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A dedicated Java developer – everything you should know

Java is still popular today. It was ranked first in TIOBE Index for June 2019 and second in PYPL Index for the same month. GitHub also placed this language on the second position after JavaScript while Stack Overflow featured only fifth with more than 26% gap from the leading JavaScript.

Popularity of Java app developer

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Popularity of Java app developer

Still, Java remains one of the simplest and most efficient coding tools in the world. It suits various tasks from Android apps to major science platforms. The language can be used in various industries to create elaborate software tools, including commercial and open source programs. Actually, if you plan to create an application, most likely, you will need a dedicated Java developer.

Managers, CEOs, and product owners may face numerous questions related to the software development process. Why is Java so popular? Where it can be used? How professional devs work? Finally, how to find and hire one? Don’t worry, we’re going to answer these questions.

Understanding the language and Java devs

Java was started in 1991 and the first version was released in 1996. It’s a general object-oriented language based on the WORA idea so developers can literally Write Once and Run Everywhere. The latest version is Java 12 released in March 2019.

Below, you can find the most notable features of the language, so-called twelve Java buzzwords:

Hence, a dedicated Java developer is a programmer with at least basic knowledge of the language. He or she realizes how to use available tools and complete the tasks. Depending on these objectives, you may be interested in different Java engineers.

Dedicated Java developer buzzwords

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Dedicated Java developer buzzwords

Essential skill sets for a Java app developer

Similarly to health care specialists, Java devs have specializations. Generally, the basic things are common for all of them like biology and chemistry are universal subjects for physicians. Nevertheless, exact approaches, tools, frameworks, and skills may differ. And you want to know the project’s goal to hire dedicated Java developer with a relevant skill set. Really, nobody goes to a dentist when they suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Java desktop coders

Although desktop programs aren’t the most popular in Java development, it’s possible to write them. The brightest example is the creation of graphical user interfaces or GUIs. In this case, coders may use several tools, including three well-known ones:

  1. Abstract Windowing Tool. A kit of predefined components such as menus, buttons, and lists that users arrange in the required order.
  2. Swing. Another toolkit with various widgets and more advanced elements, e.g. scroll lines, trees, tables, and tabs.
  3. JavaFX. An extension and even replacement for Swing. It consists of interoperable media and visual packs and features a self-contained model for easier deployment.

Java web coders

Here’s one of the main fields for Java. Thanks to its simplicity and independence, the language allows building extremely diverse online apps. For instance, Java is widely used in e-commerce space so the industry giants like Amazon and Wayfair adapt it to create sites. Moreover, top-notch security features made it the top choice for governmental organizations, including defense, insurance, healthcare, education, and other facilities.

Here are some technologies, frameworks, and services that a dedicated Java developer should know to design web apps:

Java iOS app creators

Well, this point is the trickiest one. If you have at least a basic knowledge of Java, you may know that the language isn’t tailored to iOS development. It’s pretty unreasonable to choose this approach because of inefficient and generally complicated processes. Still, there are tools like RoboVM and JavaFXPorts that support this development type.

On the other hand, Java features wider usage for cross-platform products. Moreover, there are projects that eliminate drawbacks of cross-platform development and allow users to write native applications for iOS in simpler ways. Check out Multi-OS Engine, for instance. It utilizes the Nat/J bridge and plugins to generate native views.

Java Android app creators

Finally, meet the king of projects! Literally, all Android applications are written in Java and, particularly, its Java ME framework. This tool is also widely used for other mobile systems such as Nokia, including low-end products. Talking about exact tools, a Java app developer usually uses the Android SDK – a kit that is very similar to the main JDK. Also, it’s better to know the basics of Google APIs for Android.

Examples of projects for Java

Don’t hurry up! A Java app developer can focus on mobile or web solutions but there are more interesting real-world approaches. Actually, many shiny products were created with this tool, e.g. Google Docs or almost every app on your Android device. Let’s check the industries for which you should hire dedicated Java developer:

  1. Big Data services. This industry is generally dominated by C++ but Java also has a few useful tools. Consider applying Hadoop, HBase, Accumulo or ElasticSearch. Because Big Data is widely used almost everywhere, Java engineers may be helpful.
  2. Embedded systems. Authors of the language planned this point as one of the main approaches. With the rise of IoT market, Java became even more useful for embedded computer systems. Just know that it requires only 130 KB on a sensor.
  3. ERP and analogs. For different enterprises, we’d suggest opting for JEE platform. It provides nice environments to write and run the software for large corporations. Advantages refer to Java’s high performance and security.
  4. Financial and trading tools. The language helps to organize and process huge financial data packages. Even companies like Barclays and Goldman Sachs use Java for front-end and back-end systems or trading applications.
  5. Scientific apps. Researches also actively use Java for various math operations and calculations. These apps are fast, safe, portable, and easy to maintain. MATLAB is one of the most famous examples.
  6. Servers. Not only financial servers can be designed. The ecosystem contains a lot of tools for other industries. For general web servers, devs utilize RWS, Jo!, Tomcat, and Project Jigsaw. For commercial servers, look at WebSphere and WebLogic.

