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The software companies in Illinois add more than $16 billion to the state’s economy annually. Nowadays, the tech boom has grown beyond traditional hubs such as California and New York. Well-funded tech startups are placed in Florida (Magic Leap, $2.35B), Illinois (Avant, $655M), Virginia (OneWeb, $2.2B), and Utah (Qualtrics, $400M).

Illinois receives the eighth-most economic profit from the IT industry of any state in the United States. The researchers found that there are more than 98,000 jobs in Illinois, and the state receives $545 million in development investments and software research — more than 4% of all state’s investments.

April 2014 issue of the Index reports that the percentage of job creation will be in innovative sectors driven by technology and science. Here, the share of establishments in high-tech industries is fast-growing with more than 392,000 private businesses.

This state ranks third among most populous states with the number of high-tech establishments. Moreover, Illinois is among the top five in technical jobs in the US.

The city mixes a deep technical talent pool with an ability to cooperate with the best global researchers and practitioners. Chicago’s central location also makes it attractive for the IT entrepreneurs.

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software companies in illinois

How Illinois universities cultivate the startup ecosystem

Universities like Northwestern University, the Illinois Institute of Technology, and the University of Chicago – among leaders in entrepreneurship like DePaul University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Loyola University Chicago  – are developing the highest valued companies.

Illinois universities employ in general 2,400 STEM postdoctoral researchers, according to the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition. Moreover, Illinois is also the fourth biggest producer of MBAs in the country.

Illinois Institute of Technology

This is home to the two the biggest entrepreneurship centers in the country: the Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship and the Jules F. Knapp Entrepreneurship Center.

The institute is very proactive: it provides business consulting resources,  university-wide commercialization resources, education around rapid prototyping and enterprise creation, and a home to the business incubator and a technology park. Life-sciences entrepreneurs get fume hoods to vent chemicals, massive autoclaves to sterilize equipment, and high-tech clean rooms for growing cultures from the tech park.

It has incubated more than 30 successful startups including bioagriculture startup Chromatin (with more than $70M in venture capital funding), Cleversafe (which traded to IBM for $1.3B and with $100 million in funding), Therapeutic Proteins International LLC , which created a process for developing biosimilar drugs.

It has produced even big companies involving  Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA, Abbott Laboratories, Baxter International Inc., AbbVie Inc., Horizon Pharma Inc., Astellas Pharma U.S. Inc.

The institute has attracted key donors from the entrepreneurship ecosystem. For example, the founder of Cleversafe donated $7.6M to the computer science program . Even legendary entrepreneur Ed Kaplan donated $10M to its innovation and tech entrepreneurship institute.

Northwestern University

Through its innovation programs like INVO, the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and The Garage, the university maintains entrepreneurship on campus. Among the companies that have grown at Northwestern are 4C Insights (with $26M in venture capital funding) and Aptinyx (with $65M in venture capital funding). Northwestern has also incubated such leading companies as FourKites and the NuCurrent .

Chris Galvin, former CEO and Chairman of Motorola and Peter Barris, Chairman of multibillion-dollar venture capital firm NEA are among the shareholders involved in the university’s innovation and entrepreneurship programs.

Northwestern University — Kellogg School of Management

This well-known business school cooperates with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and ESADE in Barcelona for solving worldwide real-world problems. It also offers a one-year MBA degree for the best students who already have work experience.

University of Chicago

Its New Venture Challenge is recognized as a top university accelerator program in the country. BrainTree (which sold to PayPal for $800M) and GrubHub (valued at $2.7 billion in 2014) are among successful participants.

The program has launched 180 companies that have raised more than $585M in funding and generated revenue of $5.8B.

In 2016, Michael Polsky, Hyde Park Angels member, and energy entrepreneur gave a $50M donation to develop a center that is aimed to improve access to venture creation, entrepreneurship education, and research commercialization.

Nowadays, it operates as an innovation center and co-working space and maintains the university’s Innovation Fund. This fund invests in startups from an ecosystem that involves Argonne National Laboratory, the University of Chicago, the Marine Biological Laboratory, Fermilab, and has seen success endowing a food allergy solution ClostraBio that raised $3.5M from venture investors.

Software companies in Illinois


The company relocated its corporate headquarters from Southern California to Chicago due to the superior infrastructure and region’s leadership in medical technology innovation.

It operates in 30 countries and is a worldwide leader in neurological systems, orthopedic implants, and instrumentation. Nowadays, this is one of the fastest growing orthopedic companies in the world.

The company specializes in innovative and personalized minimally-invasive approaches to treat patients. Medacta delivers medicine solutions for spine surgery, joint replacement, etc.

