Looking for a reliable technology partner in the United States? Keep reading the DICEUS series of articles about software firms. In this post, you will learn about top 15 software companies in Washington DC ranked by Good Firms. Below our latest articles about other companies located in the United States:

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Good Firms provides a list of 44 software engineering companies in Washington DC. Let’s take a closer look at top 15 to understand what services these companies offer, what their technology focus is, what works they are proud of.

List of software companies in Washington DC

This list will be helpful for companies looking for a technology partner and people who are looking for new job opportunities in Washington.

NMG Technologies

NMG Technologies is based in Seattle, Washington, founded in 2008. Web, mobile, e-commerce, and design are four key focuses of the company. NMG offers custom software development for small and mid-size businesses and enterprises. Among the solutions they offer, there are blockchain development, fintech, cloud computing, augmented reality solutions, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things. The company provides the following services: dedicated development team, enterprise software development, mobile app development, IT consulting, DevOps, QA, and testing services. Focus industries: construction, healthcare, retail and e-commerce, finance and insurance, travel and hospitality, logistics. Among NMG customers, there are such companies as Bacardi, Nikon, JWT, Intuit, London and Partners, etc. The in-house team is comprised of over 100 employees. On their website, you can request a free consultation.


OneTree is located in Kirkland, Washington, founded in 2011. The company delivers the following solutions: mobile apps, web solutions, e-commerce, and user experience. OneTree is expertized mostly in mobile systems, UX design, and software development. One of their projects, Buyerquest, is available to read about on their website. Among the customers of OneTree, there are such companies as Stanford Medicine, Temple University, Cisneros, Directv, Banesco, Deloitte, etc.


InAllMedia is based in Seattle, Washington, founded in 2013. The company positions itself as a digital transformation firm. Create, build, and evolve are three focus things that can make the company’s motto. Customers: Leo Burnette, SmartWeb, GlobalLogic. The company is mainly focused on mobile development, web development, digital marketing, and software development.


Neudesic is based in Seattle, Washington, founded in 2002. It delivers cloud and data-driven solutions for enterprises. The company provides the following services: digital workplace, digital platform, predictive enterprise, enterprise business management, managed services. Solutions delivered by Neudesic include Dynamics CRM, process automation solutions, real-time experience for hospitality and gaming, smart metric analytics solution. The products developed by Neudesic are called Neuron ESB, Pulse, The Firm Directory, HRadvocate, eReview, and Unika. Among the customers, there are such famous companies as Columbia, Johnson & Johnson, PetSmart, Microsoft, American Cancer Society, etc.


ScaleFocus has 9 offices all over the globe including the office in Washington. The company provides the following services: digitalization and transformation, automation and security engineering, advanced analytics and data management, software sourcing management, specialized services.


RoosterPark is a custom product development company based in Seattle, Washington. The company offers web application development, platform development, cloud adoption, agile transformation. Among the case studies presented on their website, there are e-commerce projects, scaled web services, modern mobile development, and data management projects. Besides, the company searches technology partners for other companies for a long-term cooperation. You can easily learn about their recruitment services on their website.

Dev9 Inc.

Dev9 is based in Seattle, Washington, founded in 2010. They offer cloud solutions (adoption, infrastructure, modernization), software development (continuous delivery, test automation, platform modernization), and digital transformation (content management, e-commerce).

AltaSource Group

AltaSource Group is located in Seattle, Washington, founded in 2009. This company provides nearshoring, IT staffing, and builds mobile apps, web apps, and enterprise apps. The solution AltaGroup is offering are as follows: media and broadcasting, travel and hospitality, games and entertainment, healthcare, technology, security, etc.

Jetstream Software

Jetstream Software is located in Seattle, Washington, founded in 1994. Developers at Jetstream are skilled in a wide range of technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality, .Net, Angular.js, JavaScript, mixed reality, IoT, etc. Focus industries: healthcare, telecommunication, financial services, education, retail, and others.


Project202 is located in Seattle, Washington, founded in 2003. It is number 10 in the list of software companies in Washington DCranked and reviewed by Good Firms. The company’s focus is on software development, marketing, and analytics, user experience design, strategy, and insights. A number of employees: 50-250.

New Relic

New Relic is one of the top software companies n Washington DC, founded in 2008. The company has built The New Relic Platform which is a real-time analytics and full-stack visibility at cloud scale. Platform’s capabilities include alerts, plugins, applied intelligence, iOS, and Android solutions, and enterprise security. The product’s objective is to enhance your business and make your customers satisfied with the services provided. The services which New Relic provides to its customers include Amazon Web Services, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform.  


Tyemill is one of the software companies in Washington DC area located in Seattle, founded in 2007. It is also a research and development company providing services for the following industries: economics, genetics, healthcare. The number of employees: 50-250.

Efelle Creative

Founded in 2005, Efelly has already developed dozens of projects for different industries. Focus service: branding strategy, responsive web design, website development, search engine optimization, e-commerce websites, social media marketing, mobile, and web design. The latest projects accomplished by the Efelle’s team can be seen on their official website.


Flexasoft is number 14 in Good Firms list of software companies in Washington DC. Located in Redmond, founded in 2007. Flexasoft employees are skilled in testing and software engineering.


SoftBistro is 15 in the list of software companies in Washington DC. It is located in Bellevue, Washington, founded in 2009. Programming languages: Ruby, .Net, PHP, Java, JavaScript. The company is expertise in Big Data, DevOps, and QA automation.

These are 15 top software companies in Washington DC ranked and reviewed by Good Firms. We hope that this list will be helpful for those who seek new technology partners in Washington DC or those people who want to find new job opportunities there.

How much do software engineers earn in Washington DC?

According to Glassdoor, as of October 22, 2018, there are around 12,000 jobs for software specialists in Washington DC. Among the companies seeking qualified specialists, there are large health and retailer software companies in Washington DC. All of them have their specific requirements to the candidates. Let’s find out the average rates and salaries of software engineers in Washington.

According to the same source, software engineers salary in Washington varies from $80,000 (entry-level developers) to $140,000 (senior developers, team leads). The average salary is $108,000. The data is based on around 7,000 individual reporting.

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