New technologies have skyrocketed in recent years bringing a fresh wave of talents. Now, developers CVs include the skillset that combines programming, science, and analytics necessary to compete for jobs on an equal footing. Digital evolution shapes the way we view data, communicate, and share our ideas. In our article, we will find out how these factors affect PHP developer salary globally.

Why is staying proactive on jobs market so important for most IT companies?

To remain key players within the industry, companies should look for the leading human resources able to craft an effective staff strategy, manage business processes and projects.

Unfortunately, the rapid growth of technological advancement comes with certain difficulties such as a lack of skilled developers. This has forced many companies to adapt and stay competitive in their compensation and benefits offerings. The demand for qualified employees has led to an increase in top level executive salaries and modified the current hiring procedures.  To stay proactive and adaptive on the developers jobs market, check out this comprehensive PHP Developer Salary Guide that consists of rates range in different countries, technology forecasts, trends, and upcoming hiring challenges. The guide will serve as a valuable piece of information that provides insights for global compensation trends.

The most anticipated recruiting challenges for 2021 to take into account if you look for PHP developer for hire

Over the past years, humans saw a bunch of innovations in information technology such as speech technology, satellite imaging, learning robots, AR and VR innovations, and others. All these accomplishments are a true proof of human capital. Any innovation begins with finding the right candidate to match the role and project goals. However, recruiting the right candidate is not always easy and for many companies, 2018 has become more difficult in terms of hiring the best developers.

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With high financial involvement and increased pressure on tech companies, businesses are becoming more selective in their hiring procedures and the demand for highly-skilled employees.

Cutting time for decision making

It is considered that within a week of starting a job search, highly-expertise candidates receive multiple offers. A long wait for the decision on candidates causes the loss of candidates’ interest in the position and company that’s why many organizations are trying to cut down and speed up their hiring procedures.

Lack of talented employees

Due to sensitive data associated with most IT projects requiring several levels of screening candidates’ skills, staffing has become a daunting task. Many companies face a poor number of skilled developers.

Benefits trends

It is expected that businesses will face additional hiring challenges in the coming 2 years. Due to a great increase in starting salaries, many company owners offer different benefits and office perks (flexible working hours, free lunches, medical insurance) to attract and retain top talents.

Culture is above all

While the benefits package does play a contributing role when candidates are evaluating a job offer, for many seasoned candidates, culture is one of the most important factors. Playing an important role in the hiring process, many candidates are also weighing in company culture when evaluating an opportunity, thus possibly adding in further challenges to the recruiting process.

Innovative recruiting

Setting the long list of recruiting challenges aside, recruiting remains adaptive. A lot of recruiting agencies start implementing innovative hiring approaches and techniques which makes them top competitors within the industry. Due to existing and upcoming challenges, HR specialists have to be prepared and optimistic.

What do PHP developers do?

A developer is usually an integral part of any IT project or startup. Do they write code only? Actually, PHP developers ensure smooth performance of different web-based processes. These processes could include such activities like registering an account, handling e-commerce transactions, and so on. Often, PHP specialists use their script together with other stacks that facilitate the development of data and menu-driven solution that are easily managed.

What skills should a PHP programmer have? These technology experts should have a Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, programming, or development. They must be able to write PHP code and test it for customers’ apps. Developers should be also ready to debug the written code, use different environments, source debuggers, etc.

PHP developer salary range in the USA

IT sector is one of the leading industries for career and employment growth. With IT jobs expanding outside of large city hub spots such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, New York City, and spreading across the country at a rapid rate, it can be easy to see why opportunities for employment within the IT industry abound. Salary boosts throughout various specialties, the environment has been set to become very competitive within this space. For many companies, this can indicate a continued struggle when it comes to finding top tech talents to meet business needs while for many candidates it translates to larger opportunities for those looking for full-time employment. When it comes to career outlook for the IT industry as a whole, the future continues to look promising. For those who are exploring IT careers or continue to grow their work within the technology industry, the outlook can hold unique and lucrative opportunities worth exploring.

php developer salary nyc

PHP developer salary NYC

New York is very densely populated city and it is no wonder that the city attracts top-level experts. According to Payscale, PHP programmers earn from $50K to $102K per year. The median is $74,700. The hourly rates range from $9 to $88 (median – $30).

PHP developer salary in Canada

Canada demonstrates a little bit lower rates of PHP developers as compared with those in the USA. The annual salary ranges from C$39,000 to C$75,000 with a median of C$54,000. Hourly rates start with C$13 and end with C$41.

PHP developer salary in the UK

As of June 2018, PHP developers in the United Kingdom earn $24,700-55,900 per year. Hourly costs are $9-57. According to Payscale, the most popular skills required for PHP developers are JavaScript, jQuery, and object-oriented programming. The highest salaries are paid to people located in London and Leeds, the lowest rates get the programmers living in Nottingham, Manchester, and Southampton.

PHP developer salary in India

php developer salary in india

Indian developers writing code in PHP earn $1600-7650 annually. The hourly costs vary from $2 to $13. These rates are too low as compared with those paid to developers in the United States or Canada. PHP specialists should also obtain such skills like Drupal and DHTML to increase the pay for their job.

PHP developer salary Pakistan

As of June 9, 2018, tech employees using PHP earn $9,000 during an average year. The highest reported salary is $26,000 per year, the lowest one is $3,000. The data is based on 58 individual reportings on Payscale.

PHP developer salary in Dubai

Web developers with PHP skills make $6,800-49,000 per year. The median is $19,000. The rates information is reported by 89 developers living in the United Arab Emirates and working in Dubai.

PHP developer salary in Ukraine

php developer salary range

As our company is located in Ukraine we would like to compare the rates here. Below is a table demonstrating the monthly wages of PHP employees with different levels of expertise across the country:

 Junior PHP developer salary, $Middle PHP developer salary, $Senior PHP developer salary, $

As you see, the junior developer hourly rate ranges from 2 to 4 dollars that are also very low as compared to other European cities.

Smaller markets grow as new tech hubs emerge

With new innovative tech ventures that reached an all-time high over the past years, we’ve come to see companies set their headquarters at most popular and densely populated cities of the world. However, many of the same organizations started to branch out and establish additional offices in cities outside of popular tech hubs. These emerging R&D centers have proved to be a great help to local communities and the overall economy.

For many of the cities, 2019-2020 are set to bring many benefits including financial stability, increased job opportunities and much more.

php developers for hire

Employees are coming back

In the past years, we have witnessed a surge in the return of previous employees. From 48% in 2015 to a significant 76% percent in 2016, we can expect 2019 to remain high for the return of these professionals. As they are fairly familiar with company practices and usually do not require orientation, this presents a problem for competing candidates with no previous experience with the current company. For many companies, these return hires are addressed on a case by case basis.

Young talents take executive positions

As millions of American company executives set to retire, we are bound to see the millennial generation step up to management goals set by retiring staff. As a result, many companies can expect to see major shifts in culture, management styles and for some, overall shifts in business operations.

Part-time & freelance jobs are becoming highly popular

Previously, we saw the rise of freelance and part-time job opportunities and in 2021 the trend is predicted to continue. With many people enjoying the flexibility of part-time work or working for themselves, it can be easy to see the effect that this has on many companies looking for full-time employees. To counter this trend, many companies are customizing their contracts and working in flexible terms that accommodate the needs of these employees.