Over the past years, Ukraine outsourcing companies have been holding consistently high positions in the global IT niche. Indeed, Business Insider ranked Ukraine 4th among all other established outsourcing destinations of the world. That’s a giant leap from 24th place in 2017’s Kearney rating.  

All in all, the prospects for Ukraine IT outsourcing are more than promising. Let’s take a bit more detailed look at the aspects of cooperation with Ukraine outsourcing companies. We’d also like to share the list of ten top software development companies in Ukraine.  

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Top 5 reasons to outsource software development to Ukraine  

First things first — why should companies opt for working with Ukraine-based outsourcing providers in the first place?  

Reason 1 – Price-quality ratio  

According to data from the independent web resource AIN, Ukrainian web developers charge $25 per hour of their work on average. Local specialists handle projects with high performance, reliability, and excellent hang on scaling and further improvements. At the same time, developers from the United States and Western Europe are asking for at least 50-60 bucks per hour for similar work.  

Thus, in the aspects of business rationality and price-quality ratio, experienced recruiters point out exactly Ukrainian specialists.  

Reason 2 — Extensive talent pool  

Ukrainian specialists boast an in-depth level of expertise in most various fields of software development. Ukrainian IT companies specialize in blockchain, develop complex projects based on artificial intelligence, and create advanced IoT projects. In general, if you are looking for a dev team to implement the latest advanced trends in the modern IT market, you should look among Ukraine-based IT providers.  

Reason 3 — An ability to work with well-managed teams  

You can easily find Ukraine outsourcing companies that would require minimal involvement on your part and could independently optimize work processes and the technology stack used. In fact, this is a very cool opportunity that, for example, Indians cannot boast of (they rarely take the initiative in their own hands, rather working by a template).  

On top of that, providers of software development outsourcing in Ukraine focus heavily on foreign customers in the first place. That’s why most top software development companies in Ukraine welcome and are accustomed to interaction with customers from abroad — everything has been perfected from start to finish for many years.  

Reason 4 — High qualification of local developers  

As practice shows, Ukraine is one of the few countries with a thriving IT industry where IT outsourcing Ukraine-based specialists are raised almost from kindergarten.  

There are special schools with computer and profiled extracurricular courses. Let alone universities that graduate IT professionals annually be gladly recruited by such top companies as Google and Facebook without any privileges involved.  

Reason 5 — Reliability  

Top software development Ukraine-based outsourcing companies always conclude a service level agreement (SLA) with their clients. Such agreements clearly regulate the end product requirements, project budget, and many other aspects at the legislative level. Thus, you always receive a guarantee of quality and compliance with all terms and conditions at the very beginning of cooperation.  

Top IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine also outrun many of their colleagues from other countries in regard to long-term cooperation. There is a kind of IT cult in the country, thanks to which established software developers in Ukraine glorify all their employers without exception. Because why not enjoy common IT benefits, such as constant career growth, comfortable and high-tech jobs, flexible working hours, non-trivial tasks, frequent corporate parties, etc.?  

All in all, in Ukraine, software outsourcing partners tend to stick to foreign clients. That means that you won’t have to reassemble the team or hire someone new for every other project upgrade.  

IT industry focus in Ukraine: From e-commerce to telecom  

The local IT industry is very dynamic in its growth and development.   

software development companies in Ukraine
Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and one of the biggest IT hubs in the country.

Thus, judging by the data of the most popular Ukrainian IT web resource DOU, in 2019, over 190,000 specialists worked for software outsourcing to Ukraine. And this year’s pool of specialists brings about 20-25% more state treasury wealth than in the previous year.  

In the same year of 2019, the IT sector broke into the three largest sectors of the Ukrainian economy to export services. A year past, we can see the IT sector confidently taking the second position in this list.  

At the same time, the local education sector has also made a major breakthrough. As mentioned above, Ukrainian universities actively train specialists in all kinds of technical fields, focusing on computer science and the like. Young talents start working for Ukraine software companies in the third-fourth year of their study, which means they acquire meaningful experience already before graduation. 