The company operates in more than 30 countries all over the world and employs more than 930 employees.

Elmdale Partners

This is one of the software companies in Skokie Illinois with revenue of $60.2 million in 2017. It is a real estate investment company that specializes in residential and commercial real estate. The company’s platform involves brokerage, investments, commercial financing, property management, and development. It is ranked as Crain’s Fast 50 Top Ten and One of Chicagoland’s Biggest Private Companies.

Hidden Brains InfoTech

This is one of the software companies in Chicago Illinois and a global provider of enterprise solutions and IT consulting. It serves various industries involving retail, oil and gas, healthcare, transportation & hospitality, energy & utilities.

They specialize in the Internet of things, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.


This is a belarusian software development company that provides software solutions to government and business. The company has completed more than 500 projects to over 300 companies in Sports, Banking, eHealth, Retail, Gaming, Marketing, etc.

These are some of their clients:,, the Turkcell, Thumbtack, Trelleborg.

Codiant Software Technologies

This is one of the software companies in Chicago Illinois that delivers web app and mobile development, enterprise mobility solutions, application maintenance services, UI/UX development, etc.

Debut Infotech

The company offers UX-based design and development, app consultation, SaaS, Blockchain development, etc.

Their services:

  • User experience-based design
  • Mobile app development
  • Blockchain development
  • Web-application design & development
  • iOS app development
  • Backend development
  • Android app development
  • App consultation & development for entrepreneurs/startups
  • Hyperledger, Ethereum-based apps, and chain code development
  • Enterprise mobility solutions.

Idyllic Software

The company provides software product development, software development & consulting, UX/UI design, application support & software maintenance. They pay attention to the Ruby on Rails solutions and have capabilities and expertise in node.js, Android and iOS.

Panacea Infotech

  • This company has an expertise in HTML5 Enterprise app development, iOS, Android with experience more than 10 years.

    Their services:
  • Mobile application development (iOS, Android, Windows & PhoneGap)
  • Web design & development
  • Custom application development
  • Gaming development
  • IT consulting & hosting services
  • E-commerce development
  • Salesforce consulting services
  • Magento development
  • Content management tools
  • QA and testing
  • Digital marketing
  • Rich internet applications.


It is a worldwide mobile app development company with over 500 employees on board. Intersog delivers end-to-end solutions for IoT, wearable tech, mobile apps, web, cloud and big data.


This is one of the top full-service software development company according to Clutch. The company pays attention to creating enterprise software solutions.

They serve clients in more than 20 countries across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, the Middle East.

Their services:

  • web and mobile development (e-commerce solutions, cross-platform (React Native, Xamarin Native) mobile apps, user-friendly native (iOS & Android) apps, etc.
  • data science and big data
  • Enterprise software development ( ERP, CRM, SCM, EAM)
  • Re-engineering migration maintenance.

Black Line Consulting

It is challenging to list all software companies in Naperville Illinois. Let’s consider one of them – Black Line Consulting. Its revenue was $2,2M in 2014.

The company develops cloud-based accounting software that allows businesses to handle their financial reports. It was ranked number 43 on Forbes Cloud 100 list.

It has more than 2,000 customers involving Kraft Heinz, Costco, Sirius XM Holdings, Under Armour. The company’s software handles financial data, and monitors controls through permanent auditing.

Forsythe Solutions Group Inc.

This is one of the software companies in Skokie Illinois. It provides enterprise management services and technology infrastructure consulting. It also delivers integration, management, design, and assessment services.


This is one of the big software companies in Illinois with more than 13 years of experience. The company serves various industries involving broadcast media, healthcare and fintech.

Dignity Software

The company has expertise in such services as iOS App Development, Android App Development, Web Application Design & Development, CMS Development, Cross-Platform App Development, Digital Marketing, and Consulting Services.

Bosch Software Innovations

They have deep experience in the Internet of Things and have the software, domain-specific, and organizational know-how to maintain companies to thrive digitally.


This is one of the big software companies in Illinois that provides agile software development for large corporations and small startups.

Devbridge Group

This is software development and design company, strategic partner to B2B enterprises. It delivers agile software development for FORTUNE 1000 enterprises in manufacturing, financial services, and technology.

So, there are many small and medium software development companies in Illinois that have the ability to fulfill various business needs. Many of them have deep experience and innovative ideas to help businesses all over the world to stay competitive and innovate.

Illinois universities have incubated a lot of successful startups that became the unicorns. They deliver huge support and have different financial investments from legendary entrepreneurs. It helps software companies in Illinois to thrive and implement business ideas into life.