What Is Big Data Analysis? Does this kind of analysis sound like some abstract notion to you? Expert members of Diceus Big Data Team Ukraine will explain to you what this term means in plain language. Once you complete reading this article you will pick up how this modern technology can come in handy to both common people and big organizations.

No matter what generation you belong to, millennials or i-generation, you can hardly do common daily activities without various devices. Taking medications, for example, has never been easier before. Your healthcare tracker app reminds you daily of the time you should take your pills. Managing your daily expenses is also easy with various money spending tracking apps. Each day of our life we deal with high data volume. In most cases, we don’t understand how and why our logs are tracked by Big Data specialists.  

What do industries and administrations do with the data? How do they exploit it? The amount of global data is growing very rapidly and requires special ways of analyzing it. That’s what our article about.

There a lot of new methods that have been invented to get the data. Once you have the required information it’s not always clear if this data is enough, if you should add something from outside other resources. The same it’s unclear what methods you should use to handle a particular case.

Analyzing Big Data requires experience. People from public sectors and businesses have to pay strong attention to the effective learning programs to come to grips with big data analytics to exploit the information they have efficiently.

Can’t choose between Python and Java for a data science project? Read what technology is better.

The Importance of Big Data

Mobile Users Boost

26% of people all over the globe spend around 7 hours a day on their mobile devices, and 29% can’t live without smartphones 5-6 hours. So, if you’re considering to hire remote dedicated iOS developer – it’s about time.

Time Spent on Smartphones Everyday - Big Data Team Ukraine

The number of subscriptions is increasing so fast that businesses fail to find out quickly the new ways in which they can effectively use those huge amounts of leads.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Sensors record and monitor the environmental or health changes. Then those are transmitted to a central location for analysis. The growth of networks caused the boost of IoT applications which are closely connected with Big Data collection.

Social Networks: Publish, Watch, React

The average growth rate of European people using Facebook, Twitter, or else gained up to 10% in recent 4 years. Never-ending stories are published, watched and reacted to by billions of users. Why not using your behavior data and interests for marketing aims?

Don’t be out of the left field considering Big Data to be a money-making instrument only. Nobody denies that this trending technology helps corporations make big money. However, it also enhances our life and day to day experiences. What are Big Data trends? Here is a list of a few examples of how it will develop in the next 10 months:

Social Good in Medical Data – Now there’s a possibility to use your DNA or your medical records in order to create a very specific disease database. This is really a revolutionary change we might treat patients.

Day to Day Life  – People use millions of music services going out to fitness. That’s about how music is being triggered by a lifestyle in real time, how friends and networks communicate to choose music.

Is your data an asset that could be mined? Most users are unsure what exactly companies are doing with their data. The user should be really in control how mobile app, for example, track their locations. Here is a good article recently published on our website explaining what is understood under private information and what innovative GDPR rules are to come into force this year.

What Steps Governments and Companies Should Take to Boost Personal Data Transparency?

Three areas corporations must focus on are privacy, control, and reward. The first important step is to give someone a control that helps them understand the impact of the use of their data. Once people make clear of the impact then business can consider privacy, the by-product of control. Around all of that, there is a need to start giving fair value to people.

Big Data in Healthcare

Everybody heard of horrible mistakes done by physicians when prescribing wrong medications to their patients. Big Data is capable of changing the situation by analyzing patients records. What are other ways Healthcare could be positively modified by Big Data? Below are other advantages of applying business intelligence and predictive analytics in hospitals:

  • recognize patients with high risks;
  • cut medical costs;
  • improve patients outcomes;
  • prevent fraud and breaches;
  • increase the use of electronic health records (EHR).

What Benefits Could You Get with Big Data Software?

Big Data software can serve the following aims:

  1. Arrange large volumes of information and process it in accordance with your needs.
  2. Protect valuable information from breaches in a proactive mode.
  3. Meet higher quality expectations of customers with real-time tools.
  4. Use Hadoop Distributed File System to store data safely.
  5. Predict your business development with machine learning solutions.
  6. Develop new options and features that can be easily integrated with open-source platforms.

Big Data software vendor is a company offering its clients the services that match 6 business enhancements mentioned above. Let’s see how analytics helps businesses enhance profit and get high revenues. According to Statista, the global revenue got from Big Data in 2017 it was equal to $150.8 billion. The chart below shows that there is a tendency it will amount $210 billion in 2020.

Revenue from Big Data 2015-2020 - Big Data Software

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