted our list alphabetically.


The company was founded in 2000 and now has more than 200 staff members in four offices including McLean, Buenos Aires, Kyiv, and Washington. D.C. AgileEngine focuses on midsize projects with at least $50,000 scope and develops applications for both Android and iOS. The team prefers Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Python languages. The most favorite industries include IT and telecommunication services.

  • Location: McLean, VA.
  • Development focus: custom software (60%), mobile apps (30%), UX/UI (10%).
  • Notable clients: Bleacher Report, Knocki.


This custom team has offices in Jacksonville, Dubai, Kyiv, and Vilnius. DICEUS acts not only as of a development company but as a powerful tech partner which handles all stages of the SDLC, including analysis, creation, testing, and support. The team designs software for SMBs with the minimum scope of $10,000 but enterprise-grade apps are developed, too. As for languages, devs rely on .NET, Java, C#, and Python, mostly.

  • Location: Jacksonville, FL.
  • Development focus: custom software (60%), web applications (40%).
  • Notable clients: Palmers, Teambase.

3. Experion technologies

This quite experienced team was established in 2006 and now has offices in Australia, India, Switzerland, and the USA, of course. The company has developed hundreds of systems for 120+ clients all over the world in sectors related to mobile development, cloud services, IoT, wearables, finance, retail, health, and SCM. Experion Technologies works with midsized businesses and projects with at least $50,000 size.

  • Location: Addison, TX.
  • Development focus: custom software (50%), web applications (50%).
  • Notable clients: Bacardi, Johnson & Johnson, Mars.

4. Fingent

Being one of the most reputable software firms in the USA, Fingent has several offices in the USA, in India, and in UAE. The team of 300+ employees focuses on mid businesses and large enterprises. Despite the lowest entry barrier for projects is set at $25,000, developers can handle the biggest scope of work over $1 billion. The team specializes in real estate, transportation, businesses, and education by utilizing ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript, and Python.

  • Location: White Plains, NY.
  • Development focus: custom software (50%), web applications (50%).
  • Notable clients: CBN, PwC, Sony.

5. Intellectsoft

Located in the heart of the American IT industry, Intellectsoft works with enterprises, mainly. The company has set the minimum scope at $25,000 but 60% of the finished projects worth more than $1 billion! Midsized clients also can cooperate with this team. Intellectsoft creates top-notch software solutions, including innovative stuff like cognitive computing, blockchain apps, IoT, and mixed reality. Devs use ASP.NET, Java, PHP, C#, C, Python, and Ruby.

  • Location: Palo Alto, CA.
  • Development focus: custom software (40%), mobile apps (40%), blockchain (20%).
  • Notable clients: Ernst & Young, Guinness, Harley-Davidson, Jaguar, Shell.

6. Orases

Only one office and 24 employees drive this company’s process. Orases is known for projects developed for NFL and MLB but also the team creates solutions for healthcare, manufacturing, and non-profit organizations. 75% of clients are midsized businesses. Mainly, Orases utilizes PHP as 80% of the finished projects are built via this language. Other approaches include C#, JavaScript, SQL, and XML.

  • Location: Frederick, MD.
  • Development focus: custom software (60%), mobile apps (20%), e-commerce (10%), web services (10%).
  • Notable clients: MLB, NFL, Johns Hopkins.

7. Praxent

Praxent is responsible for over 300 unique software solutions designed for SMBs (70%) and enterprises (30%). The company is rather universal in terms of industry specifications as it creates products for businesses, financial organizations, healthcare facilities, real estate, retail, energy, and education firms. The team also develops applications for wearables and utilizes exotic rare frameworks, e.g. Symfony and Sitecore.

  • Location: Austin, TX.
  • Development focus: custom software (50%), UX/UI (40%), product design (10%).
  • Notable clients: Cisco, Keller Williams, The City of Houston.

8. Spire digital

Among top software companies in USA, Spire Digital is one of the most experienced. It was founded in 1998 and has only one office in Denver. With less than 250 employees, the team develops enterprise-grade solutions for big and mid businesses, including the industry leaders in transportation, communications, and IT manufacturing. Spire Digital devs focus on PHP, JavaScript, and Java but also work with mobile platforms.

  • Location: Denver, CO.
  • Development focus: custom software (65%), mobile apps (25%), UX/UI (10%).
  • Notable clients: AT&T, Dell, Lockheed Martin, Western Union.

9. Trigent

Trigent houses more than 500 staff members in the main American office as well as two facilities in India. This company focuses on custom software development, mostly. Plus, devs handle testing and consulting for different partners with the main focus on midsized companies. Trigent is unique because it develops hybrid apps for mobile platforms. The most popular languages here are Java, PHP, and SQL.

  • Location: Southborough, MA.
  • Development focus: custom software (80%), cloud computing (20%).
  • Notable clients: AON, Kruger, Oracle.

10. Zco

Talking about veterans, we can’t miss the team named Zco Corporation. It was established in fat 1989 and operates in the USA exclusively now. The company works with teams from Fortune 500, including small businesses (40% of projects), midsized companies (40%), and enterprises (20%). With only $10,000 entry barrier and 250+ employees, Zco serves various industries with a focus on mobile apps. Devs use PHP, Swift, JavaScript, C#, and Java.

  • Location: Nashua, NH.
  • Development focus: mobile apps (60%), custom software (20%), AR/VR (10%), BI and Big Data (5%), IoT (5%).
  • Notable clients: BBC America, Microsoft, Samsung, Verizon.
List of software development companies in USA - top 10


Take your time for analysis and then proceed to the final part. Here, we conclude the article’s information and remind key insights.

What is a software developers company?

Generally, it’s a team of dedicated specialists that develop software applications, deliver them to clients, install, test, and maintain. Custom devs create apps from scratch and product companies distribute ready-made software packages.

Our developers can help with different custom software solutions for your business.

What types of companies are in the USA?

The first classification includes custom and product companies; we have talked about them in the previous point. In addition, brands differ by clients (small, middle, and large businesses), industries (e.g. healthcare or transportation), development areas (custom software, mobile apps, IoT, etc.), and tech used (various languages and frameworks).

How to choose a software development company in the US?

First and foremost, ensure that you realize your needs. When you know what software product is desired, which industry you will work in, and what development approaches are the best, then you can choose suitable tech partners. Find the exhaustive information about features in our list or at brands’ websites.

Where to find the best software development company?

Apart from already mentioned Clutch and GoodFirms, you can explore other resources. LinkedIn lists thousands of thousands of workers united in professional groups. AppFutura focuses on mobile development. Quora helps when you have a specific question. Finally, it’s possible to meet devs at various live events.

Cooperate with us Devs

After exploring our list of software development companies in USA, you should be able to choose the best partner. Basically, remember to compare development areas, industries, projects’ scopes, and technologies used in the chosen companies. This analysis can help you to define which team suits your needs.

American developers are one of the most skilled in the world. Prices are pretty high here but if you need a decent quality, be sure to work with the US-based teams. You also can consider outsourcing cooperation in which US brands delegate specific tasks to other countries like Ukraine. Outsourcing allows reducing costs greatly without quality dip.

We’re outsourcing team, too, by the way!