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Key bespoke software advantages and disadvantages

Every business owner aims to solve the problems arising effectively and efficiently. How do you save money and make a profit? How do you manage resources as efficiently and competently as possible? How do you stand out from the competition? The wide variety of offers in the market, including bespoke systems, makes a business owner hesitate before choosing. Should you opt for a ready-made solution or purchase bespoke software individually designed for your company’s needs? 

Each business has its peculiarities. Sometimes, a standard approach cannot be applied. Bespoke software is part of the modern approach to business management, which includes resource management, minimization of errors, and the most personalized bespoke solution. Of course, the quality of a solution is reflected in its price. But by calculating costs and profits, a business owner may find that they have saved a significant sum of money by increasing the overall profitability of the business.  

Or should you opt for the available standard systems? In this article, we will take a look at all the subtleties of working with these systems, analyze the pros and cons of ready-made systems and bespoke software, and help you make the right decision. 

So, what is bespoke software? What are its advantages and disadvantages? 

One of the bespoke software advantages is undoubtedly the personalized approach – this software is custom-tailored, taking into account every detail. The developers carefully study all the intricacies of the business, discuss the client’s needs, and create a plan of what exactly the business owner wants to achieve as a result of implementing the software.  

Having thoroughly studied the market, the competitors, and the peculiarities of the company, IT specialists create bespoke software best fitting for a particular company. The disadvantage of this approach may be the high cost. Naturally, an off-the-shelf product will be cheaper. But will the client benefit as a result? You need to take into account every detail: what are the costs and expenses, what is the result? Bespoke software definition requires careful analysis and preparation – and this task can only be entrusted to reputable professionals. 

Why you might need an off-the-shelf software

Sometimes a turnkey solution is quite suitable. Here are some cases when you should opt for an off-the-shelf solution

Case 1 – Urgent need 

You do not have a lot of time, you urgently need software, you clearly know your goals and objectives, and you have found an IT product from a recognized vendor that has repeatedly solved the problems of a business similar to yours. In this case, do not hesitate to order the ready product. 

Case 2 – Precise requirements 

Your software requirements are absolutely clear and simple. Why waste time creating a custom solution when there are already IT products perfectly suitable for your company? 

Case 3 – Small team 

When your company consists of a few people, you do not need to spend resources on bespoke software. A ready-made solution will do simply fine. 

Why you might need a bespoke software 

Market competition forces every company owner to look for new ways to grow their business. Differing from competitors, offering an increasingly high-quality and interesting product is the key task. Why keep to the beaten track and buy ready-made solutions like everyone else? Stand out from the crowd! 

An off-the-shelf solution is good for a company that knows that it will have a certain set of functions, a certain stable number of employees tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. But can you be sure of this? After all, you are constantly developing and moving forward, striving to conquer new heights. Is ready-made software designed for scaling? Does it consider the dynamics of your business development? 

Long-term costs 

At first glance, bespoke software costs more than a ready-made IT product. But have you taken into account all the additional costs? Have you thought through the way you will be developing your business? It may well turn out that custom software will prevent subsequent expenses, as opposed to an off-the-shelf solution that does not consider the individual client needs. A bespoke solutions meaning can hardly be overestimated! It covers the needs of your company as thoroughly as possible, considering all the requirements. 


Bespoke software development takes a certain amount of time. It seems so much easier to purchase a ready product! But have you calculated how much extra time it will take to customize the program to fit your business needs? Bespoke functionality helps avoid additional, not accounted for investments of time and money. 


There is an opinion that bespoke software is risky. Companies supplying customers with a finished product have already tested their product several times, so it is more stable and reliable. Sounds reasonable, but it is not necessarily true. Bespoke software development companies have great motivation to create the highest quality product. Before implementation, they conduct a qualitative analysis of all the peculiarities of the client’s business, and the client company is fully protected from unnecessary risks. 


Why choose bespoke software when there are so many off-the-shelf products available? That is what everyone thinks, and so they choose a ready-made, template product – the same one used by thousands of competitors! It is always better to be different from the rest, to look for and find new ways instead of following the beaten track. Bespoke software helps you effectively stand out from the crowd. 

Five top advantages of tailor-made software 

Based on our experience, here are the five main advantages of bespoke software for your company. 

Specific tools 

You only pay for what you need! Why should you overpay for a finished product in a package with the functionality you do not need at all? Bespoke software implies an extremely specific approach to problem-solving. You choose what you need and buy exactly this and nothing more. Bespoke software saves business owners’ money. 


High technology, a personalized approach, and highly skilled developers are the key benefit of bespoke software. Keep in mind that bespoke software developers need to prove their professionalism repeatedly and do not lose their skills. The software can be implemented in stages, allowing you to adapt the solution to your own needs as much as possible. 


You get a product perfectly fitted to your people and processes. The key to getting the right solution for your unique needs and goals is how well the features and their implementation integrate with your operational processes and users. 


You get more opportunities for business development. A custom solution developed specifically for a particular client is very versatile and considers the dynamics of your business. 

Data Protection 

Hackers only need to find one way to hack an off-the-shelf product to endanger everyone who uses it. Custom solutions will help you feel secure. 

Five disadvantages of bespoke software 

Of course, there are also some downsides to choosing bespoke software that needs to be mentioned. 

Time and efforts 

Of course, the implementation of off-the-shelf software will happen much faster than custom software development. Just like buying a suit in a store is much easier and often cheaper than having one tailored. But how much better does a suit fit you when your individual measurements have been taken into account? The same is with the business model. Bespoke software solves problems in the company, taking care of all tasks as efficiently as possible. But getting it made will take time and effort. 

High prepayment 

Yes, it is cheaper to buy a ready product. But as they say, if you buy cheaply, you pay dearly. Perhaps it will be suitable at the moment. When you buy a ready-made solution and rejoice at its cost, consider all expenses for further support and maintenance. If you plan to expand your business (and what if the entrepreneur does not intend this?) you will have to spend extra. Bespoke software takes into account all the needs of your business, and you can calculate all costs in advance. And you will find that paying for bespoke software is much more profitable in the long run. 

Fewer possibilities 

The range of off-the-shelf products available in the market is wide. Companies that can be trusted with developing bespoke software are far less numerous. Picking the right developer can be very tricky, especially if you are not familiar with the technical side of things yourself. 

Time-consuming development 

The development of custom software really requires time and close contact with the contractor. But an individual approach will ensure that all your business needs are met. 

Security issues 

Don’t you have a copy of the source code for your application, do you? Then you are completely dependent on the developer, which is quite dangerous. Do not risk your business, plan everything in advance. With a careful approach and following all the precautions, many problems can be avoided. 

How can DICEUS help you with custom-built software? 

For eight long years, DICEUS has been creating custom software for business owners. We have worked with companies in various business domains, with many successful projects on our account. A professional team and an individual approach to each client ensured our good reputation in the market.  

Here is just a concise list of the areas in which we have developed and implemented our solutions: banking, fintech, healthcare, insurance, retail, and logistics. Various types of bespoke software are widely represented in our portfolio. We have worked with both small, middle-sized, and large companies. We pay great attention to preparation. We work closely with the client, analyzing all the details. Finally, we present the result that will help your business to become even more successful. 

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