Overall, you should consider hiring Java experts if you need different software tools. Innovative spheres like Big Data and IoT, traditional platforms like servers, complicated software for enterprises, and mobile solutions for Android – everything can benefit from Java usage.

Java engineers in dedicated development teams

Managers and business owners should know that there are several options for working with remote developers. On the one hand, you can hire freelancers. This approach requires elaborate research of the market and offerings, relatively long communication processes, and difficult management. Surely, freelance devs may feature pretty low rates – from $10 per hour. But the most professional coders set prices up to $150 per hour!

How much does it cost to hire dedicated Java developer?

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How much does it cost to hire dedicated Java developer?

Work with a dedicated team is another option that suits businesses more. This model stands for hiring one or several expert developers via a professional third-party firm. These outsourcing groups hire, train, and manage workers with the skills you need for each project. Dedicated teams can be easily expanded or switched to other tasks. Actually, they are remote or in-house add-ons for your existing departments.

In comparison with freelancers, dedicated devs are more cost-efficient and profitable. They don’t spend resources just because they want to get more money for more hours. As well, you can control these workers better. In a nutshell, there are a few interaction types:

  1. One Java developer.
  2. Several Java developers.
  3. Different developers.
  4. Developers and managers.

When you cooperate with custom outsourcing companies that hire and manage teams of developers, things become simple. All you need is to deliver requirements and review results regularly. That’s it.

Hire dedicated Java developer with us

If you consider starting a project related to one of the listed spheres, you definitely should find a professional coder or even build the team. We realize that it’s too expensive and time-consuming to launch your own IT branch. For this, our experts are ready to help you.

In the context of the mentioned cooperation, our company acts as a third-party outsourcing group. We start with the very first consultation to reveal your requirements and ideas, as well as agree on basic terms. Thus, if you need to hire dedicated Java developer, we will look for the most qualified person with skills for your projects like JSP for web apps or Android SDK for mobiles. Then, the employee(s) begin the development while we manage them and help with feedback.

Just be sure that we always focus on the final result. Unlike freelancers, our devs get regular compensations that don’t depend on the hours spent. In the long run, you will end up with higher ROI.

If you need other experts, we can hire them, too. Check out the guide on custom software development to get details.


The final section provides quick answers to the main questions. Information may look familiar but remember that it’s here for remembering and concluding the whole guide. Using the next five paragraphs, you can learn the most important insights about dedicated Java developer jobs.

What is Java?

It’s an object-oriented programming language designed for different purposes and based on the principle of WORA. Java is used for web and mobile development and is generally good because of its platform-independence, simplicity, and efficiency.

Who is Java coder?

It’s a man or woman with some knowledge of Java. Traditionally, there are junior, middle, and senior Java engineers. They should be able to use the language and its frameworks to complete various specific tasks dedicated to software development.

When do you need to Opt for Java?

Java suits a lot of projects. Thanks to its security features, you can choose it to write financial or scientific apps. Because of high performance, it works fine for complex ERP and Big Data tools. Generally, devs love Java because of ease and power.

How to hire dedicated Java developer?

Apart from working with freelancers, you can delegate HR tasks to dedicated professionals. Firms like DICEUS can find, interview, train, and assign workers to your projects. They also quickly replace or expand teams if needed.

What is an average Java application developer salary?

While hourly rates vary between $10 and $150 per hour, fixed costs may be pretty different depending on the location and qualification. According to Glassdoor, an American Java app developer gets $88,000 per year on average. In other areas, the rate is much lower.

Closing thoughts

Java remains at the top of the IT industry when it comes to web/mobile niches. Despite some frameworks are outdated, the community delivers new tools and develops language ecosystem. That’s why businesses choose it for digitalization of processes, creating new tools or updating legacy platforms.

If you need a dedicated Java developer, feel free to contact us. Will answer any question, help with defining tasks, create a team, and deliver the required results just on time.

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