Many senior students take part in serious international projects and receive job invitations from the top IT companies Ukraine.  

In many large cities of Ukraine, numerous IT academies are being established (usually, as subdivisions of existing outsource software development Ukraine-based companies). They offer courses lasting from six months to several years and train specialists fully adapted to working with the most complex projects in such fields as machine learning, blockchain, big data, virtual reality, etc.  

Software development in Ukraine: “Honorable mentions” of the local IT in media  

For the cherry on top of all those reasons — check out the five biggest events that mentioned the significance of Ukrainian IT in 2020.  

  • According to the mentioned AIN, in 2019 alone, Ukrainians gained the ability to develop 15 Silicon Valley startups.  
  • Just recently, Microsoft decided to invest $500 million into the establishment of two Ukraine-based data centers.  
  • Kazakh businessman Murat Abdrakhmanov also decided to invest $2 million in Ukrainian startups.  
  • The local startup RefaceAI (Doublicat app) gained 100,000 downloads in a month after the initial launch.  
  • The Petcube project received a prestigious Red Dot Award in the category of Product Design.  

An impressive track record for the country where software development is pretty affordable in general. 

IT companies in Ukraine
Petcube is one of the most successful Ukrainian hardware startups.

Top IT outsourcing companies Ukraine  

As Clutch is a highly authoritative source to search for a software vendor, let’s look at the top 10 IT companies in Ukraine, according to Clutch. On Clutch, you can see the profiles of the best IT companies in Ukraine, their rates, feedback from customers, some case studies demonstrating their expertise, and many more. It is a good starting point to find a reliable software vendor.  

As you can see, along with offering utterly acceptable rates, offshore software development Ukraine-based companies specialize in quite an extensive scope of services. Local providers can easily deliver a truly high-quality, competitive software product. Along with custom software development, these companies may offer staff augmentation for technology companies that look for quick scale-up or specific engineering expertise.  

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Top-3 tips to hire a trusted software development company in Ukraine  

Last but not least, let’s figure out how to find a reputable provider of software development in Ukraine able to take on custom and complex projects.  

Focusing on the expertise  

How to properly pick a company for outsourcing? Typically, potential software clients start with a Google search and, as a rule, have to go through an overwhelming list of dealership sites.  

That’s why it’s always better to go for specialized sites like Clutch. Such resources provide structured information about the most renowned companies, with real customer reviews, ratings, and lists of services provided. In addition, there are filters by rates, minimum project budget, location, and other important parameters for the project.  

You can also publish your top list or rate companies individually.  

Researching potential vendors in more detail  

Once you’ve identified a few favorites for yourself, it’s time to explore the company’s website and browse through their portfolio. By examining the projects done, you will be able to understand if the developers have come across something similar to your industry.  

If you are focused on mobile development, you can get an accurate impression of the finished projects of your potential contractor by viewing their applications on Google Play or the App Store. There, you can check out user reviews, the number of downloads, and the total app rating.  

Making sure a company can handle flexible workflow  

Ask your contractor’s manager about how flexible their employees can be. You will also have to figure out how you can check that the project meets your requirements at the intermediate stages of development. You can be offered to either take an active part in the management of workflow or to remain an outside observer of all that’s going on (while most management is handled by the provider’s team).  

In any case, it’s best to find out which methodologies your contractors prefer to use early on.  

A comprehensive guide with many secret tips: “How to choose a software vendor”

Looking for reliable outsourcers? DICEUS is always at your service  

If you are looking for affordable yet highly-qualified software engineering experts, don’t go to extremes right away and hire freelancers or a team from India or Bangladesh. Obviously, at the very least, you will have to constantly coordinate their work or wait months on end until they make the project look and work according to all your requirements.  

To ensure that your team doesn’t leave the project halfway through and disintegrate after its release (leaving all the tech support, scaling, and other responsibilities behind), it is important to contact only the top Ukraine software companies. Local providers always take care of their reputation and are concerned with the customers’ satisfaction with their work.  

DICEUS is an offshore software development company from Ukraine, holding stable top positions on Clutch for many years. We have dozens of satisfied business partners from all over the world.  

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