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10 Simple Tips to Getting The Most Experienced C++ Developer at Best Available Rate

by Irina Kravchenko

People discussing the current position of C++ are divided into two following groups: the first group consists of the programmers who are not overfond of the language and predict its soon downfall and the second group of those who built and keep building C++ software. This article will help you figure out if C++ is still alive and why so many people keep using it for design and development. Once you are done with reading you will be able to choose the right candidate and hire C++ developers Ukraine.

Hire C++ Developers Ukraine

Current Situation

C++ is not so popular with beginners in programming as C# and Java are. This language is not promoted by Microsoft or Oracle but we can’t say that it will soon disappear at all. The software developed by C++ programmers is still running and need regular maintenance. New game engines use this language in full blast and new standards show us that things are looking up.

New standards C++11, 14, and 17 have brought a lot of useful extensions and additions. Most programmers state that it’s more convenient and simple to code with a lot of new features added to the standard library.

As written earlier a lot of well-known products were developed in C++, and you will barely find a person who is ready to rewrite the working code into another programming language. Regarding the fact that the new standards of C++ have made it more convenient to use there’s a good possibility to develop new modules and additional features to the existing software.

The Main Obstacles Beginners Meet to Study C++

The language is not so popular with newbies to programming and it is rarely chosen to learn. Here are some of the reasons why so few people choose it to study:

  • Complexity. C++ syntax is rather complicated to learn that’s why beginners find it easier to choose something else to code. However, note that the new standards are friendly to newbies offering clear syntax, various containers, algorithms, and other useful things that will help simplify programmers work.
  • Poor Promotion. Unlike Java or C#, C++ is not so widely promoted by large companies.
  • Specialization. Areas where C++ is used are not a dime a dozen. A full list of applications developed in C++ can be found at Stroustrup. For example, mobile apps development is performed with the following popular languages: Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android, and C# for Windows Phone.

For all that, we wouldn’t say that C++ is not popular. TIOBE index as of January 2018 demonstrates the rating of the most commonly used programming languages.

Hire C++ Developer

Here you see that the language takes the top place in the rating with a tendency to grow. To sum it up, C++ is up to date occupying its own niche; still a lot of developers code on it. If you are facing any difficulties with finding a developer, keep reading the article. We will give you some helpful recommendations as to where you can search for the best candidates for your C++ project.

Where Can I Hire C++ Programmer?

The main criteria to choose developers are their level of expertise and rates. So, when you are to hire a programmer you should do in-depth research, compare and contrast different hiring options.
When a company faces difficulties in finding the proper candidate for the offered job position it, usually, considers freelancing or outsourcing options. The core advantages of outsourcing are the facts that you can cut costs considerably and find a talented programmer overseas.

Let’s compare the rates in the USA and Ukraine. Below is a table of C++ developers median rates in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev as of summer, 2017 according to dou.ua.


Expertise Junior Middle Senior Lead
One Month Salary $900 $2000 $3180 $4000


According to individual reports C++ programmer salary in USA can be presented with the following screen:

C++ Programmer Salary in USA

As you see, the annual salary is up to $120K as of January 2018 according to individual reports (salary of python programmer is almost similar) . It equals to up $10K salary a month. So it’s much cheaper to hire a remote team of developers who are not less qualified than their US colleagues. Below are our recommendations and tips on hiring experienced developers.

Hire C++ Developers Ukraine: 10 Tips and Tricks to Streamline Your Hiring Process


1 - Define the skills you need to accomplish your project.

2 - Develop a list of requirements for job applicants.

3 - Differentiate front end and back end.

4 - Explore the available frameworks and define the most suitable for your product development.

5 - Break the work into separate lists of technologies that your developers must be qualified in.

6 - Estimate your budget.

7 - Create a comprehensive job offer for your applicants clearly understand the scope of work, responsibilities, and deadlines.

8 - Prepare an initial list of questions for a job interview.

9 - Explore the programmer’s skills, experience, certifications. Ask them to show you the projects they recently accomplished.

10 - Discuss all the details related to software development and budgeting.

Using these tips you can easily compartmentalize your job requirements and the entire hiring process. We are here to listen to those requirements and reply you with a unique offer for C++ development. Contact Diceus to negotiate technologies, deadlines, and costs.


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