This article is devoted to Angular and Angular.js technologies that might be of great interest to both developers and buyers. It is a short review of the framework, its advantages, and its features. You will be able to learn about the similar JS frameworks and salaries of specialists who use this technology in the USA and Ukraine.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is one of the hot and trending JavaScript frameworks for web development, mainly for SPA (single pages applications) development. It contains a great number of advanced features like:

  • data binding and dependency injection
  • full testing environment
  • deep linking for dynamic pages
  • directives
  • MVVM to the rescue
  • stateless controllers

This technology is widely used by developers as it ensures fast loading of dynamic SPA-based sites.

What is Angular?

Angular is the next-level well-structured framework for web development. It offers organized documentation and a great number of practical tutorials. Angular 2 introduced a command-line tool that allows generating applications, modules, components, directives, services, filters, to launch tests, code check, etc.    

What Is the Difference Between Angular and AngularJS? Simply put, AngularJS is an ancestor of Angular, and most beginners are recommended to start directly with Angular rather than from its ancestor.

What you should know about SPAs

Single page application has always been a major part of software development. However, there had been a lot of restrictions in interaction with complex web applications which made them not as responsive as desktop applications. As an alternative to traditional web applications, so-called rich internet applications that are quite similar to desktop applications were developed. At the same time, the new versions of traditional technologies used for web development such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were evolving and progressing which made it possible to create a new generation of lightweight and flexible apps – Single Page Applications.

This new type of web applications is comparable in terms of interactivity with desktop applications which do not require any additional plugins to function. The only requirement that should be fulfilled in order to make Single Page Application work on the user computer is the latest web browser version. This may be considered as a drawback of such applications since JavaScript support is still an issue all across the globe. There are still lots of users that do not always update their web browsers to the latest version or even deliberately turn JavaScript off for security or privacy reasons.  

Angular web development: What Angular framework to choose?

There are some other JS-based frameworks for web development like React, Ember, Vue.js, Meteor, etc. Let’s specify the main features of the above-mentioned stacks.


React is more a library than a framework. It is used by many social networks for its high performance. React can be easily integrated with any type of architecture. Among the key advantages of this framework, there are high performance and the capability to reuse code.


Since 2016 Vue.js has shown its strong sides being faster than Angular and React. The key advantages of this framework are two-way binding of data, scaffolding, JSX support. It is used by developers to create SPAs where high performance has the edge over the code structure.


Ember is another JS-based stack that is supported by a huge community. It updates regularly and offers perfect UX. This framework is good for creating feature-rich apps and sites. By the way, it is used by Netflix, LinkedIn, and Kickstarter.


Meteor is a powerful collection of frontend and backend features, database and business logic management. The framework is used on all stages of SDLC which is its main advantage. Ikea and Mazda apps are developed with this stack.

If you came down on Angular/AngularJS, you should definitely know how to recruit professional developers. Besides, you should be armed with information on what factors influence the cost of development. Salaries of Angular specialists might be interesting for you. We used up-to-date and trusted data on salaries in different countries to put this report together.

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How to hire AngularJS developers? Top 3 criteria of choosing a developer

If you consider only Angular developer cost when choosing a vendor you are in the wrong business. There are other aspects to consider when searching for the right candidates. Based on our experience and clients reviews, we gathered here top 3 things that affect the choice of IT services provider.

Criteria 1 – Skills

No matter what type of website you need, an SPA or a sophisticated corporate site, the company of your choosing must know how many beans make five. Usually, the process of development requires the knowledge of at least 3-5 technologies to successfully implement the project. Pay attention to what technology stack your potential vendor offers. Check the portfolio and read clients reviews about the company.

Criteria 2 – Experience

Web development is at its height. Hugely popularity and high return led to the rapid growth of software development companies. Start-up companies are entering the IT market at the rapid-fire pace. Be sure you know that such start-up companies if you choose any, are able to deliver a high-quality IT product on time.

Criteria 3 – Support

Just test the developers of your choosing by asking them any questions related to your project and check how fast they respond and how much they wish to cooperate with you. Quick response and high-quality support are no less important than the cost of the project, expertise, and experience.

Before you hire AngularJS developers, consider the aspects we mentioned. And now let’s proceed to things that worry clients most of all – costs, rates, salaries – all about the financial matter.

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Angular developer salary in the USA and Ukraine

The contrast between these two countries is often striking. Below we will compare the salaries of people engaged in IT industry. You will be surprised by a huge gap in salaries and consequently in the rates for software development. So, Angular/Angular.js stacks are under salaries review!

