top software companies in atlanta

Atlanta is well-known for its 10th largest economy in the USA and the 18th biggest in the world. So, it is not surprising that in 2017 Forbes chose Atlanta as one of the 5 tech giant cities.

Atlanta has many business opportunities with an ability for the small companies sell stuff or services to the bigger organizations. Moreover, enterprises may use a large pool of IT talents from Georgia Tech, the famous engineering school.

What’s more, Atlanta has become a hub for venture capital with $233 million from 32 deals. It ranks as the city with the third-highest number of fast-growing businesses.

Here, the average annual salary in software companies in Atlanta is $75,334-$81,649.

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Top software companies in Atlanta

#1 SAP America Inc

It develops enterprise application software that helps to refine business operations, such as production, warehouse management, supplier relationships, customer relationships, sales, and administrative functions. Their products involve cloud enterprise resource planning, ERP for small and midsize enterprises; SAP HANA data management suite, enterprise information management; procurement and networks offers; application integration and infrastructure; supplier management,  analytics comprises, SAP analytics cloud, strategic sourcing. Additionally, it also brings digital supply chain such as, IoT, asset management, engineering; workforce planning and analytics; core human resources and payroll; people engagement offers; learning and development; time and attendance management.

Its services involve consulting and support, as well as application hosting and custom development.


Infor is one of the software development companies in Atlanta that develops IT products such as CRM and financial systems. It has more than 68 000 clients globally and pays attention to cloud computing as a service and business apps.


Navicure is one of the healthcare software companies in Atlanta that offers billing and payment solutions. Its cloud-based management helps to refine revenue, speed up cash flow and decrease costs. It has over 90,000 clients worldwide and allows automating main processes.

It brings healthcare revenue cycle management solutions and offers an estimate of a patient’s financial responsibility. Moreover, customers may get a solution that accelerates the claims processes and a patient payment automation system.

Their solutions help simplify and unify the revenue cycle with advanced data analytics capabilities.


This is an American multinational technology company that sells and supports computer software and related services. It is ranked as the world’s biggest software maker by revenue, and one of the most valuable companies globally.

Nowadays, it is the leading company in the IBM PC-compatible operating system market. Also, it produces enterprise and consumer software for servers and desktops.

top software companies in atlanta ga


DICEUS collaborates with businesses worldwide to develop brand-new software services or products and integrate market-leading solutions. This company was recognized by the trustworthy resources with the customer’s reviews: Clutch, Good Firms, IT Firms, Top agency.

Their expertise:

  • software product development
  • dedicated development team
  • mobile application development
  • re-engineering, migration
  • QA and testing
  • project management
  • technical support
  • consultancy and training.

Their solutions:

  • business intelligence
  • enterprise content management
  • big data
  • CRM
  • Blockchain
  • data science
  • cloud solutions
  • UI/UX
  • DevOps
  • ERP


  • finance
  • HR
  • healthcare
  • insurance
  • e-commerce
  • automotive
  • sports
  • travel.


Accenture is one of the best software companies in Atlanta that provides technology services, outsourcing and management consulting. It has offices in 53 countries and revenues before refund more than $25.5 billion.

It focuses on finance and enterprise performance, customer relationship management, risk management, strategy, operations, talent, and organization.

In 2018, the company gained net revenues of $39.6 billion. It has customers in 120 countries and over 459,000 employees on board. The customers involve over three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500.


The company offers innovative IT systems that help to increase productivity, performance, and profitability. It brings security, hybrid cloud, big data technologies, as well as cybersecurity solutions.

This is a top provider of innovative business technology solutions that collaborates with Signal Sciences, web defense provider. They launched together runtime application self-protection solutions and web application firewall for the cybersecurity.

Abacus Solutions

It offers information technology infrastructure solutions such as data storage, infrastructure virtualization, network, business continuity, email archiving, data hosting, new and used server, data center support, third party maintenance solutions, networking equipment. Abacus Solutions also suggest servers, storage and networking products, and software.

Sila Nanotechnologies

This company develops lighter, cheaper and smaller batteries, changing portable energy storage. It creates and manufactures energy-dense lithium-silicon battery materials with revenue of $70 million.

The company manufactures a nanocomposite that helps silicon to be applied as an anode in lithium-ion batteries. Applying silicon helps batteries to keep more energy in the identical amount of space that is very useful feature for the hybrid and electric cars.

American Process

This is one of the software companies in Atlanta that specializes in the development of the innovative technologies for the production of ethanol and sugars from biomass. The company has helped to launch the first cellulosic ethanol plants in the United States. Also, it works on biochemicals and biomaterials.

Their services are compliant with Washington State’s policies.


This is one of the software companies in Atlanta GA that manufactures and creates ultra-miniature flight computers, avionics, autopilot Systems, and robotic accessories.

The company is the developer of the global smallest and newest flying drones for gaming, personal and research videography/photography use.


This is a marketing platform for the small companies that helps to find out new customers and reach wider audiences. Nowadays, it serves millions of clients around the world.


This is one of the financial software companies in Atlanta that offers IT services and products to merchants and banks to make loans to clients for home improvement, healthcare, solar, etc. Financing for its credit programs is delivered by federally-insured and state-chartered financial institutions.

The company signs up merchants who purchase stuff, such as home improvement products and furniture, involving aluminum siding, window replacement, and roofing. It can also manage elective medical operations.


This is one of the financial software companies in Atlanta as well. It was founded to bring mobile checkout services to the enterprises that desired to accept bitcoins. Nowadays, it has more than 10,000 active merchants involving WordPress’s bitcoin merchant.

In May 2013, the company had raised $2 million through the Founders Fund. Gallippi informed that since its foundation they had processed more than $34m, which was the adequation to 270,830 bitcoins.

In 2014, this one of the top software companies in Atlanta became the first bitcoin charity and sponsored a North American and the St. Petersburg sports event.

In May 2016, they launched the BitPay Visa Prepaid Debit Card, the first debit card accessible in all 50 US states. In 2016, they introduced the BitPay app and added new bitcoin-accepting firms involving nonprofit Heifer International, gaming platform Steam, and metals provider JM Bullion. New cooperations and releases with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform and Intel brought new features to the Bitcore open source platforms and BitPay’s Copay.

In 2017, BitPay raised the minimum payment on the platform to $100 USD from the initial $5 USD. In 2018, they received its virtual currency license from the New York Department of Financial Services.


It is one of the healthcare software companies in Atlanta. Its software is applied by thousands of hospital departments globally to automatically create the most optimized physician work schedules to provide difficult business rules and accurately manage the needed medical provider.

Atlanta is full of useful and innovative IT companies that serve customers all over the globe. Many software companies moved there because of the ability to cooperate with the best software companies in Atlanta.

Use our list of software companies in Atlanta for your business needs. We’ve described the specifications of each IT company, their expertise, and strengths. Feel free to share your experience working with these companies in comments.