For a decade now, DICEUS has been a reliable partner for custom software development and IT staffing provider to businesses, from small and medium-sized companies to large corporations. Our team continuously demonstrates its passion for technology to create unique and exciting solutions for our clients. Today, we鈥檙e excited to share with you good news 鈥 The Manifest named DICEUS as a top company in the field of IT. According to the company listing platform, we are among the most reviewed providers of IT consulting on the Manifest platform.聽

Since 2011, DICEUS has helped businesses solve their problems through the wonders of technology, providing custom development, design, testing, and other IT services to companies worldwide. Today, we are focused on delivering advanced technology solutions to customers from various niches, including fintech, banking, healthcare, insurance, retail, and logistics. 

Following the growing number of our case studies, The Manifest recognized us as one of the most reviewed vendors in the IT industry. Thanks to 40 successful client stories on Clutch, we continue improving our customer service by offering transparent cooperation models, cost-effective solutions, highly skilled IT staff, and dedicated teams. Along with that, we are committed to delivering high-quality outcomes and meaningful business values to our clients.   

Ultimately, we would like to thank our clients for trusting us continuously throughout the years. Every new project is a new story full of invaluable knowledge and experience added to our portfolio. 

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