What is AngularJS salary in USA?

According to Payscale, as of May 2018, specialists developing IT products with Angular in the United States earn $62,400 during an average year. The salaries vary between $37,000 and $99,000 per year. This data is based on individual reporting of more than 22,000 developers.

angular developer salary

According to the same source, those who specialize in AngularJS earn more in America. An average pay equals to $71,750 per year whereas the lowest wage is $53,000 and the highest one is $160,000. Isn’t it a huge gap between Angular and AngularJS jobs? However, it is important to note that this information is based only on 13 reportings in comparison to those 22,000 of Angular users.

angularjs salary in usa

In terms of expertise and jobs, senior Angular developers earn the highest pays. According to Payscale, Angular experts earn during an average hour:

  • software engineer makes $37
  • web developer – $26
  • front-end developer – $37
  • senior software engineer – $64
  • senior Net. developer – $60

The biggest AngularJS developer hourly rate is $100 (Sr. software engineer).  

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How much do Angular developers in Ukraine earn?

An Angular developer is a much-wanted commodity in Ukraine as this country is considered to be one of the most attractive outsourcing destinations. You may easily find here geeks writing in different programming languages. Ukrainians gain new tech insights quickly and implement the latest stacks into their projects. As compared to the USA, Angular salaries here are lower. And what is more pleasant – the quality of the accomplished projects is high.

According to, as of 2018, Ukrainian Angular.js specialists earn $2,000-2,500 during an average month and only a few get the highest salaries like more than $5,000.  

Angular Developers in Ukraine

Best AngularJS development company: What services do companies working on AngularJS provide?

If you are searching for Angular.js company, you definitely plan to start developing a new project. Here are the main services that such companies provide to their clients:

  1. Cross-platform applications development. Angular and Angular.js apps run perfectly in different browsers as well as on different platforms.
  2. Testing and quality assurance. Testing, checking for bugs and errors, and bug fixing are the essential stages of any SDLC. These services must be a priory necessary condition of an agreement with a software engineering provider.
  3. Design and new technology. Modern society requires prompt actions and creative designs. Your vendor must ensure interactivity and dynamic designs of the developed apps.
  4. Maintenance and optimization. In case you have a new marketing plan that requires additional development of a new killer-feature, you must be able to ask your vendors about that.

Need a high-quality AngularJS web application? DICEUS – AngularJS development company

To demonstrate a bunch of possible solutions that can be built with Angular/Angular.js, we have collected some apps examples below:

  • real-time server monitoring application;
  • expenses tracking tool;
  • a blog;
  • GitHub dashboard with issues;
  • a small CMS;
  • some types of games;
  • birthday reminding tool, etc.

Typical SPA apps developed with Angular are Google Drive, Evernote, and Gmail. A lot of specialists find Angular perfect for writing single-page apps as the stack has a short learning curve and a bunch of useful features. To start writing with this framework you will need around 1 spare hour and a few months to learn all other functionalities and features offered. It is ideal for solving different frontend issues as well as for developing cross-platform web and mobile apps. Our developers are highly-skilled and qualified in creating the most user-friendly SPAs with the help of Angular. Ask for estimation and get a quick response.  

Angular Conf Australia, June 22, 2018

During this conference, you will be able to visit different workshops and listen to experts in the field of Angular development. Tickets are available on the official website of the event.

Angular Connect, November 6-7, 2018

This meetup will be held in London, UK. The list of speakers and workshops is available on site. Visit this event for in-depth learning with professionals. You will be able to buy tickets directly on the website of the event.

Such professional conferences are held all year round. You can listen there to experts, learn about the latest innovations, share your experience with colleagues.


AngularJS is an extremely powerful and flexible framework that provides large discretion to developers. A developer is free to choose which frontend architecture and structure to build. Right choices ensure further scalability and maintainability of the application. AngularJS application authentication and authorization may be implemented in various ways including traditional sessions and cookies in conjunction with HTML5 local storage and AngularJS components.

AngularJS framework provides all the necessary means to integrate third-party JavaScript libraries into the application. When it comes to testing AngularJS apps, it turns out that it is a test-friendly framework – most application modules can be tested. There is a constant growth of JavaScript-based development tools that allow developers to focus mainly on the application itself rather than on performing routine and monotonous tasks such as running tests, downloading project dependencies, etc.

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