Automation in insurance

How to automate insurance operations with technology 

Illia PinchukIllia PinchukCEO
enterprise software vs consumer software

Enterprise software vs SaaS: Choose the right solution

peer to peer marketplace

How to create peer to peer marketplace

How to hire offshore developers

A comprehensive guide to hiring offshore developers

recruit java developers

Guide to interviewing: How to screen Java developer skills

Java vs PHP

Java vs PHP for enterprise applications: A compelling comparison


How to find software developers for startup and not to fail the project

Flutter development services | Diceus

Pros and cons of Flutter development for your project

Pros and cons of Java

Pros and cons of Java development for your project

Java enterprise frameworks

What Java enterprise frameworks to choose for your project

Banking software | DICEUSBanking

List of the best banking software to use in 2023

custom vs off the shelf software

Custom development vs off-the-shelf software: What is the main difference?

Custom software engineering best practices and niches

Podcast with Khaled GharaibehBanking

Podcast with Khaled Gharaibeh, Business Intelligence Director of a bank

Banking software | DICEUSBanking

List of the best banking software to use in 2023

Oracle FLEXCUBE ExpertiseBanking

Oracle FLEXCUBE core banking: DICEUS expertise

AML bankingBanking

Anti-money laundering in banks: How technology helps combat fraud

big data in bankingBanking

The role and use of big data in banking and financial services

AI in bankingBanking

AI in banking: Use cases and benefits


Financial app development to get control over your budget

internet of things healthcareHealthcare

IoT in healthcare: 5 best examples

software in healthcareHealthcare

Healthcare software: 13 key types of healthcare software

benefits of cloud computing in healthcareHealthcare

Cloud computing in healthcare: Overview and advantages

ERP for transport company design & implementation ultimate guideLogistics

ERP for transport company design & implementation ultimate guide

Retail industry software solutionsRetail

Retail industry software solutions: Types and technology trends

supply chain management toolsRetail

The best supply chain management software

robotics in retailRetail

Robotics in retail industry: Use cases and advantages

Software solutions bringing business values

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