The industry of software testing solutions in the USA has grown by 3.5% over the past five years and reached revenue of $4 billion in 2018. Moreover, the number of employees has grown by 4.1% and the number of such companies has grown by 3.7%.

So, why software testing is so important?

Permanent QA keeps the high level of development and helps to support the innovations. When organizations shift left and test quality not only at the end, they have multiple feedback loops during the development process to make sure that software will be delivered not only fast but high-quality as well.

Researches found out that companies that implement testing together with the whole development process provide 22% less time on unpredictable and unwanted problems. It helps to free up IT staff for more meaningful and value-adding work.

Experts say that businesses with such shift-left approach may spend 49% of their time more to adding new features comparing to other teams who may only devote 38% of the time due to the old approach to QA.

Besides, exploratory testing allows exploring the unspoken negative feedback that leads to unwanted results. Testers who may think like your users may find out issues for further improvement. This is a great way to retain your customers and refine their satisfaction.

The World Quality Report has advised that businesses keep the QA budget to 25% of development costs. This is important in order to maintain security, quality, and refine the customer experience.

The survey showed that QA budgets are going to rise to 40% of development expenses in 2019. It means that many companies understand the value of QA in order to satisfy their customers.

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Trends in software testing solutions

Software testing problems and solutions have changed recently. Inspired by the development process, QA has gained the waterfall approach to test for the quality, which included case tests and step-by-step checks. It made a work of manual testers more challenging.

The emergence of automated DevOps and Agile methodology put the checking and testing process at an earlier phase. Moreover, software testing needs to be updated to meet future needs. So, let’s consider modern testing trends which have the power to transform the IT processes and overcome existing challenges.

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#1 Shift from QA to Quality Engineering

The IT world feels a growing need for its professionals to respond to the new changes. Quality Assurance usually uses a systematic and lengthy waterfall approach for testing with a step by step process. So, testing is struggling to cope with the changing dynamics. Testing may sometimes act as a bottleneck to the entire flow of IT processes. As it supports a step-by-step approach, the previous process has to be done for the next to allow a manual tester to dive deeper into it. But with QA the amount of data can only grow. With quality engineering, IT professionals may enter the automation and testing process earlier than at the customer’s acceptance phase.

#2 IoT

Euro testing software solutions have gained IoT as one of the fastest growing technologies nowadays. An entire web of things is interconnected with each other. The hardware is managed by software which connects it to the internet and then to all other things. This is a great breakthrough but still, it has vulnerabilities in the system. For example, connected products have to be tested for quality and functionality, and security. HP reports figured out that approximately 70% of the systems connected to IoT are at the risk to security-related issues.

#3 Digital transformation with Agile

Euro testing software solutions have also acquired agile methodology that boosts working with different small teams in cooperation. It helps to provide fast continuous delivery. It practices based on Agile Manifesto may be really useful with user experience work like execution, planning, and evaluation.

#4 DevOps

DevOps means a set of rules or principles to decrease the amount of time required for development. DevOps is not a new concept but its emergence in the IT area is new, and it has gotten huge support from the businesses all over the world. Recently, more companies are willing to gain these set of principles to refine their entire performances as its emphasis on Integration and Automation. Automated software testing solutions have big power to speed up processes and free up IT professionals.

#5 Big Data testing

Solutions for software testing challenges require to deal with huge amount of data while saving security. Nowadays, users on different platforms and from various devices upload terabytes of data. Handling such amount of data demands a unique approach. Big data testing helps to solve these problems and do more with less. The key goal is to assess the data for quality. Big data is a big amount of datasets which can’t be replaced by traditional testing approaches. Such innovative techniques may be especially helpful as software testing solutions for hospitals because they work with vulnerable data. Moreover, their work is valuable and the fewer bugs will be, the better quality of services they can provide.

#6 Apps & test automation

People go mobile, that’s why even OS platforms and complicated software run on a single app. Software testing solutions for hospitals offer the app as well for the patients to reach needed data and medical professionals anytime they need.

But testing apps is a much more challenging task than testing web platforms and the number of upgrades, types of software and devices make it even harder to deal with. Hence the price and market readiness are valuable in the future, mobile application testing automation will make a difference. Automated software testing solutions help to cut the costs and save quality.

#7 API and micro services

Microservice is a method of creating software to specifically assess its quality for any particular conditions. After the generation of types of services and establishing a connection between them, the entire task may be divided into the parts. So, each service is developed this way that it may perform a specific set of operations. It allows making changes in any smaller particular area of the app which demands changes instead of updating the entire system.

#8 Increasing adoption of open source tools

Solutions for software testing challenges have gained open source tools that are beneficial for companies with the ability to help increase revenue. The main its advantages are availability, no price, customization, flexibility. It gives the users a power to create and design according to your needs and preferences. Moreover, there are many possible integrations for the powerful test automation.

If taking into account the disadvantages of open source tools, there is a security issue. On the other hand, when it goes through more sets of eyes, it will be easier to find and fix bugs.

We were glad to share with you introduction to software testing solutions. Use our explanation of the new technologies and trends in order to refine software development and understand the key principles while outsourcing IT services.

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